'Tanstaafl's irreconcilable contradictions

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2014-05-21 19:58

Regarding what I spoke about at the beginning of the 2nd hour of this program: http://carolynyeager.net/heretics-hour-right-not-associate-america , I here make some further observations in reaction to 'staafl's non-reply reply to my email to him noting that his blog Age-of-Treason has made available to its readers/listeners eight podcasts of Carolyn Yeager's The Heretics Hour.

Update 5-25-14: 'Staafl' has now found 8 more programs of mine that he participated in and has posted every one of them on his blog. Sixteen altogether! He has even made a special list of 20 programs he calls "Interviews and conversations with others," sixteen of them are with me and on my program The Heretics's Hour (perhaps one or two on Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager. That makes it 80% of all his guest appearances during the past 3 or 4 years! But oh, po' liddle 'staafi, he had such a hard time with that awful "jew-quoting" Carolyn Yeager, didn't he. He had to steal the network away from her to break free, he was in such a big hurry.

Did he make this list to suggest to other radio hosts that he is available for interviews? He, of course, wouldn't dream of sharing his stingy little 30 minute show with anyone else. What a guy this 'staafi' is. Someone I know calls him taffyapple. lol -cy

When I requested the Age-of-Treason owner to remove my programs from his site, he answered with a technical truth:

I have not uploaded any Heretics’ Hour radio programs to Age of Treason.

I fixed it to simply redirect all such links to the files on her own site.

In otherwords, if I understand it correctly, he is linking to my site, Carolyn Yeager, without mention or giving credit or a link to Carolyn Yeager, but making it appear it is originating from his site, Age of Treason, or coming from his archive site. If that is true, what he's doing is even more incredible in the way it represents his need to continue an association with me. Plus it still amounts to making my program mp3's available at his blog, however he does it. It's also a good example of how difficult it is to understand what he is saying and meaning because he over-analyzes, nit-picks, and uses technical language to disguise the simple, commonly-understood truth. 

Carolyn is probably referring to links in a few older blog posts ...

He says it's only "a few older blog posts", but it is eight (now sixteen - see update) programs, hardly "a few", the most recent being April 7, 2014, hardly "old". The podcast dates begin on May 27, 2012 and continue the whole 2 years of The White Network. Since he says he has made this connection with every one of the programs I did at TWN, I can reasonably ask: What does this man have in mind, anyway?

The eight (now sixteen!) programs are the ones he participated in, naturally. On his blog, he has rearranged the program notes I wrote to make it appear that they are simply shows that we did together as TWN programs. Other than using the same picture of Tom Metzger that he liked so well, he has used different images than the ones on my posts. He tries to play down the fact that he never hosted any kind of group show himself - only I did that.

But the point I want to make is the hypocisy of his whole situation, in that he wants my programs that he participated in enough to go to all the trouble to "steal" them, even though he rejects my person. My point is that if he were a man of sincere conviction, he would reject the programs too.

May I add that there was nothing "ironic" about my not posting Hadding Scott's THH program (when he substituted for me) on carolynyeager.net. My archives are for my programs, no one else's. It was available at the time at The White Network. 'Staafl's desire to see anti-White or anti-Hadding intentions in something like this just underlines the whole dishonest basis of his mis-representations.

Breaking links?

'Staafl' says something really dumb:

it would be even easier for Carolyn Yeager to fix all the links she broke, everywhere on the internet at once.

"Breaking links" is just technical jargon. What I did was take MY domain name (thewhitenetwork.com) away from him by redirecting it to my own website. That "broke the links" but that turned out to be the best thing I did, and what 'staafl' hates the most! It caused him the biggest headaches and does even now.

He's still trying to finagle me to give the name back to him, but that will be a cold day in Hell. He tells this lie:

the whole point of her breaking the links in the first place was to cause harm

Nonsense. What I wanted was to take possession of what I still could, after he had already stolen everything he could from me. Two things he didn't control were the domain name and whose name the server was in. (Everything was always in my name.) But he hoped he could make me believe I should leave those untouched - however, I wasn't that stupid. I did what I had to do to counter what he had done. He is still trying, like an evil hypnotist, to suggest that I should "restore the links" by re-redirecting the white network domain name to his site - by not doing so I am the bad person he says I am. LOL, I wonder how many people can see through the doubletalk of this guy? 

Donations strawman

And let me end by responding to his phoney donations complaint which is a strawman for the purpose of hoping to make me look dishonest. The reason I received the contributions to the paypal account and PO Box is because he refused to reveal any kind of mailing address. Not only did I not have a mailing address for him, I didn't have a phone number! The only communication 'staafl' and I ever had was via Skype, or email. So much for trust. He claims he lost trust in me; well, he never had it to begin with. For this reason, he never showed any interest in how much money came in, never asked any questions, never "worried" about what I was doing with it. He felt that was the price for maintaining his complete anonymity.

Further, no one is calling for any accounting of their donations, so why is he? And, as a matter of fact, the best regular donors are still donating to me, because it was me they appreciated. The few hundred dollars that were in The White Network paypal account were transferred to carolynyeager.com paypal account and any contributor who wants to write to me and complain about that can do so, but so far no one has. I made every effort, and still am, to continue broadcasting new programs and that is what they are interested in. That is what they want from me. 'Staafl' is the one who acted against their interests and wishes by shutting down and closing off new programs. Who was he trying to please when he did that? Certainly not the listeners or supporters.

How he can strut around like Mr. Wonderful who "saved the white network archive" is beyond me. In any case, we are both now doing what we do, separately, but I think for TWN listeners it will never be as good this way as The White Network was. I'm sure that's how they feel.


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