AfD begins campaign against the Greens on environmental policy

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2019-09-20 15:37

AfD poster for its campaign to stop the Greens asks the question  "Beautiful Green World?" with "We demand a climate of reason!", and in the circle "Stop the Greens - Protect the Environment".

By Carolyn Yeager

I'M REPORTING ON THIS IN RESPONSE TO MY READERS who attack the German Alternative für Deutschland party as “controlled opposition” because these readers believe being anti-Israel is the only important issue. They attack US President Donald Trump for the same reason. But both are doing tremendously worthy work for us in other very important areas.

The Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has begun a campaign to stop the Greens (a strongly rising leftist political party) from making advances the AfD sees as detrimental to the welfare of the German people. They write on their website:

“Today, September 20th, the Climate Cabinet of the Federal Government in Germany will meet to decide once again on additional financial burdens for the citizens of Germany under the guise of climate rescue. The CSU (Christian Social Union) wants to make air fares even more expensive, the SPD (Social Democrat Party) wants to ban oil heating and the Greens want to tax the air we breathe and, as a frequent flyer party, want to prohibit everyone who earns less than they themselves from flying. The CDU (Christian Democrat Party) supports everything, from coal withdrawal to the CO2 tax, as long as [Angela] Merkel is allowed to remain Chancellor.”

Federal spokesman of the AfD Prof. Dr. Jörg Meuthen announced,

"Let's be clear: these politicians don't have what it takes to save the world. But they are preparing to ruin Germany. They are endangering our prosperity, our freedom and not least our home environment. We are countering this with passion, reason and better arguments. Because whoever loves our homeland must protect its environment and at the same time stop the Greens".

The AfD published a new campaign page on alternative environmental policy at There you will find:

      •  the most important points of the AfD environmental programme
      •  a campaign film 5 GRÜNE UMWELTSÜNDEN (5 GREEN ENVIRONMENT sins)
      •  campaign leaflets "Beautiful Green World", 'Who Today Has Green Dreams' and 'Will Green Politics Save the World?'
      •  'stop the Green campaign' logo - protect the environment!

      AfD environmental politician Karsten Hilse, environmental speaker of the AfD parliamentary group and prominent head for the new campaign leaflets, explains:

      "Climate change has been a natural process for hundreds of millions of years. The main factors are the sun, cosmic rays, Earth's orbit parameters and water vapour in the atmosphere. Despite these facts, the federal government spends many billions of euros on the energy revolution; the Germans have to pay the highest electricity prices in Europe; wind turbines kill up to 100,000 birds and up to 200,000 bats per year; habitats for fauna and flora and cultural landscapes of unimaginable size are destroyed and the security of electricity supply is acutely endangered. The AfD demands an immediate end to the energy revolution (which also leads to the loss of millions of jobs) and a return to a sensible energy and economic policy".

      Federal AfD Vice-President Georg Pazderski describes the climate madness and the climate war reporting in Germany as an ignorant solo attempt:

      "The disinterest of the USA in Greta (Thunberg?) shows that Germany is increasingly isolating itself with its emergency panic. This damages our country and does not help the environment in the slightest. Other European countries are achieving their emission targets by expanding nuclear energy, which will be able to do without final storage sites in the future. Germany, too, must develop and use new, forward-looking technologies. We are missing these targets, have no real substitute for coal and are destroying more and more nature with gigantic wind farms and endangering hundreds of thousands of jobs with nonsensical car-hatred policies. The AfD therefore defends itself against PR-driven actionism and the abuse of incited young people for mass demos. We stand as the bourgeois-conservative (middle-class) force for an environmental policy which does not serve only the climate industry, but our homeland, its humans and our safeguarding of nature.


      Angela Merkel and her Social Democrat vice-chancellor Olaf Scholz delivered a slew of supposed climate-rescue measures Friday aimed at halving Germany's carbon emissions by 2030 to avoid defaulting on its 2015 Paris treaty promises. [...]

      Cabinet's agreed measures would raise motorists' petrol (gasoline) and diesel prices in steps by 2026 in line with the EU's existing regime of carbon emissions certificates.

