Saturday Afternoon: Two Manfred Roeders

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2014-08-23 18:53

August 23, 2014

Manfred Roeder (b1929), known as "the German Ghandi" for devoting his life to serving German independence, dressed here iin "Volk" fashion in Austria.

Carolyn Yeager looks at two outstanding Germans named Manfred Roeder: the military judge who prosecuted the "Red Orchestra" traitors in 1942-43, and the patriotic activist called the Federal Republic's "most dangerous and notorious critic" who died on July 30th at age 85.

She also tells of a German historian's revisionist conclusions refuting the Belgian version of the famous Louvain massacre by German troops in August 1914. Highlights include:

  • Prof. Ulrich Keller says German troops faced sniper fire from Belgian partisans (francs-tireurs) in the city of Louvain in WW1, and the evidence is found in 150 sworn statements from investigations and court records;
  • The younger Manfred Roeder fought in the Battle of Berlin at age 15-16, and continued the battle for a true constitutional Germany free of US/Jewish domination for the rest of his life;
  • Roeder was sentenced to prison twice (for 13 yrs and 2.5 yrs) for arson attacks and Volksverhetzung - incitement to hatred and insult;
  • The death sentences sought and gained by Roeder the military jurist were all upheld on appeal after the war as being conducted in accordance with the law;
  • The older Roeder was fully accepted in German society postwar, being an active member of the CDU, even though he had served and been admired by Hitler and Goering.

At right, Manfred Roeder (b1900), Generalrichter, in Luftwaffe uniform. His age and the date of the picture is unknown.



I said at the end of the program that I wanted to know exactly the percentage of executions to the number of perpetrators arrested as Red Orchestra traitors, and the answer was in my possession all along.

"The Nazis held the Red Orchestra responsible for the Nazi defeat at Stalingrad and determined to punish them. In total, 50 women and 70 men were arrested (120); of those, 77 were tried at the Reich Court Martial and 45 were executed, including 19 women. "

Forty-five out of 77 prosecuted is 58%. Pretty good, yet not excessive.

Now I understand what Hitler meant by saying that Asia begins with the Slavs. This Pan-Slavism / Eurasianism is always going to be an issue and opponent to what is known as Western Civilization. Poland, Ukraine, Serbia etc may or may not be part of Western Civilization, depending on whether or not they fall within the Russian, Turkish or German/Italian sphere of influence. 

I said on the program that placing Ulrich Keller at the University of California at Santa Barbara was an error. It was my error; he is on the faculty there - in the Art History department! Apparantly, he studies propaganda in photographs, which might have led him to look into the Louvain "massacre."

Read this story to find out what happened 100 years ago in Louvain from a 103 year old French-speaking woman. She remembers everything perfectly, haha. She even says:

"Just talking about 'Germans' scared the kids," she said. To this day, at 103 years of age, Legrand said that "some residue of worry always remains."

When someone says they are German, it still gives her a small shock, she said.  "It should not be. But that's how it is."

Carolyn good show.
 Manfred Roeder the strongest and bravest post war National-Socialist. He led from the front like a good General. 
It might be worthwhile to have Richard Edmonds on again, he knew Manfred Roeder well, attended his events.
We are hoping Gottfried Küssel will be named the new leader.
Long Live the Reich!