Passing the buck on Holocaust

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2018-02-06 19:24

Polish President signs bill to criminalize any hint of guilt directed at Poland

Polish President Andrzej Duda in front of Polish flags as he announces his signature on the controversial legislation.

By Carolyn Yeager

WE KNOW THE ENTIRE HOLOCAUST OF THE JEWS is a highly exaggerated narrative that has been perpetrated by the victors of World War 2 with the purpose of covering themselves with virtue by portraying the Third Reich as the most evil force the world has ever known.

This is good work if you can get away with it. All the nations in the world that originally became the United Nations support this narrative 100%. Poland, by refusing to cooperate in 1939 with their neighbor Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, became the early victim of the Soviet Union. The Poles remained under Soviet domination from 1945 until 1990 – 45 years!

They believe they are right up there with the Jews when it comes to victim status. They're trying to cash in on this for their country as successfully as the Jews have done with Israel.

The current ruling Law and Justice party, the PiS, is more independent of the Global Order than the previous ruling parties. It's looking out for Poland, it believes, not for the EU or the Central Banks. And what's good for Poland, they say, is to blame everything that happened in and to Poland between 1939 and 1945 on “Nazi Germany.” (Kind of like Hillary Clinton in her assessment of blame for her loss to Trump in the 2016 election. She knows who to blame and it's not herself.)

The bill that was passed in both legislative chambers and now signed into law by Duda will “prevent the wrongful accusation of Poles and Poland of any involvement in Nazi war crimes committed during World War II.”

It is a new thing that this requires a special law of its own.

It does this by allowing the government to jail anyone who, publicly and against their facts, even so much as suggests Polish involvement in these crimes. The law stipulates fines and up to six years in prison - three years just for using the phrase “Polish Death Camps.”

As far as the PiS is concerned, the facts of Polish innocence are set and cannot be questioned. They admit “huge wickedness” in the denunciation of Jews by Polish citizens, but categorically deny any “systematic way” that Poles took part in the “Holocaust.” The Holocaust is portrayed as the systematic murder of Jews and Poles by Third Reich Germany. In their view, the Polish people can't be both victims and perpetrators.

Others say Poland is engaging in “denial.” Holocaust denial is a serious offense in all United Nations countries, but especially in Europe. The first and strongest objection comes from Israel, backed by U.S. Jews. The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights says the law could “stifle research, particularly into the role of individual Poles.”

Netanyahu's education and diaspora minister, Naftali Bennett, spoke the most direct words: “It is a historic fact that many Poles aided in the murder of Jews, handed them in, abused them, and even killed Jews during and after the Holocaust.”

It looks like this is a butting of heads that will not subside any time soon. Hard to say what will be the outcome, but it is interesting to watch. For myself, I dislike both parties in this dispute and don't believe the claims of either one. White Nationalists like to insist on how anti-Jewish the Catholic Poles have always been, to the point of hating Jews – while the government and many Poles want to be seen as protecting Jews from the hated 'Nazis.' One thing I'll say is that Poles definitely know how to hate. But so do Jews. So hatred between them was almost unavoidable, the only question being who hated whom the most?


“It is a historic fact that many Jews aided in the murder of Poles, handed them in, abused them, and even killed Poles during and after the Holocaust.”
<a href="">Stanisław Zarakowski</a><a href="">Roman Romkowski</a><a href="">Anatol Fejgin</a><a href="">Józef Różański</a><a href="">Jakub Berman</a><a href="">Hilary Minc</a><a href="">Piotr Śmietański</a><a href="">Julia Brystiger</a><a href="">Jerzy Borejsza</a><a href="">Roman Zambrowski</a>
<a href="">Helena Wolińska-Brus</a>  <i>extradition requests were refused by the Home Office; in particular, because of <b>her advanced age</b> and <b>the long period of time that had elapsed since the alleged crimes occurred</b> </i>

So all these people are Jews born in Poland who served the brutal communist Soviet Union against the interests of the Catholic Polish people. So why wouldn't the entry of the Germans into Poland to cleanse Poland of its Jews (one is now Prime Minister of Poland) have been seen as a liberation, as it largely was in Ukraine and Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia?

It was because the Poles were taught to hate the Germans by their very politically activist, far-leftist Roman Catholic priests, much of their academic and military leaders, and their treacherous Foreign Minister at the time: Josef Beck. These leading Poles thought they were clever enough to play one dominant nation off against another for their own eventual benefit and goals (like conquering German territory all the way to Berlin). They were wrong and they suffered for their own arrogance and stupidity. Why does that make them victims of Germany?

Poland maintains a schizophrenic position on its history in which two groups opposed to and fighting one another (Jews and Germans) are both their friend and their enemy at varying times, while playing victim to both.

Totally agree.By the way, it would be interesting to ask poles what happened on Bromberg, and for whom they built the first concentration camps on Europe...

