World Class Hypocrites

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2019-08-25 21:35

Table set up outside Buchenwald concentration camp to indoctrinate the Germans of Weimar into believing that such horrors took place in the camp.

By Carolyn Yeager

THERE IS A WHITE, CONSERVATIVE ELITE OPERATING in this country that functions to keep the traditional World War II narrative intact. Even Donald Trump is compelled to follow it.

Certainly, all “pro-White and “White identity” websites do follow it, such as The Occidental Observer, American Renaissance, Vdare and others. A key component of this narrative is that Jews must not be harmed, no matter how much they are harming Whites even to the point of what some call White Genocide, because … well, you know, Holocaust.

No part of of the white conservative elite or the white identity website operators will question the “Holocaust” as history, except the specifically revisionist sites like, or one's like this, No matter what route or path we take to rousing European peoples to fight on their own behalf, we eventually get stopped by that stubborn block in the road – the Holocaust.

Until the European community agrees to look into this issue as an historical-scientific question not yet settled, we will make no progress in stopping the deliberate replacement being carried out against us. So we need to look at all aspects and organizations as to whether they are hindering or helping this process. Those who are hindering like to say it is possible to “step around” the holocaust question – just ignore it and encourage whites to “take up for their own interests.” Yet if there is a powerful industry that punishes Europeans who speak up for their own interests, then what is actually in their own interests can be seen very differently. As keeping one's mouth shut, for example. And that is exactly the situation we are in


I'm going to begin a summary/commentary on a publication I just happened across during my “thorough house cleaning”, a publication called Handbook For Schooling the Hitler Youth, and we'll see how well it's held up through the years. You can read it for yourself here. I've always thought that the writings for the National Socialist youth are some of the best, both for the girls and the boys. The girls were given every bit as challenging material as were the boys, which has been a source of pride for me.

I'll begin today with Chapter One titled The Unlikeness of Men, with the word men representing both males and females – no gender-political correctness here. It tells us this unlikeness is not only among the races and ethnicities of men, but even within a single family, as no family member looks exactly like another. And not only are there physical differences among men, but also mental and spiritual differences. Examples given: some people love to work; others avoid it. Some esteem courage and loyalty, while others consider them stupidities.

Body, mind and soul constitute the complete man. Not only must the physical characteristics be considered but also the inner makeup. “For the great difference which separates those of German blood from Jews is clearly evident, although physical characteristics seem to designate both as members of the family of white men.” Experience shows us the unfortunate consequences of such racial mixing, as the case of the whites with the Paraguayans in the early 19th Century, and the Germans with the black troops occupying the Rhineland after 1918.

Even today, the racial ideas of National Socialism have implacable opponents – Free Masons, Marxists, and the Christian Church. “The Christians, above all the Roman Church, reject the race idea with the citation: Before God all men are equal.”

Now why do we find in Free Masonry, Marxism, and the Christian church this mistaken teaching of the equality of all Men? All three are striving more or less for power over the whole earth, therefore they must necessarily be international. They can never acknowledge the human ties of race, community, or nation if they do not wish to give up their own aims.”

However, in spite of this opposition, the race idea goes on gaining ground. This understanding helps us to understand rightly the fourth point of the program of the NSDAP. It states:

Only those who are comrades of our folk can be citizens of the state. Only those who are of German blood, irrespective of religious belief, can be comrades of our folk. Consequently no Jews can be comrades of our folk.

To be continued.


Is this too extreme for a party today? We used to say “My Race is my Nation.” Remember? Many might also say 'My race is my religion.' Now everyone is super careful and self-censoring. Race is a dirty word. The new word is populism, and populist parties join together for support. Jews are never excluded. White advocates only ask for the right to seek their own “interests,” not to rule. Have we lost ground? What do you think?


I think that MacDonald probably is the "moderator." He's thin-skinned. 
Somebody just asked me a few minutes ago if I was still published on TOO and I had to explain that I was not, and that the apparent reason for it was that I had participated in criticizing MacDonald's statements about the Holocaust.

Some criticisms of the direction that TOO took after I was informed that I would no longer be published.

