Schulz sticks his nose where it doesn't belong again - warns against a Hofer win

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2016-05-19 00:09

THE PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, Martin Schulz (above), warns against a victory of FPÖ (Austrian Freedom Party) candidate Norbert Hofer (see image below) in the Federal Presidential runoff election in Austria on 22 May. It's now only three days away.

"If the extremist right wins the elections in Austria and in Europe, this will change Europe's character,"

said Schulz on an Italian political program last Friday.

"The vast majority of people in Europe do not want this change. However, they are a silent majority if they accept that those who want the borders will win the elections. Those who are for Europe must mobilize, just like those who are on the other side, "

said Schulz. [That's why they keep bringing in third-world non-Europeans - to get their "vast majority." An evil scheme. -cy]

Immediately, the FPÖ accused Schulz of interference in the Austrian presidential election campaign.  FPÖ General Secretary Herbert Kickl rejected Schulz' interference as "totally inappropriate." A Schulz "warning" speaks volumes about EU democracy, Kickl said.

"The Austrian voters are democratically mature and responsible citizens, and no recipient of Brussels commands them."

He pointed out that SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel had previously gone off against Hofer's party. Kickl said the selective fighting by the SPD has almost the impression that the action was agreed to with the candidate for the Green's Alexander Van der Bellen. (VdB is Hofer's opponent in the run-off election.)

A supporter of Hofer said, "They're starting to tremble, that's it! Maybe they finally realize that not all Austrians are yes-sayers, and will wake up before it's too late!"

The polling shows the election on Sunday is too close to call, but one just gets the hopeful feeling that Hofer will win. He's so darn likeable and good-looking! And smart. He would bring a very welcome change - like "opening the windows of the Hofburg and letting fresh air blow in."


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If Norbert Hofer wins the Austrian presidential election on Sunday, it will mark the end of Vienna’s strategy for containing the far right.

For years, Austria’s two major parties forged a coalition to keep the far right out of power. Across Western Europe, whenever a far-right party or candidate threatened to break the traditional political balance of power, more mainstream political parties joined together to keep them in check. This time, that may not be enough

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Now, Austria risks entering a new era of ahistoricism. The structures that had previously held the far right in check continue to break down, because fewer people regard political extremists as the most serious threat to their society.