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Screaming advocates of "immigrant rights" protest at Murrieta Mesa High School while more than 700 people gathered to voice their concerns and seek answers from public officials over the proposed processing of immigrant detainees at the Murrieta Border Patrol station on July 3rd. (Mark Boster, Los Angeles Times)

Sent July 5, 2014

     "Went to Murieta today.  One of the most depressing days of my life.  The hatred these people have for us is mind-blowing.  They shredded American flags and dragged them in the dirt.  We, of course, were called racists even though they did not hide their hatred of us. And, we are expected to welcome them???  Just let one of us go to Mexico on Cinco de Mayo and shred a Mexican flag.

    The usual, aging white hippies were also there spouting love one another bullshit.  The vitriol from the pro-immigration group was mind-blowing.  There was a yellow police tape separating the two groups and they shouted non-stop about our racism, etc.  They were vicious.  One fellow had a bullhorn and screamed at our side for hours.  Some of our people were angry and screamed back.  I worked our side and told them the cameras were on us and, of course, the coverage would show just us screaming.  I told them to be quieter and make them look bad.  Worked for a while.  Eventually, the bullhorn guy comes over to our side and a few of the guys get into it.  6 people were arrested.  There was one particularly aggressive, bitchy white girl on their side who screamed hatred non-stop.  Looked like your basic Smith graduate.  All smug and morally superior.
    Their whole theme was concern for "the children" which was clever in that who can go against children? Telling them it was illegal only got them going.  I was told we were the haters, the U.S. raped every country and killed hundreds of thousands of people.  I asked why they wanted to be here.  Any conversation was pointless.  The entitlement attitude was unbelievable.  They demand.  No gratitude for the millions of U.S. taxpayers that have underwritten all the benefits illegals receive.
    When we arrived, the first thing that greeted us was a group of people dressed like Aztec Indians dancing and whooping it up and banging on drums.  Definitely an up yours.  A priest was there with them and I asked him how he could condone breaking the law.  Said we had to love one another and asked whether I wanted to pray with him and the group.  Choking back a "screw you," I declined.  One fellow was dressed like Jesus with the predictable "what would Jesus do?" bullshit sign.
    Any comment regarding "legal" immigration was met with an f.u.  I would say that 85% of their participants were in the 16-25 age range.  As the day went by, more and more people on our side arrived.  We finally left around 4 because we felt the buses would not be coming.  We had heard that dates and destinations were no longer going to be announced; that they would henceforth be coming in unmarked cars in the dark and then heard that they would be taking the expected group to Temecula.  It was hotter than hell.
    Most of the police and BP on hand were Hispanic.
    I am leaving out a lot because it is a blur.  I am still in shock at the hatred, anger and demand from their side.  It is all backwards.  I hope to never be in an environment like that ever again.  I was very shaken but not frightened.
    This does not bode well for the future - it is only going to get worse in my opinion.
    God Bless and keep our beloved country. "

Thanks to James Sanchez, EAIF, for this anonymous email which he titled "Obama's America."


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Having participated in anti-immigration activism since the 1990's, I can really relate to this description.  It is spot on.  The shocked reaction of this writer is indentical to that of dozens of other whites who witnnessed first hand the barbarism and savagry of these "people."  They are human in name only. They are viciouis mad dogs.
He (or she) is lucky they were not identified as pro-white or they would have been attacked just as viciously by white Americans as by vicious non-whites.   That's  what it used to be like.  I can't say now.  At least the police seemed to have been neutral here.  Formerly they were openly hostile to pro-whites.
All I can say is Thank God that more people are seeing the ugly face of these non-white monsters.  I've been criticized by some for my blunt descriptions of theses "peoplle", but remember:  The first principle of  WHITE ADVOCACY is that we call things what they really are.  If our people are mislead about the nature of our enemies, they will not be prepared, emotionally or intellectually, to defend and ultimatly to counter-attack. 

America, I should say the White America we were born and raised in, that OUR PEOPLE built, worked for and cultivated... is in it's final stages. The Caucasian race is terminally pathological, actually SCREAMING FOR IT'S OWN DESTRUCTION. You can't even blame alien/foreign invaders when sick Whites demand their own genocide.
Whites, TOO MANY unfortunately, have a "death wish" at this point. They are beyond help...beyond reform, beyond hope. For those Whites who are disgusted by this parasitic and ultimately fatal mental disorder spreading through America we must address WHAT YOU CAN DO to survive and prosper.
Solutions/WHAT TO DO:
1. DISTANCE Yourself/NEVER assimilate with the afflicted. Quarantining was/is very effective in protecting further spread of the problems. Naturally, you may not know immediately who is Anti-White right off the bat. Some yes(Non Whites, the trendy & jewish types) others no(Neutered Blue-collar Whites). Nevertheless, get away from them ASAP. Of course, the sickest/most terminal tend to be attracted to You because you are healthy. Shun them and KEEP IT THAT WAY.
2. KNOW YOUR HERITAGE This is a big thing, a lifetime project really. If you know it just a bit, dig deeper and further. If you don't know anything, talk to your family and ask questions. If you've already gone back 500+ years, teach others of your race and yes, keep digging deeper. Network "offline" with your people work together toward mutual advancement.  It will help you for the rest of your life. Your traditions will feel natural and instinctive, in accord and centered. Protect and cultivate your heritage. Discover and rediscover and connect with those who haven't yet done so.
3. KILL YOUR TV  It should disgust racially wide-awake Americans that the average citizen throws away 26.6 YEARS OF THEIR LIVES in front of a TV set. Television addiction is as strong and deadly as any drug. Jewish control over the media and Hollywood is admitted by them and obvious -  yet jews also instruct "their race" to shut it off. Ask yourself WHY???
"As Jews we have a special responsibility to keep our identity strong and avoid assimiliating into the secular world around us. The Torah commands us "not to follow in the ways of the gentiles". 
Jewnite-The Place for Jewish Teens December 25, 2013
And yet more:
Question: Should I quit going to the theater or even watching movies at home?
Response: Many religious Jews don't watch any movies, let alone visit a theater. Among the many concerns are:                                                                                                     
1. The improper imagesthemes and language in a movie         
2. The taking of two hours (or more )for something without any substance                         
3. The perspective gained from watching movies. In a subtle manner, movies mold our mind and affect the way we think.                                                                                               
4 Accordng to some opinions, going to a theater goes against the Torah's command "not to follow in the ways of the gentiles".
Rabbi Yisrael Cotlar            Chabad.org         AsktheRabbiTeam
Bottom Line: The Jew KNOWS what they produce is destructive,  that's why they want YOU to watch it while instructing THEIR RACE not to. PULL THE PLUG and KILL YOUR TV WHITE PEOPLE.

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