Our "Hitler's Table Talk" series now available on CD's

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2017-11-28 17:36

A two-disc CD set containing all 56 of the newly-edited, cleaned-up podcasts in MP3 format of Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin reading and discussing Hitler's Table Talk, spanning 1941 to 1944.  Note: These CD's can only be played on CD players that accept long-running MP3 format disks.

Just Reduced! Price: US $4.95 - plus shipping and handling
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I bought the two-disc set.  Are you going to advertise your latest, forthcoming book in the same way -- as an article-like ad?  And how long before we can order it?

Thanks for asking this question. And for buying the CDs. 

JV - The book has been slightly delayed. The publisher received a proof book but told me it was not printed satisfactorily, because it has screened pages with images and this printer was not able to handle it to his satisfaction. So he's taking it to another printer. A proof book has been sent to me also but I haven't received it yet. Paul, though, said the cover looked fine and it is a beautiful cover. I'm thrilled with it. So I'm looking forward to holding it my hands, but as to how soon it will be on sale I can't say now. My expectation is still before Christmas, but maybe I'm too hopeful. It's going to sell for $25 although we're using upgraded paper at my request. 250 pages.

I will be announcing it here and linking to where it can be ordered. I will be making a real big deal out of it! You won't miss it. :)

Hi Carolyne,
You should also save this way the fine International Jew Talks!

Hi Carolyn,
what about for like a $20 donation we could get a one-time download link to download all the audio from your site that you would allow?
some of these file storage sites like MediaFire etc offer one-time links that expire after a few days or after the files are downloaded
would be a better profit margin than sending out CDs too
also, i hear your Heretics Hour being played on Radio Aryan now

Great stuff! Glad I found you.