Re: your comments being deleted from the Occidental Observer...
I remember you did a broadcast with Sven Longshanks in which you mentioned one of your exchanges with members of Occidental Observer getting deleted. I wish you had screencapped that exchange - it would have been gold.
From what you said, the exchange went like this:
OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER POSTER: There's too much Jewish influence in white, Western culture. If only we could have a white ethnostate, run on racialist principles, where Jews weren't allowed to have any influence on the politics, the culture, the economy...
CAROLYN: Well, there was such a state, and I'll give you three guesses as to what the name of it was...
I use the above anecdote when in conversation with nationalist friends to point out the cowardice and hypocrisy of the Occidental Observer.
But maybe it's not hypocrisy: Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt would have been considered white nationalist by today's standards, and we know what they did to Germany.

Yes, David, that is exactly the kind of comments from me that this TOO moderator doesn't like. Thanks for remembering that.

I did copy some of my recent ones, and there is one that I especially liked that was not published. It was to the commenter "Exile", who "Mod" later praised for what he considered an exceptionally good comment. [Yes, he does that too, rarely.]

This is not the first time I've seen you use the sentence "Deport the pathogen and the patient will recover," although you may have used a different word than pathogen in other instances.

I'm sure you are aware that this was exactly what Adolf Hitler said to the Hungarian leader Horthy in 1943 -- in effect, "When you get rid of your Jews things will go so much better in your country. In Germany, we have found it to be true -- without [so many] Jews, everything just works so much better."

Hitler was referring to putting Jews in concentration/work camps BEFORE deporting them eastward after the war ended. But deportation was the goal and deportation has been turned into "Holocaust" by the Jews. So I wonder if it's understood that you are saying that our altruism should be turned toward our own group, while the pathogen that you identify as Jewish culture can and must be removed. Am I correct in this, that you think removal is the only ultimate answer?

I was really hoping to hear from Exile on that.

I didn't copy any more after this one, they were short, but none were published. Before the one 'Mod' commented negatively on, I was on a short winning streak in being posted. I don't agree with Hadding that KMac does that job; I'm sure he doesn't.

Why do White US citizens talk about political issues they can do nothing about? Who profits by claiming to be persecuted?
US citizens "powers" to correct US government are written in two Articles of the ratified 1788 US Constituton. 

Your opening paragraph expresses the problem quite succinctly.  As I have written to you in the past (often with excessive verbosity, for which I apologise) - these people will never admit past mistakes which lead to the current problems the Western World endures.
So, just how much do we have in common then?  From what I can ascertain, they merely wish to re-introduce "White" Anglo-American(-Judeo) dominance, and beyond believing in their own superiority, they have no values to speak of.  Certainly nothing of the sort expressed in the hand-book you linked to.
IMHO: There is far more value in your own sites - exposing lies, falsehoods and setting the record straight - than arguing on theirs.  One day this will be recognised, as the current world order will not last forever.  Can the same be said for their writings?  I'm not sure...

As I have written to you in the past (often with excessive verbosity, for which I apologise) ...

No need. You have been fine. I didn't have you in mind. :)

This is a real hoot:
Far-right surge rattles guardians of Nazi era remembrance
But seriously, for how long can this be kept up? It's 2019 - gas chambers, my goodness. I think it's a dwindling minority that still believes in these things... 

"A misogynist attitude runs through pro-white sites, especially among younger men." The destruction of relations was deliberately brought about so that no more white offspring would emerge. There are no less socially underdeveloped men than women, but the laws have been designed so that the latter can destroy the lives of white men and hold all the legal trump cards in their hands (politically instruction-bound (family) courts).
 [...]  Cut by site owner as abuse of commenting guidelines; you are too much like a bot. See it at linked article.
 Excerpt translated into English from „"Globale Zerrüttung mit Merkel wie sie nicht für möglich gehalten wurde",
"The figures make it clear that we are really to be ethnically exterminated, which does not seem to bother the mentally ill masses. According to Dr. Albert Wunsch [...], an ethnic group can only cope with 2 percent of foreigners. When there is more, there is bloody chaos, which we can watch on television every day at the multicultural hotspots of the world. [...]“

