Podcast with John Friend: Hitler and Trump - what we need to understand

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2018-07-01 13:19

I DID A PODCAST WITH JOHN FRIEND on Saturday morning. We talked about my book "The Artist Within the Warlord - An Adolf Hitler You've Never Known," which turned out to be quite an interesting discussion. The second edition published by The Barnes Review has just been released. We then transitioned to the subject of Donald Trump as seen by his critics and his admirers. I am a supporter while John takes the role of combination critic and admirer. Does that work?

I have to apologize that your listening pleasure is somewhat marred by a poor skype connection on my part, making my voice a little choppy. It's not too bad, but here and there part of a word is cut off. I haven't yet ascertained what the problem is, though I will before I do another podcast. 1h7m.


Coincidentally, I came across this the other day when leafing through a copy of the old Journal of Historical Review. Here's Otto Remer

Hermann Geisler, Hitler's architect, wrote a book about Hitler. [This is Ein anderer Hitler, a memoir]. It's a fantastic book that you ought to read. He [the author] was a really great guy, and he could imitate very well, especially Robert Ley [head of the Reich Labor Serviced And Hitler knew this. Hitler would urge him to imitate Ley's way of speaking. And he would [humorously] say: "My Führer, I can't do that, he'll put me in a concentration camp." "Ah, go ahead," Hitler would jokingly say, "I'll get you back out again." And that's what Hitler was like. And he would imitate Ley. [Remer imitates the imitation of Ley.] And Hitler would laugh so hard that tears came to his eyes.

Trump permanently pretends to serve the globalists' policy, but the final results are totally contrary to this, again and again, they are casket nails for the globalist's agenda. He really is a strategist, a phenomenon. He pretended to attack Syria:  By this, the globalists thought they would have him under control and Trump eventually made it, if I remember it right, that a pro-Trump judge could take his post. But what happened really in Syria? Trump announced the attack so that the attacked nation could prepare, and he let fire the missiles into the nowhere of the desert, attacked only an already emptied older airbase.
The petro-dollar: The whole world was (and still is) forced to deal oil in US-dollar. All the decades along, the USA printed these dollars out of nothing, and it got real values in return. Trump wants to get rid of this parasitical system, but it seems to be difficult to get out of it, it is apparently a challenge that only can be mastered step by step: „[…] the globalist America, which had given up its industrial production (value creation) in favor of speculation-insanity to the greatest possible extent, needs, in order to compensate for, the world's dominant currency. Only if the world pays with dollars in the international trade, can the paper be produced unlimited for the daily existence of America, as the rest of the world has to give away real money for it. This is precisely why US-President Donald trump wants to destroy globalism, in order to set up America again on its own feet [legs] of real values, but in the meantime, he too has to prevent the collapse of the USA [induced] by the exit/withdrawal of petro-dollar-countries from the dollar. [...]“ [1]
[1] German “National Journal”, May 08, 2018: http://www.concept-veritas.com/nj/sz/2018/05_Mai/08.05.2018.htm
„[…] Das globalistische Amerika, das seine Industrieproduktion (Wertschöpfung) zugunsten des Spekulationsirrsinns weitestgehend aufgegeben hatte, benötigt als Ausgleich die Dollar-Weltleitwährung. Nur wenn die Welt im internationalen Handel mit Dollar bezahlt, kann das Papier grenzenlos für die tägliche Existenz Amerikas hergestellt werden, da der Rest der Welt echtes Geld dafür hergeben muss. US-Präsident Donald Trump will genau deshalb den Globalismus zerstören, um Amerika wieder auf die eigenen Beine echter Werte zu stellen, aber in der Zwischenzeit muss auch er den Zusammenbruch der USA durch das Ausscheiden von Petro-Dollar-Länder aus dem Dollar verhindern. [...]“

Dear Carolyn Yeager,
Today's one page analysis of the German “National Journal” connects the historical developments of the last century (Soviet Union etc.) and Trump's groundbreaking policy; the world is changing, at a fast pace, the coming changes seem to be very drastic.
 July 17, 2018, German “National Journal,” headline translated:“Final Battle on Life and Death – If Trump stays, the National World Order comes, the Global System dies” “Endkampf auf Leben und Tod – Bleibt Trump, kommt die Nationale Weltordnung, das Globalsystem stirbt”, http://www.concept-veritas.com/nj/sz/2018/07_Jul/17.07.2018.htm.
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