Salute to Michael Collins Piper, 1960-2015

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-06-05 01:44

This iconic photo of Michael Collins Piper was his favorite.

Ray Goodwin joins Carolyn Yeager to mark the sudden and untimely death of the greatly beloved Michael Collins Piper. We discuss what is known of his problems in the last couple years, his health breakdown as well as the severe reduction in pay he endured at the same time by his long time employer, Willis Carto and American Free Press.

Ray shares his long friendship and memories, and Carolyn shares a few of her own plus touching comments from an email friend and admirer of Mike. We conclude that Mike's legacy is in his books and radio broadcasts - especially his great book Final Judgement - so that he is always with us through his works.  1hr06m


This was a complete shock to me when I found out this past Tuesday. I couldn't believe what I was reading on another website, so I searched google, checked Mark's website and verified his untimely passing. I've never met Mike but have had several email communications with him over the past several years. By the way Duff has started MCP was murdered with an article on his website.

Carolyn, in all fairness to the Cartos, shouldn't you ask them why they fired MCP? They must have had a good reason or reasons for letting him go. How can you be 100% certain that Piper is telling the truth?

They did not fire Piper, nor did I ever say on the show they did. [I have changed the program copy - I used the word fired due to laziness and fatigue. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.] Ray said they cut his pay in half, and following that, said (or threatened) that he would no longer be on salary at all, but be paid per article/story ... and limited that too. If it is not true, the Cartos or their representatives need to correct the record. They have been silent.

The reason would be money, right? Keeping down costs. And no, I don't think it's my job to question the Cartos.

I'll be writing something soon that I hope will, to some degree anyway, square my account with Michael.

Carolyn,how do you know that Piper wasn't fired? All we have is MCP's side of the story.Yes you're right the Cartos need to correct the record.

Hello Carolyn,
I agree with all you said about MCP. He was a great man and someone who really dedicated his life to telling the truth.
However I am not sure what your possiton is on Mark Glenn? I listened to a few of his shows (when they were free!) and I checked some documentation on the Internet. I also wrote some comments on his site. From all this I can tell with conviction that he really hates us the white people!
On my comments he will not answer the subject, but start attacking me, exactly like ADL will do!
So what do you think about this person?

I don't think anything about Mark Glenn; I don't pay attention to him. I had a bad run-in with him a few years back and quit looking at his site. Mike was aware of it, but it didn't change his behavior toward me.

I think Mike changed direction in the last years -- became a defender of Muslims (but still anti-Jew) and much less White Nationalist (as I think he sort of had been, I think). I have no idea, really, but he didn't have to go in any direction he didn't want to, did he? He started bringing up that he was 1/16 Am. Indian, which I dont think he did in earlier years. I thought it came from the  strong, close friendship he developed with Glenn, to play down the importance of 'White.' But it certainly also came from his travels to Muslim countries and meeting personally with the leaders, whom he felt were far superior to those in White countries.

Mark was a person who put himself out for Mike, while probably many White people didn't, including me, Not that we were close. But he was always welcome at Mark's home.

Strangely, and sadly, prophetic - and so soon.


@50'18 --

"Hopefully I'm not going to be around much longer; I don't relish the thought of spending many more years in pain, and being unable to walk; and it would be a blessing ... for me if God were to cause my heart to stop and call me home right now - I know that I m not going to Hell where FDR and so many other people are, where Willis Carto will soon be going I'm confident... and Elisabeth Carto too - she's getting up there in years - old fat Pete Papaherakles may have a heart attack and end up having open heart surgery like I did, I think that would be a kick.... but folks as I say, I-I don't really expect to be around much longer, nor do I wanna be around much longer... but those of you who are, you are going to have to continue the fight."

Did anyone ever find out why he died?  Hoffman said he saw him 7 days before and that he appeared hale and hearty.