      CO2 emitted in Germany would cost 10 euros per ton, rising to 35 euros per ton by 2025.

      Commuters would get compensation through increased tax rebates, cheaper train travel — through lower sales tax on tickets — and higher tax on short-haul flights.

      Subsidies for electric vehicles — currently struggling to increase their share of the German car market — will be boosted for cars costing less than €40,000. Vehicle tax costs would also be aligned more closely to cars' emissions. [...]

      Opposition Greens co-leader Annalena Baerbock described Friday's packet as "slow, sloppy and non-committal.”

      "I am bitterly disappointed," said Baerbock, saying that the Merkel-Scholz package amounted to an abandonment of Germany's commitments made in Paris in 2015.

      Michael Mann, Creator of Infamous Global Warming ‘Hockey Stick,’ Loses Lawsuit vs. Dr. Ball, Ordered to Pay Defendant’s Costs -

      The AFD is Germany's last and best hope.  As right wing parties from other European countries see their own peoples being eradicated, there are still some Germans with a semblance of pride that see it too.  Things can change, especially when all of Europe sees what is happening and wants to change things.
      Germany and Europe were once great, world leaders, the best.  That is no longer the case.  The USA surpassed Germany in science, technology and military power as a result of Germany's defeat in WW II.  Great Britain, France and others are also a carcass of their former selves.  As each decade passes, Europe falls further and further behind.  Some people are thick, indoctrinated with false narratives and self hatred and they can't see what is happening.  But if you're over a certan age you remember when the USA was the economic leader of the world and Europe was number two, after leading the world for the previous two thousand years.  You might also remember (as I do) when China was a dirt poor country that was a complete disaster and Japan was known for making cheap, unreliable products.  Well, for those blockheads that have to be hit over the head to see what is happening, Europe is now behind the USA and Asia, when previously they led in everything - science, engineering, Nobel Prizes, high culture.
      Bringing in millions of illiterates every year or so will only make Europe less competitve so that in a few decades the middle east will surpass Europe too.  And just as now, then the blockheads will accept that too as perfectly normal and acceptable.  Fortunately, some Europeans see what is happening and know they can greatly improve things.  For certain they can.  Germany's current leaders actually pursue policies that are designed to weaken and make the country less competitive.  This is unique in history.  Support AFD and all the European parties that want to make Europe not ony great again, but the greatest again.

      I mentioned and read parts of your comment on my weekly podcast with Sven Longshanks this morning. Look for it at the Daily starting tomorrow.

      Thank you Carolyn.

      As you say, Peter, the USA surpassed Germany after WW2 in technological innovation. But you probably know that the USA also stole billions of dollars of patents from Germany after the war as well as forcing Germany scientists to move to the USA to work in our defense industries. We also know that the USA does extensive electronic eavesdropping and other such cyber penetration around the world; the CIA is known for industrial espionage in this regard. It is easy to stay ahead if the Germans do the research and the Americans steal the results.
      Perhaps related in some way is the fact that the USA still occupies militarily Germany, and I have heard that the Pentagon is required to approve the commissions of German military officers above a certain rank (Major???). I wonder how may moles are in the Bundesnachrichtendienst. 

