Why Trump will remain the linchpin of the anti-globalist, nationalist Resistance

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2020-12-17 15:04

Part of the crowd at a Trump 2020 pre-election rally in Nevada. Trump is key to the new White/European Resistance and cannot be dismissed; in fact, he must be embraced wholeheartedly.

Dear Readers,

I'm reposting the article below by Tom Sunic that I just read on the Occidental Observer webzine, because I agree with it so very much. I've known Tom Sunic since 2010 and this is the best I've read from him—likely the only piece I've ever totally agreed with. That is in spite of the fact that Tom and I probably see eye-to-eye on all important issues, but Tom, in my estimation, hasn't wanted to go too far out on a limb lest he lose his academic opportunities. It's always seemed to me that he hedges, if only just a little bit. In this essay, however, he lays it out in plain language, and I applaud him for it. It deserve wide reading. -cy


The Political Theology of White Guilt: Trump as a Threat to the EU's Post-WWII Narrative

December 17, 2020/by Tom Sunic, Ph.D.

The presidential postelection period unfolding now in the US is having a big impact on the political class in Europe. Historically speaking this is nothing new. Every politician in Europe knows that any major political change in the US is bound to have, the day after, an effect on his own decision-making policy and likely determine the time span of his career. This mode of mandatory pro-American mimicry among European politicians has been playing out in full force since 1945.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the mainstream media in Europe, seconded by EU high officials, with a very timid exception of Poland, Hungary and Slovenia, are piggybacking on US media outlets in a joint effort to unseat Trump and his legacy. The German political class, with Chancellor Merkel at the top of the EU System, is at the forefront of this anti-Trump pro-Biden mimicry.

The good news for some — and probably the bad news for others — is that both in the USA and Europe there is a rising divide between the rulers and the ruled, with a good chance of pitting the one against the other, with civil unrest becoming a highly likely scenario — Trump or Biden notwithstanding.  Not just nationalist parties of all stripes in Europe, but more and more average citizens, due also to bizarre and ever-changing Covid19 confinement regulations, are increasingly becoming suspicious of System decrees, no longer taking at a face value the palaver about tolerance and a multicultural shining future.  Many people in Europe like Trump’s words — more by default, and less by their knowledge of how the American electoral system works.

It must be pointed out that Trump was and still is the American exception to the rule of the post-WWII global liberal System. Predictably, Trump’s lambasting the mainstream media and its mirror image, the Deep State, does not square at all with the post-WWII liberal or communist antifascist and postcolonial narrative which all White Europeans and Americans have been subjected to since 1945.  In contrast to America, however, European nations have a very slim margin of political maneuvering, which is largely due to their former colonial, authoritarian, totalitarian and antiliberal past.  Consequently, European conservative and nationalist-minded politicians can only offset the burden of their past and escape the haunting shut-up word ‘fascism’ through their penitent behavior and through constant self-flagellating sermons on White Man’s Guilt. This self-effacing behavior translates today in a massive import of young non-European migrants with all of Europe rapidly becoming a giant hospice of take-a-knee repentant Whites.

The masochistic White Man mindset can be directly traced to the post-WWII Auschwitz political theology designated not just as deterrent for the defeated Germany, but also as a warning sign for former US and UK victors. Having this in mind, any tentative endorsement at this stage of Trump-like policies by a putative high EU politician means his/her running the risk of being accused of fascist or revisionist sympathies. It is a kiss of death in his/her career.

In order to grasp the fawning conduct of European leaders toward the System, or let’s call it the Deep State embedded in the East Coast of the US, one must always put things into a larger historical perspective. With his critical remarks about the mainstream media and his anti-immigration rhetoric, Trump seriously damaged the System narrative and along the way raised, without even realizing it, some disturbing questions about the legitimacy of the World Order established in the aftermath of WWII.

In Europe the System — i.e., the Deep State — has its major outlet in Germany. Being the heartland of Europe, Germany after 1945 was preordained to serve as a role model for all future EU member states. Today the German government functions therefore as the loudest mouthpiece of anti-Trump and pro-Biden rhetoric. Given Germany’s neurotic process of post-WWII nation-state building, such penitent behavior is comprehensible.  Germany was designed as a Europe’s new shining example of a successful Allied-Antifa social and racial multicultural engineering, which has spawned by now hundreds of thousands of self-censored, servile and atoning politicians and academics across the board, all of them deadly afraid that any minor dissident voice of theirs could result in their removal from the public scene. In day-to-day contemporary politics, German politicians and academics must be therefore constantly on a high alert and they must endeavor, metaphorically speaking, to be more Catholic than the Pope, i.e., more the American Biden lookalikes than Biden and his crew themselves. The same goes for all non-German European politicians, albeit to a lesser extent.

