Austrian Minister of Infrastructure gets extreme hate mail - a new phenomenon

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2018-02-05 11:59

THE LIKEABLE AND MILD-MANNERED NORBERT HOFER, WHO CAME CLOSE TO WINNING AUSTRIA'S PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION as a member of the Freedom Party (FPOe) in 2016 and was chosen by the new OVP-FPOe coalition government as Minister of Infrastructure, has received death threats on Social Media, and also in his official government e-mail account. This is somewhat unprecedented in Austria.

Here is the e-mail in question (translated into English):

"Nice to install your Nazi chicks at the ÖBB [Austrian rail system].

And I have to work for Nazis now. Your dirty right-hand rat. Have you already planned the transports to the camps?

The day will come when you will hang.

You lousy Nazi rat. You incest child."

The press officer for Hofer calls it a murder threat - says the Minister was horrified by it.

A comment posted by "Dina 101" under an article about the upcoming castlings (?) at the OBB read:

"Hofer is a stupid, right-wing cretin. When he is run over tomorrow by the subway would the world be a little bit better again."

According to press officer Höferl, this post was not discovered by the administrators of the [newspaper]. "It was only when we pointed it out, was it deleted," said Höferl.

The Hofer team is reporting the hate mail and hopes that the postings will be looked into. [From]




The person writing those emails to Hofer most likely was a commie, if they were gentile, as the most vociferous non-Jewish opponents of Austrian and German nationalism are either commies or ultra-liberals.
Both the FPOe and AfD are taking working class votes from the commies and social democrats. The Left despise the FPOe and AfD for many reasons, but one of the main ones is that they don't like competition. The AfD is making inroads into the German trade union movement, long a bastion of the German Left:

“If you want social justice, you need to manage who is coming into your country,” Mr. Hansel said. “Open borders and welfare state don’t go together.”