Anti-Defamation League likens Leo Frank case to the Holocaust

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-07-26 16:31

By Carolyn Yeager

Leo Max Frank ... definitely of a different constituency.

Denial of Leo Frank's innocence is equivalent to Holocaust denial ... so goes the reasoning of the Anti-Defamation League. Well, with Jews, everything leads to the Holocaust, does it not?

In a memo* sent to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles in 1982, a League official stated:

I agree entirely that our constituency—the literate world—knows that Frank was railroaded. Our constituency also knows that the Holocaust was real, but we continue to counteract Holocaust denial. We have also proceeded on the assumption that it was important for the German nation to come to terms with the past and acknowledge the terrible crime committed in days gone by. Likewise some of us here in Atlanta think it is important that the State of Georgia acknowledge its sins in the Frank case, and repent.

My constituency - the truthful and honorable world - knows that the "Holocaust" was NOT real, but we continue to have to counteract "Holocaust" propaganda lies. As the German nation has no "crimes" for which to acknowledge and repent, so likewise the State of Georgia has no sins of which to repent in the Leo Frank case. As always, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith is on an entirely different page than are we. In fact, in a different book.

I'll remind you that the purpose and objective of the ADL is to STOP what they term “anti-Semitism” by portraying it as criminal, insane, bigoted and anti-social. The fate of one individual Jew is not important in their eyes, but how that Jew affects the overall Gentile view of Jews is very important. A high-profile murder case against a Jewish pedophile-murderer - especially when that Jew is President of a big-city chapter of the B'nai B'rith Jewish Fraternal Order - definitely damages the image of the Jew! Thus it fits within the purview the ADL has set for itself.

The fate of Leo M. Frank, in itself, is not so important to the mission of the ADL, but the effect Frank's guilt has on the image of Jewry in general is what is important. Therefore, the "guilt" has been placed on the general atmosphere that prevailed in Georgia in 1913-1915, an atmosphere that placed the value of the vastly higher number of White Christian citizens on an equal footing with the tiny fraction of mostly wealthy Jewish citizens. That, dear constituents, is what the Jews object to, and why they created the ADL.

As the heroic journalist/politician/scholar Tom Watson is said to have asked repeatedly at the time, "Does a Jew expect extraordinary favors or immunities because of his race?"

Worst persecution of a Jew since the death of Christ!

Leo Frank's expensive Jewish defense lawyers could not overcome the evidence that convinced the jury of his guilt. After the jury announced it's verdict, Frank's lead attorneys Luther Z. Rosser and Reuben R. Arnold made a final plea to Judge Leonard Roan. Arnold actually said, “It is the most horrible persecution of a Jew since the death of Christ.” I suppose he thought this would play well with the highly-religious Christian Southerners. But what chutzpah to not only place Christ on the side of the Jews, but to equate Leo Frank with Christ!

Crowds shouted Hang the Jew!

They also claimed that people outside the courtroom were heard by those inside the courtroom shouting “Hang the Jew.” But the newspaper coverage never mentioned such a problem, and eleven jurors signed affidavits swearing they did not hear or see demonstrations from the crowds outside the courtroom and had reached their decisions solely on the weight of the evidence. Two jurors who had been called “prejudiced” by the defense attorneys denied the charges.

Additionally, in Leo Frank's legal appeals to the Georgia Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court, there is no mention of people shouting "Hang the Jew" outside the court. Do you think this would not be cause for a new trial if it were true? This much-believed fable turns out to be a hoax created by Jew Leonard Dinnerstein.

*The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Phagan, New Horizon Press, 1989, page 179.


Jews, Race, Sexual perversion


All these guys that are trying so hard to reverse the conviction of a brutal rapist, murderer and pedophile like Leo Frank are nothing but Sick Psychopaths.  I am willing to bet that Mary Phagan was not the first and only innocent beautiful child that Leo Frank violated or brutally raped except this time he felt more bold and actually also tortured and strangled her to death. Back then if they had thoroughly investigated Leo Frank even more deeply, I am sure they would have found out there were other innocent helpless children that he sexually abused. 

Instead of speculating or assuming, you can read everything that is known about Leo Frank, and everyone else involved in that crime, at

I recommend this site for information about Leo Frank. It's very complete.