The toxic words fascism and racism serve today as an ideal tool of self-censorship in Germany, also explaining why Germany has been over recent decades, and particularly over the last decade, the  most fervent advocate of its self-destructive multicultural policy manifesting itself in its constantly importing non-European migrants.

Another example of Germany’s self-denial: Just recently the German minister of foreign affairs Heiko Maas, in typical German preemptive atonement mode, and in in order to counter any speculations that Germany might someday depart from the embedded post-WWII New World Order, issued the following statement: “I will proceed against the extreme right-wing venom for our democracy. “  (Ich will gegen rechtsextremes Gift für unsere Demokratie vorgehen).

Such a show of German and European atonement is a natural and logical outcome of the Allied brainwashing process that has been going on in the media and higher education, not just in the East, but also in the West since 1945.   Hence, if Trump keeps accusing the mainstream media and the Deep State of political dishonesty in slanting coverage and covering up a stolen election, it inevitably raises the question as to how truthful, or rather how fake the whole System and its historical narrative have been over the last seventy years. Trump was a threat to the entire post-WWII narrative of the West.

The former Russian anticommunist dissident and writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote long ago that we “should not live the Communist Lie.”  Well, time seems to be ripe to raise the same question about the Lie of the Liberal System.

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Yes, Trump was the lesser of 2 evils in the 2 elections but why does he suck up to i$rahell by giving them the Golan Heights and the U.S. embassy in Jeruselem?  Also lowering the U.S. income tax for the rish i.e. 50% of the upper 1% are jews.
And Carol Yeager, you agree with the above article 100%?

Figure it out for yourself, Dave. It isn't hard if you just try.

Here's one part of it: https://jewishinsider.com/2020/12/senate-votes-upgrade-antisemitism/  The entire US Congress is completely sold out to Israel and special treatment for Jews - No President can change that. They control the pursestrings, and make the laws.

An interesting article, no more, nor less. With the election of Biden/Haris, we are under the thumb of the Neo-Bolsheviks, now

The USA has been under the thumg of Neo Bolcheviks all this Century.  Maybe Nader would have reversed that, even the jew Barry Goldwater saw the jew problem in 1964.  Only Biden/Harris thumb pressuer will be 5% more.  

Rich, please, always remember to use "selection" rather than "election" in this context. There has absolutely not been an election of Biden/Harris. 

Trump has stated very clearly that he loves Israel, loves the people, loves everything about it. He said, "Isreal is our best friend".
He has done nothing for the Palestinian people. Nor did he ever suggest to open archives about WW2. He is a gate keeper just like all the left wing politicians in Europe at the present.
Unfortunately I don't think anything will be different under Biden. Imo the German people will eventually experience the fate of the Palestininians.

You have no idea what you're talking about. You're just mouthing things you've read elsewhere, as a nameless person. This kind of ignorant comment from you will not be welcome here in the future.

This website is not pro-Palestinian. The Palestinians are not pro-White and they promote the 'Holocaust' fable. They call the Israeli's Zio-Nazis, when in fact Adolf Hitler tried to befriend them. Therefore, the Palestinians are not on my radar. I care about Europe and Euro-America, but mostly Germans.

P.S. Unfortunately, a LOT will be different under Biden, just not the U.S. giveaways to Israel.

Carolyn, don't be too harsh on B.K. for his observations of Trump. It's not likely that he has "no idea" (what he's talking about) or that he's "just mouthing things" he has "read elsewhere". Many, many of us, though supporting Donald Trump for his positives are extremely aware of his several glaring faults. Most of which are so obvious that you'd have to willfully ignore them to not see them. That said, I do support him for a second term, and even beyond if it were possible, for what he represents in terms of positives for us (people of European descent) rather than for the politician he actually is. If the strawman of him and his rhetoric has the power to resonate in such a way that it is able to widen the gulf between normal, patriotic Americans (and, by extension, Europeans) and our enemies, that's of course worth his shortcomings and will, as evidenced already, translate into a nationalist revolution. So again, yes, I support Donald Trump. Or, to a finer point, I support his positives and the strawman that his opposition has built. Because those positives and that strawman, like a handily struck tuning-fork, can resonate enough to both shatter elitist crystal and cause his base to hum the nationalist pitch. I hope you understand my meaning.
As for your stance on "Palestinians" (Arabs), I totally agree with you. The "White knighting" for people who couldn't care less about us is just plain stupid. I also 100% agree with what you posted about a Biden prsidency being "a LOT" different.
And yes, this was a very good article.   

