Trump's shocks to the System are the best thing going

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2018-06-10 14:40

Already iconic photo of US president Trump resisting the persuasions of his European allies at the June 2018 G7 Summit in Quebec, Canada.

By Carolyn Yeager


I certainly hope so. And I am more encouraged that this is so by his performance at the G7 Summit in Quebec. Let me just say that I approve of what he is doing. I have learned that he is always several steps ahead of me, so as I am nervous and worried every time there is a flare-up about the methods he uses, I eventually recognize that he was right (and successful) and I was too timid.

Then I say of him, he is brighter and braver than I, by a long shot, thus I should have faith from now on. Of course, it's not that easy, but still, Trump is becoming more, not less, of a hero to me. I'm getting used to his saying and doing what shocks us, mostly only because it “never happened before.” He is continually breaking protocol, for sure. It's like, oh my god, now what?

But this is exactly what it takes to loosen up the rigid post-war order which was, by the way, put in place mainly by the USA. It's so ironic, but deeply satisfying, that it may also be undone by the USA. Possibly it can only be broken by the USA! And only a fearless person like Donald Trump is capable of accomplishing it.

A Deutsche Welle columnist disapprovingly wrote today: “That this president truly does not grasp the importance of the trans-Atlantic relationship and the traditional order was highlighted by reports that his team balked at including the boilerplate phrase "rules-based international order” in the joint G7 communique and that Trump repeatedly calls America's partner's "so-called allies”.

This same writer goes on to say: “A reckoning for Trump could come this fall when Americans vote in the midterm elections. Should Republicans lose their Congressional majority in one or even both houses, a newly elected Congress could at least hamper Trump's dangerous protectionist trade policies.” A sufficient reason to work for the election of Republicans in November.

Once again, hope is rising in me and I am experiencing Trump-watching with delight. Europe, via the European Union and Eurozone, is trapped in the rules established at the 1946-47 Nuremberg Military Tribunals. Germany, in particular, is a hostage nation totally without freedom, without a peace treaty and without a constitution. Everything in Germany is fraudulent. Perhaps it could even turn out that the USA could go from being Germany's enslaver in the 1940's to becoming its liberator under President Donald Trump in the 2020's.

If you're going to dream, it pays to dream big. But in this moment, I'm just glad that my faith in Donald Trump is paying off. I'm not looking for perfection, only progress.


A photo-op isn't progress. Where is the actual progress?
Trump-watching. What has Trump done, institutionally, that will last beyond the next tweet or news cycle?
When Trump rolled out his Muslim ban, it was in the worst way, causing problems at airports, a public backlash, and several court injunctions taking away the presidential powers to control the border. He could have gotten a lot farther with grandfathering those who were in the air! He wants to make a scene.
This is the real modus operandi of Trump. Do something that he really resists, and do it in the worst way possible, so that it is tainted forever.
It's like asking me to take out the garbage for the 100th time and, pissed, I throw the garbage from the front door to the curb, in rage, making a bigger mess than before.  That's what Trump is about. Trump makes things a bigger mess. It's all for show.
Trump is a civic nationalism which is dollar nationalism, not European blood nationalism. Instead of mending the bloody hatred Americans have for Europeans, which is there in any comment section, he mocks Europeans. Instead of leading them out of a system, he wants them to spend more money on NATO. Instead of a EU wihtout an army or borders, he is mocking it so make a stronger EU with an army and borders.
You have to see this as a joke, an act, masonic theater to entertain the GOP voter, the fish that bite for his shtick. 
There is no doubt that Trump is a two-face freemason, a hack of the (((British Empire,))) and the rancid Jews serving Israel. He is an admitted mason, he flashes the 666 endlessly, he paints his face orange, he was on Jeffrey Epsteins rape jet, and is in with the masonic-Jew trannies. 
Instead of exposing the EU as a communist Jew imposition on Europe that Europe should knock down, instead of, advocating regime change, he plays a character. Do you really believe there are nukes, in light of Trump's twitter non-sense with Kim Jun Un, rocket man, summit on, summit off? It's masonic theater. Why did Trump bomb Syria in 2017 and 2018 during the Mercury Retrograde, over almost, nothing but British-funded white helmut accusations? Trump operates by the stars. Nancy Reagan did, too. That's what these people do. Look up Trump's apartment decor with Apollo.
The American people cannot comprehend what kind of system they are living in because they are not taught anything about astrology, numerology, gematria, strategy, Jews, or the tranny cult that is now out in the open. The Statue of Liberty is a man. The masonic-Jew ideal is a mixed-race tranny leading the world. Trump took advice of the masonic-Jew ideal creature Kim Kardashian (Kedeshah = sodomite = temple prostitute = Jews) to free a drug addict. This is the future.
Will Trump take our advice to pardon our intellectual-political prisoners? He hasn't met with any white nationalists. Why should he? They will always be in his pocket because they have no where else to go. They are begging for scraps and see water in the desert where there isn't any. The borders are like the abortion issue; raise money and votes, and save it for later.
Didn't you catch Trump's hatred of German cars? It's ridiculous to want two countries to buy from each-other equal amounts of steel or cars. Why ship it in the first place? He makes irrational claims to destroy the issue. Why would anyone support tarriffs, if they can't have a safe high quality, high-class, car from Europe and sell grain in return, or crap movies? He is a phony on the trade issue because he is really a globalist, a two-faced masonic globalist. 
"Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it." (Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogma," page 104).
Europe should ban Hollywood filth from the continent and assert its cultural supremacy over Estados Unidos and demand that it break up, like the Soviet Union. The USG is a nation-wrecking empire. That's all it is. Don't be emotionally-attached to it. 
Brexit was a hoax by the British to bitch about how they are enslaved by Europe, when, in fact, they wanted into the EU markets. They wanted to suck the oxygen out of the room on real nationalism.  Likewise, Jew Tommy Robinson sucks the oxygen out of real people who are intellectual prisoners of the (((Anglo-American))) atrocity propaganda.
Did Trump speak any words on their behalf? Certainly, he can get prisoners out of Korean, Venezuela, and the US prison system, why can't he get out honest people out of German prisons?
Civic nationalism isn't nationalism. What Trump wants is the EU buying US military technology. He is just a marketer of obsolete weapons.
Think of all the ADULT things Trump could do, if he wanted to free Germany, and thereby, Europe, from the American death grip?
The only thing you are correct on is that the liberation of Europe starts in America because only Americans can dissolve the masonic-Jew theocracy for the good of the race.

