Talking honestly about race in America

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2019-08-01 16:54

At a hearing of his Oversight Committee, Congressman Elijah Cummings screams at Kevin McAleenan, the acting secretary of Homeland Security, about conditions for detained migrants at the southern border, sharply criticizing the secretary’s contention that his department was doing its ″level best″ to manage the situation. Yet Cummings own majority black Baltimore, Maryland district has been exposed as having miles of abandoned, rat-infested row homes filled with trash. 

By Carolyn Yeager

THE SUBJECT OF RACE HAS COME UP VERY STRONGLY with the twitter feud between a black congressman and President Donald Trump. It's hard to talk honestly about race in this country, so I think it's great that Trump has come out and said these things. He's getting plenty of criticism even from some conservatives and Republicans … although the republicans in congress have stayed quiet and that's smart, they should.

Elijah Cummings is a 13-term congressman whose over 50% black district keeps reelecting him, which is what happens in all these cities. It's why they're all going to hell: they're not competitive, but run by black politicians (mayors, councilmen, police chiefs, etc.) who are not only corrupt but incompetent. For this reason, no white community or nation should ever allow itself to lose its majority. For the good of all, whites need to remain the ruling class.

Trump knows this but doesn't want to say it outright … but, he does say it. He's saying that Cummings is not doing the job he should in Baltimore. He's not using the word incompetence, but after all the time Elijah Cummings has been there and it just goes down, down, down, what else do you conclude? Maryland is a beautiful state and Baltimore was once a beautiful city. All of these cities, like Detroit, St. Louis, and many others have these very nice central sections, and a lot of rich people live there (Cummings is himself a millionaire and the owner of Baltimore properties in addition to the one he lives in) but, especially Detroit and Baltimore, long under black control, are pretty much dumps now in most parts. And the reason is that all these blacks went there and became the majority, then they elected their black politicians, and its just gone to hell from there. It's like Africa – why is Africa the way it is? Because it's black people who are running it now.

We know this kind of talk is attacked in our politically correct environment but now we have Donald Trump (a President!) saying “Baltimore is a dump,” just like he, a couple years ago, reportedly called certain foreign countries – he was really speaking basically in terms of African nations – “shitholes.” They're still bringing that up.

Because he's been in Congress so long due to the votes of dumb negroes, Elijah Cummings is chairman of the important Oversight Committee, and he's now coming out, along with the other two committee chairmen – the Jewish guys Jerold Nadler and Adam Schiff – coming out with this Trump attack based on the (fake) Russia investigation, and also the overcrowding at the southern border, trying to make out that Trump is a fascist who tramples on human rights and the American constitution.

Elijah Cummings in his large, attractive and clean office in D.C., where he much prefers spending time than with his black consituents back in his problem-plagued congressional district in Baltimore.

Trump is speaking out against Cummings, pointing out that his district of Baltimore is a rat-infested dump, And not just a few blocks but miles and miles of that city which used to be so great. [Rather than to give reparations to Blacks for "slavery," Blacks should be billed for the  hundreds of billions, probably trillions of dollars of property destruction and failed programs based on the idea that with sufficient help they would improve their behavior and performance.] It's not surprising that Trump has said he's getting all these calls from residents of Baltimore thanking him for speaking out, agreeing with him – because they're suffering from this. This is all good, but the more important idea I want to get across is that this is not a solution to the problem because they'll just come up with a plan to put a lot of money in Baltimore – and that's already been done many times.

Here's the important idea: Black people, African-Americans, are the reason that all this deterioration goes on, and spending more money doesn't help at all. This is the racial reality that we know is the most important element in whether people can be civilized and responsible about the affairs of their own lives, let alone city, state and nation. We need to talk honestly about race and 'race reality' but I don't think Trump, in the office of President, can do that.  Still, we should stand up for Trump and not bash him while WE do it. What he does do, more than any U.S. President in my memory, is give us the opportunity to have the conversation and say a lot of true things in the process, like I'm doing now. The worst thing is to allow denial of reality to continue in force, to say nothing, or worse, to agree with ideas we know are untrue.

Wednesday night's Democrat party debate touched on this race controversy for a short time. That offers us an opportunity to pursue the racial question still further. Who is responsible for the situation in Baltimore and similar cities? They love to say “failed schools.” Ha! The determinative factor in the success of students in any school is the quality of the students themselves. There is no doubt about it. I speak with some experience in teaching but it doesn't even take that to understand the truth of this. Everyone can just remember their own time in school.

