Wilson-Biden similarity

Will we be reliving Woodrow Wilson's 1916 America in 2022?

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2021-11-14 20:20

We don't seem to be close to a war right now, nor are we on a war footing. But having reason to look at some of my Fatherland magazine posts from 2019, I was struck by the stunning resemblance between the way Woodrow Wilson's Democrat party was behaving then, and the way Joseph R. Biden's Dem party is behaving now. It's uncanny, I think you'll have to admit upon reading it.

It will at least remind you of how divided we were then, too -- how badly things were going for a certain segment of the American population in December 1915, how citizens were being stalked by their own government. -Carolyn Yeager

The very first issue of The Fatherland can be found here.

In order to whip up public support for war, former President Theodore Roosevelt and various industrial and military elites organized the Preparedness Movement, which among other things held parades throughout the country to raise public awareness and support. After all, every one loves a parade, and sending your sons and fathers to risk their lives on a foreign battlefield is so much easier to swallow when it is dressed up with flags and jolly marching music.


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