Saturday Afternoon: "We Won't See Auschwitz" and other insanities

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2014-12-12 23:32

December 13, 2014

 Several topics will be discussed:

  • The schizophrenia of fighting ISIS while at the same time welcoming Muslims into Europe;
  • The aging White population and how it is used to justify immigration;
  • What I learned from the book "We Won't See Auschwitz";
  • Burn out or end of the year fatigue? Setting priorities;
  • Hadding Scott calls and we discuss more on Poles and Jews, and also Europeans in general and what we can, should or must do in our defense. [2hr35min]


I have figured out why the comments haven't opened sometimes -- it's because I started converting my program announcement "newsletters" to the "article", and the settings for newsletters is closed to comments. So I have to change that setting each time. Ah, the light shines!

Sorry for forgetting on the program the name of who sent me this book. I guessed "William", but wrong, it is "Bob" ... Bob Hardwidge.

I understand how things can look bleak at times, but ultimately there isn't any option but to resist this awful situation when you know what's going on. I think what Hadding was getting at when referring to the work he does is that by doing his part to oppose what's going on it also aids in coping with the situation and that he tries not to fret what is beyond his control.
I could certainly understand feeling the need to recharge your batteries though. It must be so much work to prepare for so many hours of audio in a week on top of other activities with the site. I know how it can sorta suck you in at times, but do not try not let that happen at the expense of maintaining your health any more than you can avoid! I fell ill at the end of July, and even though I wasn't very messed up for more than a couple days, it took a while to fully recover and threw me out of pretty much every routine I had established. I ended up spending three months not doing much research, just keeping up with the news on DS and rarely commenting, but in the midst of the Luciana Berger drama I felt ready to hop back in and I'm really better off in my enthusiasm of research following the relative time off. I hope to show you how talented I am in this coming year. Happy New Year! Looking forward to another fine episode of Hitler's Table Talk Study Hour!
"Yes, I dream. Yes, I plan for something that might never come, because we - those who are like me and I - are not even thralls today, we are outlaws. We lurk about in forgotten forests and the darkest shadows of our world, we live in damp caves and abandoned ruins, but we are like Odinn, and "Odinn is to fight and never give up". Even if I may only be naively dreaming I cannot stop doing so. The path to ictory might be long, hard and perilous, but why would that dishearten me? I am a European! If I don't see victory in my lifetime I - spurned and spat upon by the scum of the Earth - will still die a happy outlaw in my damp cave. I will die dreaming and fighting! I do what is right, and there is no losing or wrong in that. Even in pain, suffering and death my spirit will be victorious. And I will return to fight again, until we have won and Europe is once again European and ruled by Europeans!" - Varg Vikernes