So we should push this race issue as far as we can push it by asking the question "Why is Baltimore in the shape it's in"? Every reasonable person has to admit that these cities (or neighborhoods) went downhill when they became majority black, elected their own black politicians, thus becoming like places in Africa, which is as third-world as you can get. That's the obvious reality. This is what we should be talking about, and saying: Be grateful to Trump for making an opening here. He's not going to be able to do it all by himself. He has to be re-elected, and he really is not himself racist. I am racist. I'm racist because I believe that race differences are very basic and that race-mixing is a social wrong. Although a lot of black people can learn to function well in a white-run society and can seem to be pretty equal under those conditions, if they are left on their own, as they are when Blacks are in control, they can't.

Separate but equal

As I see it, it's a mistake to encourage or allow 'racism' to be seen as anti-social. Simply to argue that Trump's words are not racist, or “we are not racist” is very similar to what's been done with the word “nazi.” When we say that since everybody/anybody is now being called a nazi, the word is losing its power – that doesn't nullify that it's still considered a bad thing. Nazis are bad and racists are bad. IOW, we shouldn't be racists. I'm sorry, but I think that is the denial I mentioned as being our most intransigent problem. Not taking race and what it teaches us seriously is doing us in. So here is something I came up with that I think expresses this well:

It was a moment of unintended truth-telling when Whites in the U.S. agreed that “Separate but equal” schools could not be equal. By doing so, we actually admitted that races are not equal, because if blacks and whites were equally intelligent, law-abiding and well-behaved, their separate schools would correspondingly be equally good.

I like to get to the heart of the matter, to first causes. I think this is where it all went wrong, when we agreed that 'racism' was bad, and also when we agreed that Nazism was inherently bad. When we accepted, because we fought certain white peoples in a major war, that Nazism was inherently bad, Hitler was inherently evil – it created a situation that binds us to false ideas and false narratives that are doing us harm as White people. Accepting race as a reality will help us to free our people from such delusions.


Well written Carolyn! I would like to do a video with you about thses ideas.
Very good! We need to be able to talk about race.
Brian Ruhe

Thanks Brian. Sure we can do that. I would enjoy it.


We did the videocast (voice only from me) and it can be found here:

They call Cummings an "Icon" because he got hit over the head on the Pettus Bridge whilst trying to integrate Selma, Alabama. This was and is perceived as a great political and moral watershed event----yet no one ever goes back to examine the fruits of integration; for Selma today is a shithole of violence, filth, death, dysfunction, lawlessness, and corruption. The Jewish and White businesses are long gone replaced by the Negro landscape of weave parlours, take out joints and crack whores. Really, King and Cummings's  'Dream' turned out to be a nightmare. The presence of the Negro is like a plague; the presence of the Negro is the hand of death.
Cummings, Frederica Wilson, and the rest are elected from specially gerrymandered all Negro districts where they simply have to win the Democrat primary to get in.

Donald Trump is full of good intentions, his politics are permanently sabotaged and yet he always manages to do good.
German cities are also falling apart and the standard of learning at schools is at a historic low. De facto also here "affirmative action"/"No child left behind", but only for multicultis: Passed grades, although the performance is insufficient and no learning effort has been made, complaisance school qualifications, etc. The only thing we had, our education system, is now falling apart, the economic substance created by the previous generations has been used up, everything has been used up and consumed, infrastructure no longer maintained.
The core problem: The original white, Central European peoples have a cooperative character trait in their nature, a helping and caring instinct. These had to be manipulated to the maximum, through organized Christianity and its secular offshoots, through the propagation of the equality of human beings as well as through the preaching of maximum self-hatred and at the same time the propagation of love of the farthest, up to complete self-abandonment, up to complete self-annihilation. The belief in one's own sinfulness/badness manifested itself and formed a breeding ground, a perfectly prepared form, into which the later anti-white or anti-American and anti-German historical lies fit perfectly.
If the own was the embodiment of the bad, the stranger/foreign race became the incarnated embodiment of the good and noble. And repentance had to be made for one's own sinfulness, even though the historical facts were completely different from what was and is taught.
The differences and the incompatibility of the races and peoples can no longer be denied in the final phase, they manifest themselves tragically omnipresent. The effect of re-education brain poisoning diminishes, the lying press loses its influence, and the most important thing: The divine status of the sacred untouchable foreigner is now finally dissolving in Germany.
In retrospect, they'll hold on: The key to enslaving the whites in the USA and Germany was to implant feelings of guilt and manipulate the caring instinct. Since third-world people reproduce third-world states and cause infinite costs, technical civilization can no longer be maintained, the economic basis is now breaking away, the incessant parasitism at the expense of the whites will soon be history, will no longer be possible, since nothing can be squeezed out of the white original population anymore. The whites are gradually awakening from decades of brain poisoning ("brainwashing").
In the final phase there will be ethnic unbundling, in the USA as well as in Germany.  Only through centuries of Christian/christoid manipulation combined with omnipresent violence (violence of lies, lying press, antifa etc.) could the white people in Europe and the USA be made so submissive that they would accept their own disenfranchisement and enslavement, that for many decades they would finance the lives of other peoples and alien races as slaves in their own homeland, up to complete self-denial and self-abandonment, up to complete self-destruction.
The parasites can scream, shout and "discuss" as much as they want, it will do them no good. The whites will cease to be the slaves of the non-whites, will cease to work till they drop to finance their lives.
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The processes for the inculcation of guilt and brainwashing in Germany was 'de-nazification' and holocaustianity. In the USA it was holocaustianity, Critical Theory, and Liberation theology: from both sprang all the horrors of the Franfurt School we see in our decaying nations today. All the Churches, academia, and the governments got on board with the Multi-Kulti Globohomo agenda.
The key will be re-education by either taking back institutions or by abandoning them and creating new ones.

