Growing German animosity toward asylum-seekers is upsetting establishment

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2019-04-25 14:48

Germany's beautiful and iconic Brandenburg Gate plaza, near to the Reichstag, filled with asylum-seekers last year.

By Carolyn Yeager

A SURVEY CONDUCTED ACROSS GERMANY from Sept. 2018 to Feb. 2019 of 1,890 participants by the left-wing Friedrich-Ebert Foundation in Berlin surprisingly revealed what is being referred to as an  “illiberal attitude” toward asylum-seekers.

A study based on the survey by researchers from Bielefeld University reveals that over half of Germans (54.1%) now hold a negative view of asylum-seekers. We may think it should be higher than that, but it's high enough to shock the authorities. The figure was 44% in 2014 before the refugee crisis began.

As to be expected, the percentage was higher in eastern Germany, but was still over 50% in western Germany. Rather humorously, the respondents tended to praise democracy and democratic values, but not necessarily associate that with acceptance of migrants. Researcher Wilhelm Berghan concluded: "A part of the population does not live up to their own values." In a view such as his, democracy is understood to be commensurate with open borders!

The highest level of rejection was directed at Sinti and Roma groups, the second after that being Muslims. Germans are more inclined than in the past to accept LGBT and the homeless, which says to me they see these groups as mainly from their own people. They also rejected sexism.

But here's the funniest part: the authorities are upset because half of Germans admit they let their own feelings lead them more than “experts' views.” Imagine! And even one-quarter of those surveyed believe the media is in cahoots with German politicians. In other words, “fake media.”

German Family Minister Franziska Giffey considers the results worrying: an “acceptance of inhumane and anti-democratic attitudes.” She wants a new law to “promote democracy and strengthen civil society.”

Let's hope these results transfer to the European Parliament elections scheduled for May 23-26, before the authorities have time to pass new laws against the people's wishes.


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The immigrant 'problem' in Germany was already apparent and of concern two decades ago. I recall a friend from Dusseldorf, a social worker, who complained about the ever-increasing muslim immigrants and their arrogance, saying in her face, "we muslims will take over your country..."

A Bertelsmann Foundation Europe-wide poll of 23,725 voters reveals that 10.3% of the electorate plan to vote for “far-right” parties. This was a higher level of approval than for any other single political grouping.

Wow. AfD's hot advertising campaign, using a European fine art image of White slave women being sold to black men, with the text "Europeans vote AfD!" "So Europe doesn't become Eurabia!"

The museum is objecting to the use of the painting by the Afd. But the painting was completed in 1866 - so isn't it in the public domain and free to use by anyone? German copyright law may be different though.

Yes, the story is just more anti-AfD propaganda from DW. The article states:

Meslay admitted, however, that since the painting is in the public domain, "there are no copyrights or permissions that allow us to exert control over how it is used other than to appeal to civility on the part of AfD Berlin."

The headline falsely says the AfD is "in hot water" when it's just being harassed by being accused of "incivility" to the establishment. The AfD certainly researched this before they did it. I love the boldness of it!

Watch this election video (reduce the sound). Even if you don't understand the words, you get the message. Again, I'm really impressed that they're taking such a strong stand.

I love where they're showing Germany's money and then the hands in all colors reaching in to take it. Kudos!