The Greatest German - tribute to Adolf Hitler on the 130th anniversary of his birth

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2019-04-19 20:19

An animated Adolf Hitler speaks at a political rally—date unknown but probably around the late 1920's. Click to enlarge. National Archives and Records Administration

By Carolyn Yeager

JUST IN TIME FOR ADOLF HITLER'S BIRTHDAY ON APRIL 20th, I came across some new images of him that I like very much. They're said to have been taken by Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler's friend and personal photographer, and have just recently been discovered, or recovered.

So here they are, with my best wishes for one and all to thankfully remember our great friend and leader for the inspiration he was and continues to be.

I was born into a world that Adolf Hitler was powerfully influencing, in June 1941. That may be why images of that time and place, and his presence in it, brings to me such a thrilling sense of well-being— where life was “as it should be,” and my spirit feels at home. Adolf Hitler is incredibly reassuring to me—and I especially like seeing him among his own element, where he was relaxed, appreciated, and even dearly loved.

Adolf Hitler surrounded by members of his leadership. Joseph Goebbels, his chief propaganda minister, is on Hitler’s right. Rudolf Hess stands in the top row on the far right. Seated in the chair on the far right is Heinrich Himmler. National Archives and Records Administration

The article from the Washington Post tells us that after the war, Hoffmann's negatives were confiscated by the U.S. Army and went to the National Archives in 1962. Many are pictures, portraits and scenes at political rallies while Hitler campaigned for election; the halls were hung with National Socialist banners, one of which was “Germany Shall Live.” Almost always, the venues are full, often standing-room-only. The German people were hungry for a positive view of their nation and themselves and only Adolf Hitler provided that. He delivered it with a passion that no other politician could match.

Adolph Hitler, seated at right, meeting with Hitler Youth members in a café. It was never hard to to set up photos like this of young people excited about the candidate. National Archives and Records Administration

Adolf Hitler examines the 1930 Gavrilo Princip (bloodstained?) plaque removed from Sarajevo by German troops and presented to him on his 52nd birthday on April 20, 1941, aboard his special command and control train, Sonderzug Amerika, in Monichkirchen. For me, this is the quintessential Hitler, in his typical arms-folded pose while intelligently considering, in their presence, the gift his troops have brought him. Collection Heinrich Hoffmann

Never forget. The Fuehrer lives! Long live the Fuehrer!


 When Whites understand that Adolf Hitler was a great man and leader, and that the Germans were the good guys in WW2, so many of the world's problems will disappear. I really think that day is coming.

I pray that you are right. The ones that control the media will do everything they can to keep up the lies but I am sure that the truth will win. Truth is light!

I must admit, that photo is quite priceless, it's almost like a family gathering. Thanks for sharing it Ms. Yeager! It's remarkable how Hitler found it necessary to surround himself with dubious men rather than geniuses while president FDR enjoyed the liberty of selecting whoever agreed with his views.
Rudolf Hess was undoubtedly one of his closest intimates next to Kubizek. Of course, Giesler and Wagener should receive honorable mentions too. Hanfstaengl, Otto Strasser, and even Rauschning probably each have their own unique contributions for making Hitler whole again, it's not really fair for our revisionist to discount their testimony.
Lastly, I know I haven't said this very often (even after aligning myself with the nationalist sentiment), but Happy Birthday Hitler.

Thanks for the reminder. 
The British and America under the International Jew committed the greatest crime in recent history....Twice !.......and most white Brits and Americans still think that is OK !

Joe Fallisi

Many thanks for sharing the photos of our beloved Fuhrer. We must NEVER forget Him or His legacy. We must keep up the "Good Fight"! This means educating people, in this JEW corrupted/controlled world, to the REAL TRUTH of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Doing so, until the JEW LIES are dispelled and ultimately destroyed. Thank you for ALL of your work Carolyn, and remember.."Ich Kampfen!!"
"Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag Mein Fuhrer!!"

Something to think about on Hitler's birthday. While gatherings in his honor are called upon to be banned in Europe by the World Jewish Congress, a crazy Jewish dude who plastered his neighborhood with swastika grafitti and threatened one woman with rape, and was originally charged with a hate crime, was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of "damaging property," fined only $265 and released with 18 months probation. What would have happened if he were determined to have been a 'neo-nazi'?

Double standard? Of course! Where is the World Aryan Congress to protest miscarriages of justice like that?

Edgar J Steele was the best candidate for such an advocacy role in the US as he was already public. Something happened to him. I know there are competent lawyers on our side in the US able to present our racial views to courts or press, and so I suppose you do too. But we're not gonna dox them because less serious things might happen to them. 
But how about the lawyer so close to to Jared Taylor and so publicly associated with our cause? Calling Sam Dickson, calling Sam Dickson.

Honoring the Great One never gets old or goes out of style. 88

I would agree, considering everything we know, the greatest man ever and best national servant of the greatest people ever. When we honour him, we honour also the Germans nation that saw themselves in him.

Thanks, Nick, for seconding my choice of Hitler as the Greatest German. It's a pretty bold and maybe "out there" statement, but all things considered, I do think it's justified. Anyway, it feels good to say it.

He will be remembered for as long as the lies continue to control the mainstream and after the lies have been revealed he will be celebrated like none other. Happy birthday mein Führer! You will never be forgotten.