Was your tinfoil hat securely upon your noggin as you wrote that long screed? Why didn't you include the lizard people, the Bilderbergs and the illuminati?
                 There are no conspiracies and secrets in the 21st Century. Everything is in plain view. But this site is a place for serious political thought, so why bring your crazed, crackpot conspiracy theories here?

Ego-Games aren't facts.
If you have some facts to counter the claim that Trump is a mason, that the US was founded by slave-holding Jews and masons, and that masonry is a two-faced religion, I'm all ears.
Trannies are two-faced. That's why two-faced masonry idealizes the two-faced tranny. The Sabbateans Jews of Turkey were the genocidal (((masons))) who liquidated the Armenians and were known as trannies.
Trannies and masons operate by stealth. That's why masons admire them. That's why Jews deploy them. We have stealth government not self-government. A cardinal is going to Bilderberg this year. It's ridiculous to claim there are no secrets or conspiracies in the 21st century. Bilderberger Peter Thiel claimed the elites have no plans. What, then, is Agenda 21, common core, and open borders?
Suckers can believe what they want. Masons "deceive those who deserve to be deceived."
A truth-seeker doesn't bury their head in the sand. Kudos to Carolyn. She had the guts to publish a counter-Trump view.
Tin foil sets the crown of golden truth :)
Brexit hoax:
Here's an awesome series on the backstory of American history.


I don't mind your counter-Trump view, but all the rest of your current worldview is not applicable here, and I will not continue to publish it. As Antidote said, it is not 'political thought' but something else again. I do not find educaton by Youtube to be the way to go. Just as you are big on Masonic symbolism now, someone else was emailing me trying to convince me that Trump was an evil Jesuit based on the fact that he went to a Jesuit-founded university. This person also sent me a video I was supposed to be persuaded by. But in the end all this stuff does is make us feel powerless. Instead, we need to recognize our power and our point of power. I should start including some of that in my posts here; I am feeling some change in this direction coming.

You used to have a website of your own but I guess you've given it up.

Mr Kraus: Next time please don't forget to mention that the Earth is flat, 9.11 a Mossad job, and all those faking school shootings with crise actors. The world needs to know the truth!

Just had to chime in after that statement...
9/11 was MOST CERTAINLY an inside/Mossad job.  This is NOT conspiracy nor tinfoil hat stuff.  Follow all evidence, motives and "coincidences" that just happened to benefit the jews and it's a no-brainer.

Lorenz Kraus,
Lets face it -- he was perfectly moulded for the job at hand. People on the Trump Train cant see the crash coming. 

Richard, Please let us know what this "coming crash" of the Trump Train will look like. How will we recognize it?

As to Lorenz' observations, let's look at what they are. He says Trump has made 'no progress.' That is patently untrue, Trump has made a great deal of progress, more than we've seen in many decades, if not ever.