How many of you have had hatchet-jobs done on you by the NY Times, CNN, The Standard, not to mention a whole raft of other Jew owned/controlled mouthpeices in the MSN?  TOO, by virtue of their raft of contributing and tenured professors...,  each specializing in different faculties, but who have zeroed-in on the "...Jew Problem..." as a consequence of the incontestable string of facts that lead the respective authors to their inescapable - Jew guilt - conclusions, is a globally recognized academic journal.  TOO and "...their..." authours are referenced by peer reviewed and other influential journals like the American Medical Journal, Psychiatrists Journals and popular magazines.  The writings therein can be cited as a sources of reference by each and every university or school student on the planet.  This quality alone makes TOO, in my opinion, an invaluable contributor to White Advocacy Movement and reserves it the right to judge, most probably correctly, on how, whom and what it deems acceptable and not acceptable discourse on its web-site.  Moreover, as the playing field angle continues to tilt away from the Jews and back to the White Nationalist favour, as we have seen over the past few years, TOO too will change its tone in a direction that is reflective of what the general complaints registered against TOO here in this web-site have wished were different.  I too have had my share of comments disappear down the memory hole, have been reprimanded and redacted at TOO, but overall I accept it because, as was mentioned above, better TOO than some rabble filled forum full of foul-mouthed low life Crypto-Jews that reduce an otherwise profitable debate into an ad hominem, Jew and Troll filled free-for-all.  Lastly, if you believe that what you have written and have had redacted to be so precious,  there is nothing preventing you from making a copy of your writings and storing them on your own pC for future publication elsewhere. 

Hi Roy, I'm glad you wrote a comment here.

I could reply to many parts of it, but I will limit myself to just one: that is, do you think it was alright for the moderator to write what he did?

It's one thing to not approve a comment, and then it just doesn't appear. That's happened many times. But it's quite another to insult the commenter regarding their comment and not allow a reply. If a moderator wants to get in on the back and forth, then he should follow the rules the same as everyone else. Otherwise, stay out of it.

This has taken place four, maybe five times throughout several years. I hope I won't get over it this time because my gripe with TOO is partly my disappointment with the specifically German men who comment there and how timid they are. (I never included you in that bc you're a sort of unique type.) Germans need to stand up for themselves again but that will never happen at TOO - it's a completely Anglo operation, and that's the way Kevin MacDonald likes it in spite of his claim to represent all "white" interests. It will be interesting to see how he handles WWII and the Holocaust in his new book on European history.

The moderator is doing what he knows or believes KM wants. It amounts to supporting KM's ideas from his books and repeating them over and over in essays and articles ... and comments. Getting boring.

Best wishes -

This is a guess..., but if the Mod[s] at TOO let every idiot who entered the conversation have his say and then demand a rebuttle when rebuked and deleted..., the whole forum would become a VNN-type, free-for-all, nut-bar circus.  The main reason I comment at TOO is the fact that the low IQed, Troll commenters are simply decapitated and fed into the trash bin.  And the main reason I stopped commenting at other sites is the fact that there were just too many foul mouthed, impolite, illogical, or just plain "stating the obvious" commenters for me to take the time and sift through them all before finding a comment that I actually learn something from.  I have no inside track on statistics at TOO, but I will bet odds that there are just sooooo many Jew trolls trying to disrupt the conversation in the "...Jew-sual ways.." that the Mod[s] get plain fed up dealing with them.  The TOO group of writers are not run of the mill people..., they represent some of the best writers, with the sharpest wit and highest IQs in the White Advocacy Movement.  High quality content is a major reason why people like James Edwards, who has interviewed Donald Trump Jr. on his radio show and been on CNN several times, hooks up with K.Mac et al.  People inside the Trump inner circle like Bannon, Gorka, Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Victor Orban's team et al, most probably read TOO and TOQ with some regularity as well.  These guys are smart.  Not just smart..., they are extremely intelligent and powerful people.  They do not have time for worthless filler.  They have countries to run and things to do.  They need to get to the meat and potatoes of an issue, not be consumed with tit for tat arguments with people who would have difficulty conversing on an even keel with most of them.  If a Mod makes some hastey judgements that seem unfair at times, I am inclined to cut him some slack.  They do their job on a minimum budget against very long odds.  Don't be offended if you feel included in the lot of rabble, because I too have had my fair share of gripes and feel included with the idiots at times, but on balance, look at the quality of the articles that are produced at that site!  As for the prefernce of English writers at TOO, the castrated nature of Germans, and the lack of pro-German Revisionist content:  The medium of communication at TOO is English and there is no denying that the best writers of that language happen to come from the ethnostate that spawned it.  Moreover, the English have a way with each other that is markedly different from the German way.  It's only natural that K. Mac and Co. would feel most comfortable within this milieu. More over, you know the English..., there is a certain amount of opportunism, fear and subjective domestication in them that is just not present in the Germans.  As for the castrated nature of post-WW2 Germans...:  The best quality Germans were systematically slaughtered by the "...Allies..." after the "fraudulent and forced surrender" of Germany after the war.  The remaining Germans have been brow beaten into a general Pan-Scandinavian type of pseudo-homosexuality and PCness that makes Germans like me, who were given the inside track on reality from the top levels of the German government and raised in the UK Commonwealth during the age when free speech was still possible..., feel like vomiting.  Modern day Germans may as well be English!  LOL  But then again, if your country was phosphorus bombed, your women systematically raped and murdered, your best men starved and slaughtered after "...surrender...", your Constitution imposed upon you by a bunch of Broke-Back-Shifty-Limeys who kissed Jewish ass, your entire world paradigm was content filtered to induce spinelessness and money worship, and God knows what Germans have been put through (see Zundel affair)..., I wouldn't be surprised if even people like you, Carolyn, would behave the same way Germans do.  My advice:  [and something that I too have had to learn the hard way]    Don't get emotional over editorial decisions.  It's like having a boss with whom you do not agree, at first you get angry, then you realize that sometimes he was correct after all, and over time you just learn to live with and accept it as one of the many idiocincracies that all people display to a certain degree.  No big deal.