      Hi Baldur, Yes I'm aware of those things and they have certainly boosted the USA in a big way (satellites, rockets, putting men on the moon, jets for US aerospace industry) and much, much more.  I think Germany was also prohibited by the allies from developing things after the war, at least for some years.  But, I think Germany's competitiveness may have also been affected negatively by German policies.  I don't know.  
      When I made my original comment I had in mind foremost that Germany led the world in Nobel Prizes (by far) thru 1945 and for a few years afterwards.  Germany was far ahead of USA and Great Britain too.  German science was hurt when Jews were encouraged to leave the country because a sizeable portion of Germany's Nobel Prize recipients were Jewish.  I don't know how many, but I once read someone cite an estimate of 1/3 of Germany's Nobel Prizes were received by Jews.  Besides being intelligent, they are also highly ethnocentric and just as America's Ivy League schools now have very high percentages of Jews attending that have been shown to get in over whites with superior scholastic records, I suspect that played a role in their success in Germany too.  But the majority of Germany's Nobel recipients were not Jewish (despite what many people think) and Jews only became a factor in German science in the late 18th century.  Prior to that they had no involvement in science, but Germany had been a leader in scince for centuries.  I'm going into such details about the Jews, because all the anti-German hatred has contributed to the belief by many people that Jews won most of Germany's Nobel Prizes and Germans played almost no role.  This is completely false.  It's also worth noting that Poland had 3 million Jews (to Germany's 500,000 Jews) and the USSR had far more Jews than Germany too and these countries had no Nobel Prizes before 1945, except for Poland's Madame Curie, a Christian.*  So, why can't Germany get back on track?  I don't know.  It's possible the US still does things to keep Germany down, but I don't know what they would be and how much affect they could have. 
      AFD has said it wants to reestablish Germany's two tier educational ssytem which I think may have been largely done away with not too many years ago.  Germany's schools used to have a youth maka decision at around 12 years old if he would choose the school path towards a university degree or choose a path to become an expert technicizn, plumber, a trade, which is why Germany has so many experts in trades that don't require a university degree.  Doing away with this two track system hurts the high achieving students who would be able to learn more if they get a separate education than those learning a trade.  High achievers should be encouraged and AFD wants to reestablish this system.  But, I don't know how long ago Germany changed its educational system and I don't know how big an affect it had.  I have also read that as much as 20% of Germany's population is not ethnically German, thanks to post WW II policies (which Germany's enemies were behind).  I suspect this may also have an affect.  Certainly, that Merkel let in 2 million middle east illiterates in one year only a few years ago will affect Germany's competitiveness to a degree.  
      And, I think there is a certain mindset that has come into vogue, I'm not sure exactly when.  I recall that about 15 years ago France and Germany announced they they were considering a joint project to develop a competitor to Google (like Airbus, which is a big success) and then all of a sudden it was dropped and I read a comment by some German saying, why develop a second system if the US has a system that already serves the world.  I think that is very poor reasoning.  I also recall that one of Germany's major book publishers or maybe it was a music producer was going to buy Youtube before Google purchased it.  Well, they obviously didn't buy it and when I watch as Google, Youtube and all the American social media sites are censoring and removing many users and items they oppose (including historical videos), I have to wonder if the Germans foresaw that and said they don't want to run something like Youtube and then perhaps be accused of being "NAZIS" for not removing videos Jews don't like.  I don't know.  But I think Germans themselves might be able to examine what has made them less competitive.  I believe AFD is correct that Merkel has been a disaster for Germany.

      It's also worth noting that Poland had 3 million Jews (to Germany's 500,000 Jews) and the USSR had far more Jews than Germany too and these countries had no Nobel Prizes before 1945, except for Poland's Madame Curie, a Christian. --Peter

      Absolutely right and very important. Also important to point out that Marie Curie went to France for her specialized education and never returned to Poland. She was a French citizen and her work was totally produced in France where there was the necessary intellectual and technical support for it. Guess it would never have happened if she had stayed in Poland.

      Just curious -- is there any legal way to support the AFD financially without being a German citizen?

      No, I don't believe so.

      Germany is still far from defeated.

      "Reading the headlines, you might think that the most urgent question about national success in innovation and growth is whether the U.S. or China should get the gold medal. The truth is: Germany wins hands down."

      Thank you for this - I've been saying this for years.
      Besides this, how many of you really know what Germans think, deep down?  Wasn't there a survey that recently revealed that most feel that they cannot freely express themselves, even among close friends?
      IMHO: Germany is biding it's time.  History is codified (written by the winners) and it knows it.  We are a patient people.  We tried the hard approach twice and it's a losing option.  You cannot fight the world.  So let it be... The current situation will NOT last forever - you can count on it.

