President Trump gets heat for telling the truth again—this time about race hucksters

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2019-07-29 11:00

Al Sharpton posted this picture of Trump at a NAN Convention in 2006 with a chubbier version of himself, Jessie Jackson, left, and James Brown, right.

by Carolyn Yeager

NO ONE IN HIGH OFFICE HAS EVER TAKEN ON the racial question the way Donald Trump is doing now. As our president since January 2017, he has shown amazing courage in telling the truth about the political situation in this country and never backing down to the democrats, the media and the minorities.

His current twitter spat with 13-term Congressman Elijah Cummings, elected from Maryland's 7th congressional district which is comprised of half of Baltimore City, plus most of the majority-black precincts of Baltimore County and Howard County, is drawing heavy criticism from big-league democrats like Nancy Pelosi. Even the Obamas have joined in with supportive tweets for Cummings, against Trump. The latest to do so is “con man” Reverend Al Sharpton who has now gotten into Trump's sights.

Democrat Sharpton tweeted that he is going to Baltimore to give a press conference today (Monday) in support of Rep. Cummings. Sharpton called into the “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC and accused the president of “peddling racism and dividing this country” – exactly what Sharpton himself does. In truth, President Trump cannot be justly accused of that! His record is very much otherwise.

This flare-up will have to affect the Democrat presidential contender debates this Tuesday and Wednesday night. Is our Donald leading the Dems around by the nose again? It will be fascinating to watch and see.

Our current president fends off the heavy media criticiam all on his own and doesn't back down an inch. We should be so very proud of him, and of course, we should stand behind him and echo him. He is speaking for us and saying the things we want to say but are mostly afraid to. Think of that! Our president speaks more freely and courageously than most White folks do, with the attention of the whole world upon him. And, right or wrong, he has a higher opinion of the black race than Sharpton or Cummings do.

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Trump is opening a needed honest conversation about Race in our politics, but the majority of politicians don't want it. That's because they can't handle honesty.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky did a great thing in offering to buy a round-trip ticket to Somalia for Ilhan Omar so she could learn gratitude for the US. More Republicans should act that way, and stand up for our European/Western way of life. NO MORE APOLOGIZING to third world racists and "people of color." Fit in or go back home is the right message, not the wrong one. CHANGE is not what we want! Remember, that was Obama's campaign slogan.

There's a difference between the benevolent racialism of National Socialism versus the malevolent racism of do-nothing Trump/Anglin. The politics of incitement doesn't change policy or uplift the peoples.
A serious president would change policies, not whip up race riots and chaos at airports (failing to grandfather in a Muslim ban), which will get people killed or whip up a politics of revenge for Obama II, when he loses in 2020. Imagine the blowback.
Millions of migrants/immigrants are here because of zionist firebombings and sanctions/drug wars. I'm glad the SQUAD complains about empire. Why do they have more b*lls than all the "white" men in politics? It's either staged to say these legitimate opinions are held by nobody-minorities to keep white cowards on the reserveration. Trump is demonizing the politics of sensible isolationism.
Or, if it is real and not staged, it's the sign that the conquered are conquering and that these wars will come to an end, as this empire collapses. Omar and AOC are POC Hermans/Arminiuses doing what is best for their people.
Millions have already tuned Trump out, and there's no turning back once you lose the public. His reach is shrinking.
With his limited reach, is Trump teaching the country not to bomb them over there, so we don't have them over here? No. His message is bomb them over there and they better love it, once they make it over here.
NPC Sarah Palin is his audience.
Trump isn't going to deport either AOC or Omar. It's all talk and nothing learned.
Hitler would recognize that the SQUAD would be justly outraged about the US destroying their countries and it is only natural for them to object and change the system, now that, they are inside the system. That intractable condition is the conquence of empire.
If AOC goes back to where she came from, she goes back to US Puerto Rico!
Cut the SQUAD some slack and cut down the empire.
The only people who can have opinions in this country are WASP and Jews that serve the empire. That's not a position for volk-saving Germans to be in. You can't save Europe under those circumstances.  No revisionism. No end to the Holocaust atrocity propaganda. Nothing but German genocide until it's over.  
Trump specializes in theatrics and incitement to push polls, not policy. 
Here's a David Frum article that recognizes that Trump and his faux nationalists behave as if Jews are white and work to demonize non-whites for the GOP base. He admits the rabbi-crowd (Jew, Inc.) knew this all along.
He has a choice quote from Hawley. “You’ll have to carry me out on a slab before I compromise my defense of the Jewish people, their greatness, their history, their safety, and the state of Israel.”
I'd rather have 500 AOCs in Congress over that. AOC has a feedback loop. Zionists don't. You can make a National Socialist out of AOC, but not Hawley.
I should add that Blow-hard BOJO has conceded that Brexit isn't going to happen, if the EU doesn't give up the Irish Wall. BOJO said, they won't leave, if there is a wall. The EU has no incentive to give up the wall.
No Wall. No Brexit.
I wish they said wall all along; it's better than backstop.
If the zionist "white" base is satisfied with Trump tweets, and not real policies, they will get a boatload of worthless Tweets to make them feel good.