I have no inside track on statistics at TOO, but I will bet odds that there are just sooooo many Jew trolls trying to disrupt the conversation in the "...Jew-sual ways.." that the Mod[s] get plain fed up dealing with them.

I don't think so. The Unz Review allows all comments (lets you know if someone's comment was unacceptable for some reason) and very few are actual 'trolls.' Well, let me say some days are better than others. I'm not suggesting that method for TOO but just saying that it's not such a big problem. It does mean that there are a lot of comments by those whose views are opposite to your own, but you also learn who these people are and can ignore them if you like. But Unz Review is interesting, varied, stimulating and can be fun. Today, I've found it enjoyable. It's nice to know you can write what you want to write, within reason, and you will be published within a few minutes. I also have good allies there, which I have never had at TOO, until you spoke up for me, that is. I haven't forgotten that you did that. However, I have never felt as insulted by any of the baddies at Unz as I have by the moderator at TOO!

But I reject your telling me:' Don't get emotional over editorial decisions.' Men always want to use that word about women, really only because they're programed with the belief that women are inferior to men due to "emotion." "Women react to everything emotionally." In fact, it's this moderator who gets "emotional" as evidenced by his angry comments to me which he wants everyone to see. Why? He's enforcing the rule that everything there must make KM look good. The commenters are careful to follow that rule, which makes it all very predictable. I have tried to introduce a small amount of dissent. The mod accepts only so much of it and then lowers the boom. I don't respect that -- an argument against what I say, if anyone has one, is what should follow.

The rest of what you say about how vital TOO is to the future of the world, and all the important real-world political types who follow it would, if true, be all the more reason for it to be more revisionist -- not less reason. Your groupie-like attitude to people like James Edwards (barf) is quite surprising to me. I have wanted to tell them to make him shut his yammering mouth during their otherwise good videocasts. But it says to me you're in your right element there so should stay there. It's true my intentions are not 100% honorable (or should I say supportive), so I shall stay away from trying to comment. The Unz Review keeps me plenty busy enough in that regard. And here too, of course.

Thanks for telling me that you were raised in the UK Commonwealth; I guess that explains a lot. It sounds much worse than to be raised in the USA among a lot of German-Americans who remained very conscious and in touch with their German ancestry and were allowed to do so. I'm appreciative of that and of the German-Americans I've come to know through my podcasts, etc. who continue(d) to love and value the historic German Reich.