“The core problem: The original white, Central European peoples have a cooperative character trait in their nature, a helping and caring instinct.”
I am far less optimistic about the good nature of white European people. Two white nations were trying to destroy a third white nation as competitor. When that failed, only with the support of the related white nation on the other side of the Atlantic, they were still able to realize their plan.
They trampled without pity on the white nation lying on the ground. They denied that they had played a dirty game and slandered the white nation again and again. They were blind to their seducer and  “puppeteer”  in the background, who wants to destroy all white nations with unbelievable tricks. His ultimate goal is the decimation and enslavement of all people.

Klaus, the text says "original white, Central European peoples have a cooperative character trait in their nature." The English, French and Russians are not central european. Surely that word was not added without purpose.

But then in your second paragraph you go directly to the "puppeteer in the background", by which I'm sure you mean the Jew. To me, that lets the 'non-central europeans' off the hook. I'm of the opinion this is where our stalemate lies, in the questionable acceptance that whites should never be blamed. Where whites are at fault, they should be blamed. Whites never had any trouble blaming white Germans for their own crimes.

Good day Carolyn,
thank you for that eye opener. In fact, I have completely overlooked the small geographical limitation "Central", which changes my view of the text.
This reminds me of a statement about Adolf Hitler, which I looked at sceptically: He misjudged the islanders in the case of Dunkirk when he saw in them a related people.
Well, as far as the Jews are concerned, I have come to the conclusion that strong Jewish circles have exerted great influence on many political decisions and continue to do so today.  They operate with the alleged uniqueness of the Jewish victim role, the anti-Semitism whip, the Holocaust gun. Will these tools eventually wear out?
How about an introduction of a ban on anti-Germanism, analogous to what Herzl and his fellow tribesmen did.  :-)  
If the "normal" Jew exists, he probably likes to believe the interpretations by rabbis of a long time ago sketched text (OT). It is fascinating to see how they have used passages from the Hebrew Bible to justify or bring about the execution of twelve of the Nurnberg judgments. Other examples are the derivation of the founding date of Israel and the Greater Israel promised to them.
After all, there are only few Jews who reject the Holocaust dogma and all other lies. This actually makes the majority over-ripe for the couch of a psychiatrist.
My FRG "compatriots" also belong in the treatment room of highly qualified psychiatrists.
Wishing "Glück auf" and America's recovery

Good day to you, Klaus. Thank you for that Dunkirk line; I really like it.

As to the Jews in the background, I've probably gone too far in wanting to pin the blame on the white European internationalist elites, therefore letting jews too much off the hook. I really never meant to do that, and some people are misunderstanding it. So rip away at them, I won't object. :)


"Before 1968, the Right, ranging from centrists like Richard M. Nixon to the old-time Southern segregationists, was locked out of power. Their ideas had seemed moribund and old-fashioned in the early 1960s. But after the riots, the Right returned. The segregationists had proved to be prophetic."

I just read Mr Crucius' short manifest: He writes about the global corporations, the latrino invasion, even environmental issues. He doesn't seem ro suffer from any mental issues; on the contrary, he exudes a rational determination to carry on the job, and was expecting not to survive.
He definitely doesn't sound like one of those creepy conspirotards, or like some crackhead anti-semite etc.. His role model was New Zealand Mr Tarrant.
It was Donald Trump who started putting the mexican immigration issue in the spotlight, when he announced at his Trump tower that he was running for the White House and said the Mexicans were bringing drugs and crime and so on...
The polarisation Trump kicked off will continue and grow! 
Will the Hispanics chimp out and start rioting as they did in the LA riots?
Time for the "all talk no action" crowd to hide away.

