Vienna's annual Fraternity Ball brings out commie-antifa street thugs once again

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2013-02-05 07:38

On February 1st in Vienna, the traditional Fraternity Ball again took place at the beautiful and historic Hofburg Palace. In order to get permission to hold the event in the great palace, the organizers had to change the name from Fraternity to the Akademikerball (the Academics Ball). The old and honorable fraternities of Austria have come under increasing attack because they are considered nationalistic and aligned with the national-conservative FPÖ, Freedom Party. (Representatives are lined up below)

The ugly, intolerant "anti-facists" and "anti-racists" (below) want to destroy every last vestige of nationalist thought in Europe, and unfortunately the current is on their side. The leftists went on something of a manhunt against the guests. They chased these totally normal people, going about their innocent, personal business, through the streets of Vienna, screamed at them, threw bottles at them and even spat into their faces while the police who were standing directly beside them did nothing.

See here:

What is the cost to peaceful Vienna people to have this destructive element gather in the thousands in the streets and plazas (above in front of the Hofburg on Feb. 1st) to interfere with lawful activities of those they politically oppose? Even though it is insanity it occurs because the higher police leadership, time and again, gives these left-wing radicals a free hand and allows patriots to be their fair game.

See another video here. And this article "Slugfest at Academics Ball" here.

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Coming up on February 13-15 is the anniversary of the bombing of Dresden. From a long-time correspondent in Germany:

The same procedure as every year. Nationalists want to march calmly and want to remember the victims; leftists will again scream and whistle at them and blockade their marching route. The established politicians again support the leftists and the police have to.
The police president of Dresden has already indicated that he will infringe the police neutrality by announcing: "We don't fight for Nazis."

Nationalist = Nazi in Globalist-ruled Germany.


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