Sylvia Stolz arrested, to be jailed again for 18 months … for what?

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IN THE MORNING HOURS OF 23 MAY 2019, FRAU SYLVIA STOLZ WAS ARRESTED at her place of residence by the helpers of the Federal Republic of Germany 'Justice' system.

The prison sentence results from the "legally binding judgment" of Feb. 15, 2018, against which appeals and constitutional complaints were filed.

"On 24 November 2012 in Chur (Switzerland), Sylvia Stolz, the revision leader, gave a lecture at the 8th International Conference of the "Anti-Censorship Coalition" (AZK) entitled "Sprechverbot - Beweisverbot - Verteidigungsverbot, Die Wirklichkeit der Meinungsfreiheit." In the lecture, the fully qualified lawyer subjected the criminal proceedings for so-called "Holocaust denial" to a substantiated legal-scientific criticism with regard to the problem of criminal law determination.

On 25 February 2015, the Munich Regional Court II in the first instance imposed 1 year and 6 months in prison without probation for "Holocaust denial" (first conviction) and in the judgment placed great emphasis on her earlier conviction for "Holocaust denial" in 2008.

1st appeal:] By a decision of May 3, 2016 (receipt 17.9.2016), the Federal Court of Justice reversed the judgment with regard to the sentence and referred the case back to the Munich Regional Court II for a new sentencing. (Reasons for the revocation were: acquittal with regard to "abuse of a professional title" and error with regard to the penalty frame for "Holocaust denial.")

The judgement of the LG München II of 25 February 2018 is 1 year and 6 months in prison (final judgement). The chamber declared itself bound by the conviction in the first instance.

The first-instance judgment of 15 February 2015, however, generates neither binding effect nor partial legal force [...]".

This is certainly not easy for laymen to understand. But for people who call themselves "jurists," this should be a very clear case. All motions submitted in this case - including those of the defense counsel - as well as the appeal for revision and the appeal for fundamental rights are suitable to bear witness to the violations committed by the helpers.

For decent people, this renewed act of power demonstration is no reason to bury their heads in the sand. With each blow to which the dying beast - the FRG and its backers - still reaches out, it drives more people into the light. The clearer the beast proves its helplessness by the fact that it can keep up its lies only by using violence, the sooner its situation becomes clear to their enslaved people.

18 months our Sylvia must now sit now in prison (along with 90-year old Ursula Haverbeck), because there are still too many ignorants, cowards and hypocrites in "our" ranks. Shame on yourself if you are one of them!

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The address in "Aichach" has not yet been confirmed. As soon as we have more detailed information, it will be disseminated in the world network.


-- Thanks to Lady Michèle Renouf for the notification and for the text. -cy

Note: I just received this:  Justizvollzugsanstalt Aichach  -  Adresse: Münchener Str. 33, 86551 Aichach, Deutschland


As deplorable as this news is, it is important to reflect upon the background reasons and fundamental threat at stake to the German economy, which is the real and actual basis for Germany's tyrannical anti-holocaust denial laws: On 24th March 1933 the mass circulation English newspaper Daily Express blazed across its front page headline: 'Judea Declares War on Germany. Jews of All The World Unite in Action. BOYCOTT OF GERMAN GOODS.'Thus started a major boycott action by jews, which had a very severe effect upon the German economy. In the 21st century a similar boycott, called sanctions, was imposed upon Russia by the U.S.A. and her puppet allies, which proved disasterous for the Russian economy.Back to Germany after the tragic period that was WWII. For those who have done the research it is apparent that jews played a central roll after the end of that terrible war. Germany, as a nation with what was left of her people, was divested of all her clothing and left naked, becoming the victim to the arrogant bullying and whims of the vultures, (similar to what happened after WWI.) The leaders of the new German government were threatened with economic destruction again if they attempted to fail to implement various laws. One of those laws was to make it a criminal offence to deny the claimed holocaust. Thus Germany must use all its judicial muscle to enforce that new law in its minutest detail. Failure to do so would mean the total economic destruction of Germany. The German government and judiciary had no other option but to comply with such dire threats. Hence we have seen the tragedy of hundreds of honourable Germans and citizens extradited from western countries to Germany to stand trial for a fable.

Someone is terrible afraid of what Syvia Stolz was saying at AKZ. I could not find one singel sentence where she was denying the holocaust rather she was addressing Paragraph 130 which says one can not question the "obvious"  holocaust. Whatever that means! 
No proof needed, facts be damed, one just simply has to believe in the holocaust or go to jail. 

There are too many errors of fact in this news report to try to list them:

See how many you can find.

In Germany, anything can be said or claimed about "the holocaust" and as long as it doesn't contradict the official narrative, criticizing it for factual errors will land you in jail for "denying the holocaust."

Think how crazy that is and what it does to people's minds. Truth is completely devalued.

Sylvia Stolz is the sane one.

Do we have an address where we may write to her?  Thank you.  

I just received this:

Justizvollzugsanstalt Aichach   Adresse: Münchener Str. 33, 86551 Aichach, Deutschland

I would recommend writing to public officials, politicians and any public forum that would allow such a topic, as more important than writing to Sylvia herself.

Most news outlets and organizations, especially in Germany but everywhere in Europe, do not publish anything about this at all. Jewish/Israeli media usually does, in very biased terms. But it's generally a black-out because it doesn't help the 'Big Lie.' We should clearly state this fact:

Sylvia Stolz was sentenced to 20 months' imprisonment for telling an anti-censorship congress in Switzerland in 2012 [in a prepared speech] that the "so-called Holocaust" under Adolf Hitler's National-Socialist Party had never been legally defined or proven in a court of law, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported. 

In an almost 100-minute address, video footage of which was used as evidence in her trial, Stolz stated before a crowd of 2,000 people there was no hard evidence of either Nazi plans or orders "to partially or wholly destroy Jewry".

She was only stating the factual truth, known and admitted by historians. She did not think she was breaking the law in any way. She had already served 3.5 years in prison and didn't want to return, so had carefully prepared her words and was raising a legal question. After this event, however, it was a Swiss lawyer who filed a criminal complaint accusing her of transgressing Swiss race law by stating that the Holocaust had never been proven in court.

From there, in a Munich District Court, a German judge decided that this was not true (!), citing what Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf in 1923 to be sufficient "proof" of his "intentions!!" Thus, Stolz is guilty of "holocaust denial." Can a judge decide such a thing? It's all utterly ridiculous, as usual.

I hope that more people will focus on these facts rather than just spouting off about Jews (which doesn't much help).

Thanks, Diane

Justizvollzuganstalt Aichach
Street address: Muenchener Strasse 33, 86544 Aichach
Postal address: Postfach 13080, 86544 Aichach
Tel: 082519070  fax 08251907400
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I can't believe Ursula is still in jail. It reminds me of Pastor Stephen Anderson who was denied entry to most European countries because of his stance on denying the Holocaust, among other things.

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