Ted Cruz: As president, I will be unapologetically alongside the nation of Israel

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I mentioned in a comment here awhile back that I didn't like Ted Cruz after he said in a debate, with the look of a fanatic in his eyes, that he would bomb Syria until the "sand glowed." It's not surprising to hear him say this now - admitting he's a Jew at heart. 

From The Hill:

Ted Cruz blasted Donald Trump on Friday, Feb. 19 at a town hall in South Carolina:

"Just this week, Donald Trump said on a TV program that he would be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians." 

"Let me tell you this: As president, I have no intention of being neutral. As president, I will be unapologetically alongside the nation of Israel." 

Cruz said "left-wingers" believe in staying neutral in the conflict because "they buy into the media's false moral equivalency."

"There is a different between right and wrong. There is a difference between terrorists who strap nails around their chests and go into a mall to murder women and children and the armed forces protecting the innocents in Israel," Cruz said. 

This week, Trump said he wants to be a "neutral guy" in the decades-long strife between the Israelis and Palestinians. While he warned that making a deal between the two sides may not be possible, he promised to "give it one hell of a shot."

Late last year, Trump drew boos from a group of prominent Jewish conservatives for refusing to take a side on whether America should recognize Jerusalem as the nation's capital. For decades, the White House has remained neutral on the issue by considering Jerusalem an international city and housing its embassy in Tel Aviv, drawing the ire of many who say America should side with Israel and move that embassy to Jerusalem.

Please Donald, stay neutral.


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I think he's more than "a Jew at heart." Cruz is a typical Marrano name, and it seems that lots of Jews came to the USA from Cuba. I can name two for sure: Watergate burglar Bernard Barker, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.
Texe Marrs did a broadcast some time ago wherein he seemed to be hinting that Cruz was a Jew. I think that's most likely correct. Now I am going to be a no-good son of a bitch and post a link.  http://national-socialist-worldview.blogspot.com/2016/02/texe-marrs-only-political-party-in-usa.html

It's so easy to blame the Jews.  If Cruz, God forbid, wins in SC, the only ones to blame are those braindead Evangelicals who worship the Jews.  Those people are like:  Give the Blacks enough Bibles and they will be just like us.  After all, the second coming is near, relax and enjoy life.

Clever and true tweet from 2h2 hours ago

Kasich: It's down to 4 candidates

Rubio: It's down to 3 candidates

Cruz: Choice is now between 2 candidates

Trump: I'm the only candidate


27m27 minutes ago

So Jeb spent $1,600 per vote received—which is the per-capita-income of Ethiopia.

Remembering that stops you from feeling sorry for him.


4h4 hours ago

A decisive and triumphant win for . At some point all these other candidates have to stop acting as if silver/bronze is gold.


Well, they're all Jews but the comments are still good.


Cruz: US Will Stand Unapologetically With Israel  1:39 mins

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz spoke at a rally in Pahrump, Nevada on Sunday, just one day after finishing third in South Carolina's primary. (Feb. 21)


"You don't give up your 200 year head start so that the rest of the world can compete. This isn't "participation medal" country."

"We're the strongest country in the world, we're a super power, and we're going to give it all away because half these countries feel [we have an unfair advantage]. As a businessman, you take whatever advantage you have and you run with it. You keep it. "

Great stuff! He's referring to the Globalist (Jew) agenda to bring the entire world into a cooperative partnership. That's the reason for the "political correctness."

He is very reassuring about his father. Says, "They [the establishment] are deathly afraid of my father because of what he'll do to that system that they've grown very, very comfortable with. … They'll do whatever they can to put him down, to take him down. I take it more personally than he does. But make no mistake, we're aware, and it's going to be more about the power of the movement."

Not good -- today in Virginia, with Pat Robertson and the Christian Zionists at some Christian University, Trump was forced to answer this question:

Question: Support of Israel, essential for continuing stability in the middle east, obviously, and for maintaining a firm stance against terrorism, will you emphatically stand with Israel?
Trump: Yes, very simple answer, yes. They've been our most reliable ally, especially in the middle east, and you look at what's happened with Israel, they were so against this horrible Iran deal. They were so against it.
Me: Wrong. We've been their most reliable ally.
Trump: And, I'll tell you what, Obama was the worst thing that's ever happened to Israel.
Me: If that were true, we'd be better off keeping Obama in.
Trump: You look at Bibi Netanyahu, you look at what he has gone through. I mean, you can just see the level of exasperation on that man's face, how they just ...
Why did we make a deal like this with these people [the Iran deal]. And they look at us like they have no respect for us whatsoever. This will lead to nuclear proliferation.
No, I'm with Israel 100%.
Me: Yuk. He sure dampens down my enthusiam here. But those people loved it. 

After they were read statements about building a wall on the US-Mexican border made by both the Pope and Trump, 64 percent said they were inclined to agree with Trump, while 15 percent sided with the pope. LaughingLaughing

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