Flash! Rod Martin will NOT be at Freedom Palooza this weekend with his wife after all

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2014-07-02 21:20

It is the American Fourth of July (National Independence Day) weekend coming up, which means it's also the Freedom Palooza Festival, which means it's the opportunity we've all been waiting for to meet Rodney Martin's wife in person! Wow.

Except that … I just saw a small announcement on the front page of the ANA-ANN website (placed sometime before 6-24-14) that reads:

AWS CEO Jason Hiecke to represent ANA Chairman Rodney Martin July 4 at Freedom Palooza

What?! Do you remember six months ago when Martin placed the announcement on his website World View Foundations.org, and also discussed on numerous radio programs, that he would be attending Freedom Palooza in July with his wife and five children, so that everyone could meet his family in person?

(As of today, 7-2-14) you can still read on wvfoundations.org these words:

Rodney Martin will attend and speak at Paul Topete & the Pokerface Band's "FreedomPalooza 2014" Rodney invites everyone to attend and meet him, his wife and children and also support Freedompalooza.

As you may recall, Rodney, after suggesting he would, declined to post a photograph of his wife after the “Eastern Cherokee” controversy arose in Dec. 2013; he instead kept reminding folks that they should come to Pennsylvania in July to meet her in person to put the lie to the “rumors.”

It was I who finally got hold of a photograph of Peggy Martin that was a few years old, from one of Rodney's political campaigns, and posted it here on carolynyeager.net. She does indeed appear to be an attractive red-blond haired white woman. But Rodney never acknowledged the posting of that picture; instead he kept up the charade of insisting that to “solve the question” of his wife's racial purity, everyone must come to Pennsylvania in July, where she would be on display, and ready to accept their apologies for calling her an “injun.”

Intelligent people wondered how he could promise that his wife (supposedly recovering from an illness), and also all five children, would for sure be there to meet the 'dirty doubters' if they made the effort to travel there. Of course, the event is also not free. So he safely predicted that not many would show up, thereby proving that they were liars and skunks for ever doubting Rod's Aryan and White Nationalist creditials.

But now it turns out that even Rod won't show up!

True to course, Rodney is not going to do what he said he would do, after all.

There is no press release for this announcement, as Chairman Martin usually writes for the ANA news he wants people to read/know about. No, this is very quiet; in fact, it hasn't even been changed on the wvfoundations site. To those who pay attention to Martin's history, it's typical for him to promise and then not deliver. He may believe he will deliver at the time he first promises, which only shows that he entertains delusions as to his own character and capacity, as well as revealing how unconcerned he actually is about the truth or falseness of his own statements. This in turn reveals the superficiality inherent in his relations with others.

Rodney puts on a great show of respecting everyone, with his "Mr. So and So," and "Dr. So and So," and “not mentioning names” of people he accuses of various “crimes.” This is actually a clue that, in reality, he feels no genuine respect for any of these people because, as soon as one stops cooperating with him, he goes for the jugular with truly vicious language against them. Frederick Toben, Kyle Hunt and Paul Hickman are three that come to mind in this regard, let alone yours truly.

Why did 'Chairman' Martin decide he would not be able to support his 'friend' Paul Topete after using his appearance there as an answer to his critics for the past 6 months? He doesn't say, there is only the terse notice that Jason Hiecke, an ANN radio host, will be there in his place. It goes without saying that Jason Hiecke is not a superstar and will not do anything to increase attendance to the festival. That, and the last-minute nature of Rod's change of plan, lead me to ask, with conviction: Who doesn't Rodney Martin eventually let down?

Happy Fourth of July, all you Americans!


White Nationalism


If it walks like a duck and acts like a duck..........I truly believe Martin is a freelance agent for the Feds, SPLC, and Mossad, simultaneously.

On another note John Borsella has dropped out of sight from the Nationalist Network and as far as I can tell his show "The Nationalist Mandate" are no longer archived.  Whereas Martin has that "snake oil" cary charisma Borsella had a dreary psuedo-intellectual delivery that bordered on depressive.  Borslla's claim to fame will be his attack on Kyle Hunt as a "limp-wristed sissy boy"; an ugly slander to be associated with.  


Is that the best picture he could find? This page was entirely done by user/admin Basileus, the one I have said works on behalf of Rodney Martin. Check the page history.

Notice that the programs displayed are his old "Imperium Mandate", not his newer "Nationalist Mandate" which he switched to in his effort to get on board with ANA. If there is anything truthful about this page, it tells us that Borsella was playing a totally phony role during his "spell" with Rodney Martin and ANA-ANN. Maybe he thought it was a way he could possibly get rich ... or at least make a living income.