      My German parents were from the war generation and just old enough to have an idea about the world in 1945.  I had many arguments with them when I was growing up which I would apologize to them for today if they were still around.  They knew what they were talking about much better than me.  I think I have an idea what they would say if they were still alive today.  My mother returned to Germany for the first time in 1975 after leaving Germany about 20 years earlier.  She loved it and had a wonderful time but she made an offhand comment about the large number of foreigners living in Germany in 1975.  In 1975!  As proud German patriots I think my parents would be in shock at how Germany is overrrun with foreigners today.  
      I remember when my mother (and my brother and sister) came back, I think from that same trip, and I learned that my uncle (who I saw 2 years ago after not seeing him for over 50 years) got married and I had two cousins, and I was told his wife was Moroccan.  At that time that didn't mean anything to me and it has no affect today on how I feel about my cousins.  But what I've learned in the last few years regarding that has a big impact on me.  During WW II already a well known American Harvard anthropologist (Ernest Wooton, who I believe was Jewsh) wrote an artice advocating taking millions of young German men to foreign countries as slave laborerers (where they could mix with the local women) after the war and bringing millions of young foreign men into Germany where they could mix with the German women.  There is so much more too, that shows that the flooding of Germany and Europe with foreigners was well thought out before WW II already.  There were Europeans that advocated this before the war too, including the highly honored Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, who was half Japanese himself, which I think one can safely say had an impact on how he thought.

      Your experience is in some ways similar to mine - my parents too lived through the war ... Except I never argued with them about it!
      I recall getting the Holyhoax indoctrination during high-school and I had a guttural reaction to it all even back then - "Bullsh!t" - which made me somewhat less than endearing with the teachers, as you can imagine.
      One classmate approached me after class and asked what I thought of all the Jews, Gypsies and Homos that were supposedly murdered in gas chambers and what have you (he was fishing) and I sent him away shocked.
      So you can see, I am "true to the end" - I never danced to their tune, I always thought there was something "off" about it - it just didn't pass the sniff test to me, even back then.
      Years later David Irving was denied entry into the country I live in and that (re-)perked my interest.  Why, I thought?  Why deny a man entry to a country just based on his beliefs?  How often does this happen - authorities ban something which then calls attention to it and then has the unwanted affect of popularising it?  I can only wonder how many others were affected the same way.
      So for all of Mr. Irving's flaws, I still have to credit him for setting me on the path to really understanding what happened in WW2.
      I am of course well aware of the Morganthau and Hooten plans, and the subsequent impact that "Germany Must Perish!" being published in 1941 must have made to the National Socialist leaders in the midst of war... But is this really what we're seeing today in Germany?  I recall one of those plans called for outright sterilization of German men.  That obviously didn't happen.
      So ... No, I'm afraid, all our Western countries are subject to this force - it's not the just the Jews doing it either, even if it's well with-in their interest.  We understandably focus on the migration issues, and the degration of our "white" race, but I feel the at times we approach things backwards.  We cannot restore order until we are independent.  Is Germany independent?  Would a Germany free to act and define it's own future behave as it is now?  I doubt it.
      IMHO:  It's a race to the bottom.  The cracks are showing.  The global economy shudders.  Too many people have it too good and they are not going to buck the status quo until they have to.  I maintain many "whites" are just well behaved hypocrites.  Forget what they are saying, look at what they do, it's telling.

      Funny how the liberal media and the Jews that run it never stop repeating that there is nothing scientific about ideas of race when applied to Homo Sapiens. Yet who but the Jews are so instrumental in importing third world peoples to mix with or replace the native peoples of Europe. As is well known, third world peoples are NOT welcomed in Israel as the Jews there do NOT belief that "diversity is a strength".

      The kid has aspergers.
      This surely constitutes some kind of abuse to manipulate a teenager (who already has challenges) to the brink of hysteria.
      Scary how many people cannot see it for what it is.

      She's from a family of actors! Greta Thunberg [is] the daughter of opera singer Malena Ernman and actor Svante Thunberg.[9] Her paternal grandfather is actor and director Olof Thunberg.

      She first heard of climate change when she was 8 years old and couldn't understand why no one was doing anything about it. And we think we live in a sane world? The media monster plays up this girl just to have readers. Extremely irresponsible. Shocking, really, how unaware society is, like zombies.