Donald Trump is the best president in my lifetime from my point of view and I go back a long way. That's good enough for me to want to keep him, without all the reservations you espouse.

In addition, I suspect that B.K. is not white. This is not his first comment here.

Exactly B.K.  

I don't think Carolyn is going to give you the half-and-half you were looking for there, BK. Tough break, cupcake ;-)

Carolyn, I am white and German! Ich bin ein deutsches Kind! Und ich weiß sehr wohl bescheid über unseren Führer! Hab auch viele Ihrer Bücher. Nur wusste ich nicht genug über die Palestinenser. Ich sehe sie, die Palestinenser, jedoch als Menschen.

Okay. Then I'd like to make the following points for your consideration:

1) I don't have "many books" to my name - only two. But thanks if you have those.

2) if you don't know much about the Palestinians, it means you don't care much about them. Only abstractly.

3) On what basis do you call President Trump a 'gatekeeper'?

4) Same question about "all the left wing politicians in Europe at the present." What/who are they protecting?

5) Are you a left-winger? Seems like it. You hoped Biden would be better than Trump on Israel? Tougher?

1.) I have actually quite a few books from the book store on your site. I have a huge library on the subject that you discuss. Thank you for your work. In my opinion, Hitler was the greatest statesman that ever lived. 
2.) Well, I care about all peoples. I don't know a lot about most of them but I do not want to see anyone live a life confined to an outdoor jail. Just like Hitler, I believe foremost in my own people, Austrians, but I am not against any other race within their own homeland. 
3.) Apropos Trump - because he continues to be on the Jewish side. The way I see things, there are two sides, the Jewish and the Germanic. He is not on our side. At least I have not seen any sign of that.
My people have suffered and have been brainwashed for 75 years, yet there is not one gesture from Trump to put an end to the lies which make the Germans slaves. All he would have to do is open the archives and let any information about a supposed Holocaust be researched.
4.) Merkel has received the Coudenhove-Kalergy price, she had to work for Israel to receive that. The rest of European leaders imo are not working for their respecive countries but for some other cause. I see them as perhaps pseudo Jews. 
5.) I have no hope that Biden would be better for the US or Germany, but unfortunately I have not much hope in Trump either. In my opinion, our last hope for world peace was Hitler. 
6.) I am not left nor right (communist terminology) nor at any time in between. It depend on the issue and my own thought processing. 

Thank you B.K. for your answers. I have an idea who you are (of course I could be wrong) but I can't say your real name here, so we have to leave it at that. But we are on friendly terms; have mutual firends, right? However, political information that you find important, and have at times sent to me, very often does not appeal to me. We both have our own "thought processing" ... as you said.

I think I was right to say (and hope JimB is listening), "You don't know what you're talking about" when it comes to Donald Trump. Here are some examples:

In #3, you say that "Trump is for the Jews." No, Trump is not "for the Jews," Trump is for Americans. You are not an American but I am. Would you say your Austrian leader Kurz is "for the Jews" because he goes along with so many of their desires in Austria and supports Israel? No, he is for Austrians, but feels compelled by Ausria's history to follow certain protocols. Same with Trump. Kurz tries to accomplish what he can and give way where he feels he must. Politics is what it is.

You say "my people have been brainwashed for 75 years" and Trump hasn't done anything about it !! Why is it Trump's responsibility? Americans say, why haven't the Europeans done more to stand up on their own? They love their welfare states and liberalism. Americans are fed up with Europeans - I feel it myself. Why are you focused on criticizing Donald Trump in America instead of electing better leaders in your countries? I know you'll come up with excuses, but I don't think they're any good.  

American war archives (the National Archives) are open afaik. The facts about the holocaust are out and plain to see, but the people remain brainwashed by the media and politicians who serve the Jews. You have not explained how you can call Trump a "gatekeeper."

#4 - Trump is not responsible for Merkel in Germany. He only entered politics in 2015. Responsibility for Merkel being in power for so long falls 100% on the German people. All they have to do is not vote for her. But they thought she was the best of what was available. Germany-Austria are full of communists who are right out in the open, proud of it. Just like in Hitler's time, they get a lot of support. Why?

#5-6 - Biden is clearly much, much worse than Trump - they are not equally bad. It sounds to me like you're a follower of the German-Russian friendship alliance that is popular with the far-right in Germany. I know very little about it but am not inclined that way. I don't think much of Russians and don't trust them. I'm sure there is a great deal of misunderstanding, and I'll leave it at that.