He points to a 'badly prepared' temporary ban on entries from certain Muslim-majority countries, which was challenged in some Federal courts. because "he (Trump) wants to make a scene - throw a tantrum." But eventually his policy got to the Supreme Court and was approved because of the new conservative justice he nominated and got through a highly resistant Senate by forcing a change of rules on the Republican leadership. Truer to say it was the Democrat party-leftist media that "made a scene."

Lorenz' comparison of himself throwing garbage around is pretty ridiculous.

2) Trump is a civic nationalist and doesn't love Europeans. It's true Trump loves Americans and came up with the 'America First' slogan. Recall that was used prior to WW2 to keep the US out of war in Europe. Unfortunately both Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt thought they should save Europe from Germany (for the British). Trump has no plan or inclination to save Europe, but to stay out of it. He is not trying to save the EU either (just the opposite), and his disagreements are with the current European leaders, not the people. You have a problem with that?

Trump inherited NATO. If he tried to ditch it, he would be impeached by Congress.

3) He is an admitted mason, he flashes the 666 endlessly, he paints his face orange, he was on Jeffrey Epsteins rape jet. He's getting increasingly ridiculous. Trump is not a Mason and has never 'admitted' he was. How does one "flash the 666"? Maybe Lorenz was drunk when he wrote that, to give him the benefit of the doubt. Of course, Trump does not paint his face orange. He has a very rosy complexion (a European trait) and his doctor says he suffers from Rosacea, so maybe the sometimes orangy look has something to do with his efforts to cover it or his medication for it. That is the least of our concerns.   As to Jeffrey Epstein's 'rape jet', only the Daily Wire has reported this happened one time, while Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew (Charles' brother) traveled with Epstein many times. Plus, the women were not underage, nor prisoners, unfortunately.

4) Trump operates by the stars. Untrue, no evidence, plus Lorenz is the one recommending astrology, numerology, Tarot and other "sacred sciences."

From here it goes from bad to worse, so I won't go on. Every single thing he said can be easily refuted, there is no logic or reason behind it,  or as I said above, maybe he was drunk or sky-high. What of all that do you consider a 'good observation', Richard? I seem to remember that you used to be a good commenter here. Have you fallen into Trump Derangement Syndrome too?

I know Carolyn you want to keep your faith in Trump, bur leaving aside his political manners, that are those of an elephant in a bazaar, he was doing all that Netanyahu wanted, leaving the Iran nuclear deal, translating the US embasy to Jerusalem despite all the predictable fuss about it, with the death of at least 100 protesters THAT NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE, and an inconditional support of Israel an its policies. So, how can US, under the Trump presidency, be the "liberator" of Europe if this in stark contrast with the jews interests ??. I really want to be wrong, but  I will be deeply surprised if this happens.

You don't know what I want, and it is clueless of you to say you do. An unfortunate way to begin a comment, by anyone.

You have also posted here a number of times your opinion of Trump so you don't need to keep repeating it. I've already said I don't think Trump does what he does because Netanyahu tells him to do it. He's not a puppet. Additionally, Israel is not everything. I was speaking of disruptions in the 'trans-Atlantic, rules based international order' between Europe and the USA, which in fact has already taken place. This might be further aggravated to break the solidarity of the EU in the area of hate-speech and holocaust denial laws, which is my main interest. Trump does not personally agree with Western Europe's immigration policies and increasing police state tactics. Without support and solidarity from the USA, these can easily lose moral weight. Trump's own ambassador to Germany made the surprising statement that he wants to support the populist parties and never retracted it - this truly shocked the German Left and some called for his resignation.

So please don't reduce everything to the most simplistic ideas that you get from the Youtube culture. And I have not said that anything "will happen." I'm just seeing possibilities.

Those 100 "protesters" were Hamas terrorists who were trying to invade Israel. The Israeli soldiers did their job of stopping those terrorists on their tracks. Then trying to defend the Iranian mullahs hellbent on producing their nukes to kill us is beyond the appaling! 
Go to live with the Arabs and Iranians, your role models.

Gilson, I'm becoming concerned that you are a Jew -- even an Israeli. If you can't write comments that are more than propaganda talking points for what I consider to be the enemy, I will stop accepting them. At least make a convincing argument. I don't want to host a bunch of fakes.

I'll also say that I think the Iranians are pretty good people. They have certainly taken a lot of abuse from the USA in the 20th century; it's not surprising they don't trust us. Plus Israel wants to be the sole power in the mideast. The Iranians are intelligent and can see what is going on. My sympathies are with them, and with the Syrians. The Jews ARE the enemy. There was no Holocaust.

Trump the "Liberator of Europe"?

Germans need to save themselves, and I have no doubt that they can.

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