Thilo Sarrazin publishes new book about immigration titled "Wishful Europe"

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-04-25 02:13

I'm going to be lazy and just republish what I found at the Germerica website:

Sarrazin came to prominence in Germany in 2010 after he wrote a book entitled, “Germany Abolishes Itself.” His work broke sales records for non-fiction in 2011, selling over 1.1 million copies and talks about Germany as not just a country of monuments and economics, but also of a people and their identity.

Sarrazin remarks that the declining birthrate of Germans coupled with the mass migration of people from different parts of the world will lead to a Germany that is German on paper, but not German in character, because the Germans have “abolished” themselves.

The new book by Sarrazin is said to be in the same vein as his original bestseller. The book entitled, “Wishful Europe, currency, education, immigration – why politics so often fails,” slams German Chancellor Angela Merkel in particular, accusing her of being distracted by the propaganda of “We can do it!” rather than taking a serious look at the pressing issues of the migrant crisis, reports N24.

According to Sarrazin the most pressing questions of the crisis are not frivolities like Twitter hashtag campaigns and PR spin but, “the question of whether the daily influx of refugees are registered fast enough”. Further, he wonders whether the German state can both physically and financially provide housing, catering and medical care to every migrant that applies for asylum and of course the integration of those individuals into German society.

Sarrazin also explains in the book that the migrants are really not much different from migrants who have already come to Germany from the Middle East and North African regions. He says that Europe should already know what to expect when it comes to their beliefs and their abilities to integrate.

According to Sarrazin the migrants are, “from countries with low educational performance,” and their, “cultural and cognitive profile is similar to that of the Muslim immigrants from these countries of origin, who are already in Europe. It is therefore be assumed that they develop similarly in educational attainment, labour market integration, social benefit terms, crime and vulnerability to fundamentalist ideas.”

The number of migrants, he says, will only increase in the future as many who are already in Germany are reunited with family members from overseas. He claims that Germany and Europe are potentially looking at five times the number of migrants based on reunification alone.

The conclusion the author makes is one of peril if Europe and the European Union cannot control the borders. He says, “the recovery of the control of our borders, whether the German or the Schengen area, is the question of survival for our civilization and the survival of our society.”

Wishful Europe, Currency, Education, Immigration – why politics so often fails,” is to be released in German on the 25th of April and Sarrazin joins the likes of Merkel coalition partner Horst Seehofer in his critique of her handling of the migrant crisis. Seehofer, the leader of the Bavarian Christian Social Union, has threatened to bring a constitutional lawsuit against the Chancellor if the borders are not controlled.

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