Please do not for a moment think that I am using the word "...emotional..." because you are a woman.     I should have been more clear, but I alluded to the fact that I too have been deleted, rebuked, etc...,  and I too at first became fuming angry and insulted and damn near quit because of it...,    so showing emotion has nothing to do with you being a female.  This in my opinion is a mistake on your behalf..., and a reason why I like TOO.    Any above average IQed person should not equate certain behaviour with certain beings     100% of the time.       Life is always ful of exceptions.       This is a given at TOO,     is not in need of debate    and is understood by nearly    100% of the contributors.      On the contrary it is I who should feel insulted by any suggestion that I used this word     "...emotion..."    with a female only connotation!     Luckily I do not!     However, I would have thought that you,   Carolyn,    would be above suggesting such an idea in the first place.     And you have said as much about the Moderator.    He too gets    "...emotional..."   from time to time and is most certainly a man.     Emotion from the Mod has nothing to do with gender,  but is triggered by comments and ideas that he has had to repeatedly deal with and how the frustration of doing so has a way of wearing one thin over time.     That's another reason why I cut them some slack.    As for Criticizing K. Mac and Co.:      I do so with usual regularity and they [Mods] usually let it pass.    In fact most  of my comments at TOO,   more often than not,    criticize,   contradict what is written   or contest  how it an idea presented.      The one thing I also believe however is that anyone can run an argument down,   but the mark of a critical comment that stands at TOO is the   critical resoning behind     the criticizm and a     logical and preferred alternative or solution      offered within an over all context of    deep respect and admitration for the writers.    If I can not find it within me to comply with these three self-imposed guidelines,  I refrain from commenting altogether.  This tactic makes it clear that one is not only nay saying, but offering constructive alternatives with the underlying reasoning behind them and covered by an umbrella of the deep respect for the people doing the writing.  
Believe me...,  I am not a groupie of James Edwards...,  in fact..., on a personal level my love of the man is quite limited.    But for whatever reason,   James has gotten some very expansive accreditiation.    Press credentials at a Trump rally for one.   That puts him within one degree of separation from not only one of the most powerful men on the planet,   but also by a similar degree gets  him potential  media atention on a scale hitherto unheard of by any member of the White Advocay Movement !    Can you  say that?  I can't.  So whatever I think of him on a personal level, I need to conceid that he is on balance working for Whites and has access to networks of emense power.    Being raised in the UK during the 60's in a "...tone-y.." Limey-Jew neighbourhood was like being the only White kid in a Black neighbourhood.  Playing foot ball I ws subject to tackles not only from the opposite team  but by my own team mates.  Teachers administrators students you name it were against the Nazi, Hater Racist.  Trust no one and expect attacks at any time from any direction became my motto.  However, free speech was still a fundemental right in those days..., even though those Jews and Limeys who had it did not have a clue as to what to do with it.  But by the 80's that freedom to speak was more or less already self-censored into oblivion, it was also the time when I had the chance to escape the country and begin globe trotting while absorbing info as opposed to joining the hedonistic downward spiral of so many of the "superior"  Limeys and Jews.   

I did not say you, but "Men" use it on a regular basis and it was used against me in that very thread at TOO we are discussing. I then said the moderator behaved emotionally. I said to you that I rejected your use of the word. And look how sensitive you are to just that!

I do think that mod owes me an apology. Just on principle. I think his behavior and language is inexcusable, and he doesn't use it against others. Still, I can easily forget it.

You make too many excuses for this mod, as though his job is so tough. I moderate the comments here, admittedly not all that many, but that is far from the tough part. Writing is the tough part. You write a lot, Roy, but you badly need to do some editing too. I carefully crafted my comments at TOO so I could get my message across and still be within the rules. You recognized this when you praised them, which was very brave of you. I was so surprised and pleased when you did! And someone even popped up and agreed with you! But they (Mod and KM) don't want my message there--they have their own. I can't blame them for that. So it's okay.

You and I remain friends.

Carolyn, this will be my last word on this whole issue. 
1)  Men = Me...,  [most] Men = [may not include] Me .  Therefore, from a legal perspective, you did in fact include me.  Wordcraft 101 [quintessential].  2)  Yes, I am sensitive.  Sensitivity is a prime tool of instinct.  Very handy to have.  3)  The mod job at TOO is work.  Israeli government paid hackers, Jew payment processing deplatformers, Trolls and idiots are a continuous battle, then there are the sub-TOO-standard IQed dolts who need to be filtered or the poor writers who need to be edited so as to keep the forum up to Ivy league, Phd-level standards.  Their pay is low or maybe free, their work is most often thankless and even animosity creating, and God knows what else.  4)  K.Mac is a World Leading Authority on Jewish in-group behaviour.  His leadership and vocal skills may leave something to be desired, but there is no contesting his depth of knowledge on the issue.  He is a globally touring guest speaker at a continuous stream of forums that could keep him busy travelling the world for the rest of his life.  What ever feelings I have for the man personally, take a back seat to what he has accomplished professionally.