Heroic Women

Hanna Reitsch – warrior of flight and freedom

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Hanna Reitsch is unusual in being a feminine woman who was yet the equal of men in a dangerous male profession – test-piloting new military aircraft. Her love of flying from childhood on, along with her superior intelligence, unshakable determination, and ability to withstand tremendous stresses, gave her the edge that allowed her to rise to the top of the aviation world.

Florence Rost Van Tonningen

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The life of Florence Rost Van Tonningen, wife and widow of Dutch economist and military man M.M. Rost van Tonningen, displays the qualities of character, faithfulness and fearlessness that are the hallmark of heroic European women. 

The Mothers Movement - Agitating Against American Involvement in World War II

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February 1941: Barbara Withrop gives last-minute instructions to volunteers departing for Washington D.C. to protest Lend-Lease.

In the 1930’s, America was in a national debate over liberal/conservative and pro-war/anti-war policies. Ultra-conservative women leaders emerged and in 1939 organized opposition to America’s involvement in World War II as mothers. At its peak in 1941, this confederation of women’s groups had a membership of six million! Can we even imagine anything like that today?


Heroic Women