Wonderful comment by Lorenz. The only reason Trump and others are going after Omar and AOC is because they are not slavish fans of Israel. It doesn’t matter to Republicans that they say the most hateful lies about white people. No, all that matters is Israel and the Jews. Trump has done nothing for white people and won’t even utter the word white. He has done much for Jews and will continue the war crimes and mass murder in the Middle East so that Israel will become a world power. I voted for Trump but now I can’t stand him. The complete betrayal of his base started as soon as he was sworn in. It’s unforgivable. Oh, but he’s a great tweeter.

Pardon me, Patty, if I don't think you are genuine. But I posted your comment anyway. Let everyone decide for themselves.

Lorenz wrote "You can make a National Socialist out of AOC, but not Hawley." That is an odd thing to say if race is what really matters to you, not Arabs and Semites. AOC is Puerto Rican. Do you really think that Hitler cared about Jews having a place of their own in the world? That's what the Final Solution was.  He wanted to save Europe for real Europeans. How would/does AOC contribute to that?

Josh Hawley's speech sounded compatible with National Socialism. What has AOC said that is?

Do you really think that Hitler cared about Jews having a place of their own in the world? That's what the Final Solution was.  He wanted to save Europe for real Europeans.

Yes, he put his people first, and later, the whole of Europe, and he wanted the Jews cleared out of Europe. I think he cared initially (and it could be argued that he cared more about it than the Jews), but the longer the war dragged on, he ceased caring for what happened to the Jews.
Paul Schmidt (his interpreter) claimed that Hitler declared a State of Israel could be founded in Madagascar. Eckart said that the Jews could never build a state in Palestine, but left the matter open. Goebbels implied that the Jews would manage their own affairs in such a state. It's perfectly true that the Jews have never successfully run a state, they are tyrannical to their own subjects, and that Jewish history is a testament of anarchy.

Would take hours to list the positive, even revolutionary measures Trump has spearheaded! 
Trump is the only one that started cracking down on China, Iran, Russia...
When the bozo Reagan and Gorbatchev signed that agreement on the non- proliferation of nuclear middle range missiles in 1987,  the Russians started cheating on it the next day!  Only Trump had the balls to cancel it!
While european "leaders" are caving in to the above mentioned rogue regimes, Trump is confronting them!
My hero!

Good to read some positive stuff on Donald Trump, America needs to re elect Trump or we are all in serious trouble.

So what did the great Trump say that "brought race up for discussion"? A comment about Balitmore; a comment about  sending the Omar's back to their countries? That's what you're grasping at to praise Trump? Has he talked about disproportionoal crime statistics? Did he protest the anti-White rhetoric so prevalent now? Of course, not. Did he protest the on-going destruction of White history in this country (destruction of Confederate monuments)? He is BS artist, an actor that wants MORE immigration, as long as it's LEGAL--Aftrica, Cental America, India, etc. ...And Mr. Gilson, "hours to list the postitive and revolutionary measures" of Trump? Please enlighten us to dispel any notiion that you're using an illegal substances...What we see here is more desperation--like with the prasie of Hawley (who doesn't have the guts of Omar), by people looking for any life in the corpse that is America.

Yes, yes, and yes ... to all those questions you asked. Trump has spoken about them and it's up to us to speak more. Do you want him to scream and yell and throw tantrums? (Like you're doing.) He would be loudly reminded he's supposed to represent ALL the "American" people and seek to unify.

It's People's Movements that bring change, not some revolutionary act from the Oval Office that would only get him impeached. You are frustrated because you have no voice and no one listens to you. But let me tell you, is not the place for your rabble rousing.

"Fends off media all on his own" Big F'ing deal. HE DOES NOTHING, LIKE THE COWARD HE IS. Trump doesn't "backdown an inch? Hey Carolyn, what planet are you on? The scoundrel has backed down on almost every promise: non-intervention, the Wall, friendship with Russia; getting out of NATO; investigating the corrupt electoral process; prosecuting Hillary; appointing the SWAMP to his Cabinet.  When his supporters have been attacked both before and after the campaign he remained silent. Just like with the on-going censorship on Socail Media. The man is an absolute COWARD...Your desperation is showing (and it's not becoming).  

Everything you've written here is hogwash and doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

Trump has not backed down on non-intervention (where have we intervened?). Nor the Wall. Nor friendship with Russia. Nor investigating the corrupt electoral process. All that is ongoing. He never promised to get out of NATO, to prosecute Hillary, and I think his cabinet is swamp-free today. He didn't start out that way because he didn't have the experience to know the ins and outs, but he's far more confident now. You can see it in his demeanor. As I see it, Trump is still following the course he set in the beginning; he runs into roadblocks, then adjusts and continues toward that goal.

You speak of "his supporters" being attacked - do you mean White Nationalists? Trump's supporters are those people who show up at his rallies - regular white people. He told reporters just yesterday, in answer to the question "Do you have any message for the people at your rally tonight?" -- meaning not to chant Send-Her-Back -- that his message was that he loved them. That's all. He always calls his supporters "great people."

He's also spoken a lot about Social Media, and has a task-force working on it.

So where is your argument now? I am not 'desperate' to defend Trump; I do so because I think he deserves it and I agree with Brian O. -- we need to re-elect him or we're in serious trouble. YOU, Stuart, have no alternative at all. You fancy yourself a revolutionary. Join the Antifa.

"People's movements bring change? Not with our system of "winner take all". Your comment is an abstraction. What is your definition and what is the vehicle? NO rant, just facts. 

To Stuart: 100% agreed.