According to the stupid definition of racism on google/wikipedia, I do not qualify. I do not like to have dealings with certain other races and nationalities and I want them to disappear from my country, but I do not think they are necessarily inferior, and I don't care. They do not fit and their presence in ever growing numbers will spell the destruction of the West, of my world and my People. 
Many are asking why there is so little (or rather none) patriotism in the elites in the West. I happen to live in the perhaps wealthiest neighborhood in my country and my neighbors certainly belong to the elite. They are, most of them, intelligent and reasonable but they, unlike me, see no problem in the invasion of Europe. I think the problem is that the elites have a more or less unconsious wish to distance themselves from the plebs, the "little people". Seen from my neighborhood, everybody outside is the "little people". By distancing themselves from the Volk, the elites feel more like aristocracy, which they are not in reality. Real aristocracy cared for the Volk, the fake one does not. When the "little people" become browner, the distance will become greater, which the elites have nothing against (again, more or less unconsciously, I think). There is no "We, the Whites". The elites betray the People and they will understand the evil they have wrought when it is too late. Or not. 

This is the conversation we whites need to have. I'm not sure I agree with this statement:

Real aristocracy cared for the Volk, the fake one does not.

I think they didn't either, but I allow I could be wrong. For example, the Teutonic peoples, unified as a nation so late, suffered exposure to Jewish usury and other discriminations under their aristocratic landed estate owners. We know so many other Europeans did too. Something Adolf Hitler said (not sure where now) made a lasting impression on me -- that even after 1900 German "elites" thought so little of the common German working man that they wanted to exclude him from even being an onlooker at major national ceremonial events, for example  where the Navy General Staff were present. The idea was that they were such non-entities and not even representative of true "Germans." Hitler said the common man was so looked down upon as to be worth nothing in their eyes. Of course, he set out to change that. That's what most people don't understand about Hitler's whole course of action. 

So I heartily agree with this: There is no "We, the Whites". Yep, this is the problem, and very well put. Who can we blame for this but ourselves? I don't know what it will take for them to "get it." They are internationalists. But I will say that Trump, as a nouveau riche American, gets it, and always got it.

Not that I ever compare myself with this President,  I don't, but he likes or even loves "little people" and I do too. Weird eccentricities should not be forbidden :)
Having sent the comment, I regretted I was so uncritical of the aristocracy. But I still think that the nuveau riche of the day (and most are nuveau, relatively) need to distance themselves from the "little people", apart from big houses, fancy cars, weird hobbies and even a certain accent, also by way of keeping them down. This is psychological and probably universal. Otherwise someone might confuse them with "little people"!  Real aristocracy did not have this urge/need because they were "better" by definition. 

It seems Tucker Carlson agrees with you. Tonight he said that "Rich people are the most likely to point to "white supremacy" as our biggest problem." That's because "every minute [the little people] are thinking about race is a minute they're not thinking about class, which is the real divide in this country. Working class people have a lot more in common with each other than they do with some overpaid MSNBC anchor, and if they started noticing that, they might begin to have unauthorized ideas about economics."

Tucker, of course, is NOT a racist - he reminds his viewers of that regularly. But maybe the rich aren't either; their interest is confined to money and we would be foolish to try to get them interested in race. Or to believe they were. Makes sense.

I am a fan of Tucker. Economics is very important here, and it seems that Tucker is rediscovering the ideas of Marx and Lenin.   But my point went beyond economics. I really believe there is an urge to leave the little people behind in other ways too. Best regards!

According to the NJ news of August 14, 2019 [1] Donald Trump is actively fighting for the preservation of the White Peoples in Europe.
[1] „Feste Front gegen Merkelisten-EU – Farage sieht EU-Kollaps unmittelbar bevorstehen“
[The linked original Video is no longer available on Youtube]
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How can this issue ever be settled when Jewish lobby groups always play double standards? Their policy is always in their interest, getting stronger while the other etnics getting weaker and weaker. We live in todays Babylon and it goes back through history as long as recorded Jewish history itself. Adolf Hitler and his national socialists were strongly aware of this and wanted to set the records straight for the coming 1000 years, because some day they will show up again. Tell me Carolyn if I see it right or are there other points of view.

We cannot hope to “settle it.” Life is always in strife. If everything were to be settled, life would cease, I believe. Desire for this, that or the other thing, ever-changing, by all sentient physical entities is what causes “life” to be. This is not a flukey idea, but a deep truth worthy of awe. So if we're wise, we relax and seek our own good, and realize that all others are going to do the same. In this sense, there is no right or wrong. So comes the saying, “You win some, you lose some."

I think the biggest problems come from trying to make other people happy; that is, do-gooders, world-savers, environmental protectionists, who think they know what's best for everyone. By contrast, those who seek their own good, their own happiness are making the best choices … which I think includes the National Socialist Germans and Adolf Hitler. His methods and goals have been totally misrepresented and maligned from their original intent: what Germans were robbed of and were willing to work and/or fight to get back. As long as he stuck with that goal, he did well.

That's my point of view. Thanks for asking. 

BTW, my statement is not a moral one. It just seems to be part of the Jewish mindset. Is it possible that jewish lobbygroups act different without being at loss with their jewish identy?