Years ago I witnessed the death of an alcoholic vagrant on the streets of New York. As the corpse lay in the snow passersby were revolted by the sight of thousands of fleas jumping away from the body. As the people watched both repelled and fascinated, an Orthodox Jew spoke authoritatively, "they know they have no meal ticket and that they need a new one."
Israel needs more and more money and in the years ahead will find more victims to parasitise. Recently we saw the French paying out for the holocrime of supplying transport, and the extortion of the Swiss for opening savings accounts (a neutral country!!!) is legendary in the annals of scams and shakedowns.
I have this advice for the Poles: If you admit any part in the lampshade myth, you will be on the hook for reparations, but if you don't the US, NATO, Germany, and Israel will put the squeeze on you economically and diplomatically. Good luck.

To Antidote:

How about advice to simply tell the truth? This is what is lacking by all parties engaged in this worldwide shame-fest of highly-paid leaders of wealthy countries playing cover-up for their crimes of commission and omission, that we call The Holocaust.

The only people who told/tell the truth are the so-called Nazis! Thus aren't they the ones you should be wishing good luck?

Please watch. Very nice - you will be glad for it will warm your soul.

I have to complain though,  when it is said the only thing Monika did was ... apologize to her mother. Not true, and we all know it.

While the Israeli Jews are expelling all of those  unwelcomed African immigrants, they should shake them down for reparations as well. 
The Africans did not do enough to support the British against the German Afrika Korps during the North African campaign. 
Yes indeed. They are guilty of not doing their part to prevent the Holohoax.  
All of Africa is guilty.  The Jews need much more than just the diamonds there.  They are entitled to the whole continent. 

Very glad that you wrote this, this needed to be brought to peoples' attention...
Polish nationalists have been pushing the 'six million dead Poles' (3 million Jews+ 3 million Poles) narrative on 4Chan / Pol for some time, arguing that the Holocaust happened on an ostensibly revisionist message board. (4Chan / Pol is the biggest racialist / Far Right board in the world at the moment, far bigger than Stormfront).
See this arrogant Pole:
They are repeating the Jews' crazy stories and even making up a few of their own.
The good news is that others are beginning to wake up to the Poles' true nature, which can't stay hidden for long. If you read through the above thread, you'll see that they haven't changed fundamentally since 1939.
The thought occurred to me: if Poland is such a wonderful, Christian, anti-Muslim nation, and has all the benefits of an ethnically homogeneous white society, why are Poles fleeing it in such large numbers, to Germany, the UK and other 'Islamised' and 'African' and 'degenerate' countries? It makes no sense.

The comments on that 4-chan thread represent a Gathering of the Uninformed. That's the trouble with following sites like that. Your mind becomes deranged. Is this what free speech is for?

David: Polish nationalism means Sarmatism in the same way that Hungarian nationalism means Turanism: It's all about Turkism and Tatarism. The "White homogeneous Eastern Europe" crowd are morons - and I'm trying to be polite here.

'The "White homogeneous Eastern Europe" '

Please explain this. Eastern Europeans are not White?

Don't ask me, ask them! The Poles e.g. willingly adopted the Sarmatian way of life - in other words they enthusiastically turkicised themselves. Most of Eastern Europe is Tatar country. Some Easterners are white, lots of them are not!

Poles are a buffer zone nation between two worlds, the German and the Russian, just like all Central European nations between the two, from Finland to Serbia. Most of these countries don’t understand that they have to pick a side and are too weak to be true sovereigns. Those that do not, are the trouble makers. The medium sized powers that pretend that Germany and Russia (and Turkey) don’t exist in their importance. And Poland has been used by the Western powers to imbalance the Central and Eastern powers. If Britain, France and America hadn’t proclaimed Polish statehood and ever since propped it up artificially, Poland would either be divided among Germany and Russia or be a neutral state between them. Serbia is a similar case to make up their minds between Germany and Turkey but Russia here is what the West is doing in Poland  
The Germanic smaller countries around Germany all understand this. From Switzerland to the Benelux to Scandinavia. At least in theory, they understand they either join Germany voluntarily or by force, or they will be absorbed by France or Britain or by Russia in the North. But Poland is not as productive as Germanic nations. Simply staying neutral and doing their own thing, isn’t an option. and so, Poland is the pawn of the West and instead of doing their best to appease their great neighbors and find the best solution for this Germanic-Slavonic location, they are artificially inflated in importance to do the bidding of a third  
The Polish hatred should only be allowed to reign freely, if Jingis Khan makes his way into Europe again. Then, the radical hatred the Pole is capable of, can be unleashed as last resort of the European immune system. Other than that, the Pole should be a silent pole. Same for Serbs. 

Their eternal choice. Either become a protectorate of Italy’s Nostra Mare or Turkey‘s Caliphat. Britain propped them up and made them believe they don’t have to pick a side but can defeat both Italy and Turkey. This is a swindle on the small minded nationalism small nations engage in of course. 
Without the British swindle, Greeks would think what’s better for them, paying taxes to Rome but remain an autonomous culture or be converted to Islam by force and cease to exist as European people altogether. 

Markus, you're going against the White Nationalist credo that each White nation, no matter how small, can be sovereign and run its own affairs as it wishes. They hold that White folks are so superior and noble they can cooperate with one another on a voluntary basis in a loose confederation, with little friction.

Hmm, is there an example of this in our history?