Wishing you a “Lucky” New Year 2020

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2019-12-31 11:21

Old German New Year greeting card reads Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum neuen Jahre – “Congratulations on the new year.” Herzlich translates as cordial, hearty, sincere or heartfelt. Glückwunsch is literally wishing you good luck.

by Carolyn Yeager

HERE WE HAVE THE BRIGHT-RED, white-spotted “lucky” mushroom (Glückpilz) that I wrote about last year which can actually be found growing wild in Europe and the United States. It contains psychoactive substances so do not ingest if you're lucky enough to find one! More luck in the form of the four-leaf clover is being offered by the angelic tots atop the little boy's mushroom abode, while the delegation of children announce the new year with a trumpet, accordian, and a bouquet of fresh greenery, all symbols of the Neujahr.

Though it may seem strangely ominous that these kiddies are unaccompanied in a dark and snowy wood at night, we can understand it is because the new year starts on the stroke of midnight! So that's just part of the symbology. However we can see it as a reminder that though we are in dangerous times, we can trust in heavenly help from our own guardian angels.

I wish all my like-minded friends a year of progress toward our shared goals. January has always been a productive month for me; lets make the most of it.


New Year 2020


Best wishes for 2020
Horribly Brainwashed Holland!

Wishing you & yours, lots of happiness & good health in 2020 & many thanks for all the wonderfully informative articles which you so kindly bestowed upon us in 2019...& before!.......love & best wishes always from us in Ireland.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to all and a prosperous 2020!
Thank you Carolyn and team for all your hard work in 2019!
I look forward to the new year!
Best Regards,
Richard Smith

I've seen some amazing New Years Cards on the website Card Cow.  But, yours is the best one I've seen yet.   Happy New Year to everyone.  Perhaps, this upcoming year, we can devise possible winning strategies, and solutions.