Seventy-five years after the Dresden war crime, still no justice

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2020-02-12 20:40

In memoriam ...

This digital composite image (click to enlarge) shows a statue on the tower of City Hall looking down in compassion at the ruins of the city center wrought by the British-American firebombing of February 13, 1945 as well as the same scene on February 12, 2015 to the left and the right. This area that was the cultural pinacle of historic Germany and the Third Reich has become a parking lot. I think there is a song that goes something like that. The vast majority of the city was devastated by the Allied firebombing of February 13-14, 1945. 

For more photos like this, go here. [photo courtesy The]  For previous Dresden Anniversary posts, go here.

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Thursday, February 13: The horrible and hateful servant of the Jews and Globalists--Frank-Walter Steinmeier--was in Dresden today spouting off to the world his unbelievably insulting message about this unpunished war crime: "It was the wrong track Germany took, which led to the destruction of Dresden.” Blaming the victims!!

"When we remember the history of the bombing war in our country today, then we remember both the suffering of the people in German cities, and the suffering that Germans inflicted on others. We don't forget it was Germans who started this horrific war, and by the end it was millions of Germans who carried it out — not all, but then many out of conviction."

This is completely unacceptable. What president of any other country would speak of its military, its soldiers who died on the battlefields, in this way? None! Germany needs a cleansing of its numerous traitors in high positions, and an entirely new constitution - one not devoted to maintaining the narrative of its destroyers from 75 years ago!

By contrast, Jörg Urban, head of the Alternative fuer Deutschland party in Saxony that set up an "info-point" on Dresden's Altmarkt Square , said this to a reporter:

"The others try to relativize this devastating bombing of Dresden, and put it into the context of what happened around the world. They talk about the civil wars that happen around the world, saying that this kind of thing happens everywhere, and forget that we as a city had an individual fate. For Dresdeners, commemorating the victims has always been an identity-forming event. We want to keep it as a local Dresden event."

God forbid that Germans form an identity around anything other than beer and sausage. Beer and sausage, and car-making, is what the globalists have assigned to them. -Carolyn


Not enough action is taken over the Katyn massacre.
this is one attrocity that shows the Nuremberg Trials as a perjured court, and I believe all Polish people, and their friends should be kicking down the British establishments for this attrocity to be recognised as an injustice which challenges the integrity of the Nuremberg Trials.
Possibly, then other issues could be questioned.

By the time of the Dresden bombing, the Allies knew that Germany was prostrate, totally defeated.  Such an atrocity against civilians had no military value.  That this attack was carried out shows that Jews controlled both Britain and America in 1945, as of course they do today.

The incineration of Dresden, served a prime purpose;- To demonstrate the power of the Anglo/ American Military might and its total lack of mercy. This would serve as a message to the entire Russian ruling higherachy ;- "What happened too them, can easily happen to you ! " And it would be echoed in ruined wastelands of Berlin as well. The Cold War had already started before the fires of WW2 had been extinguished. The German goverment today will only allow the official death-toll figure of 25,000 souls who perished during those 3 days of Hell on earth, but the figure kept by the Dresden Police, reported a figure of 202,040 deaths up to the 22nd of March 1945...........and this was expected to rise to  250,000. This latter figure is poo-poo'd by the current government of Germany as "Revisionist".............and whilst it is understood by all "That the Victor writes the history ", clearly the current turncoat regime ruling Germany today seeks to appease their masters in every way possible.

The city was filled to overflowing with refugees and displaced persons: "[...] At a time when there were 600,000 refugees from Breslau pressed into the city in addition to the 600,000 inhabitants, each of the 12,000 multi-storey houses surely housed at least 50 people. This should not be deniable - and nothing remained of these houses. The people accommodated in them disintegrated without residue into ash dust at 1600 degrees heat.[...]"
"[...] It wasn't the Germans who started
One must also know that Great Britain and France declared war on the German Reich on September 3, 1939, not the other way around. It is also necessary to know that only two days after its declaration of war, England opened the bombing terror against Germany's civilian population. On 5.9.1939 the first air raids on Wilhelmshaven and Cuxhaven took place. Today even the English historian confirms this [...] [detailed information]" [1]
[1] Translated extract from "Ein wirklicher Holokaust: Dresden 13. Februar 1945Etwa 500.000 Menschen wurden in nur einer Nacht "demokratisch" ausgerottet!",
("A Real Holocaust: Dresden 13 February 1945. About 500,000 people were 'democratically' exterminated in just one night!")

Knowing what we know now, I can't help but compare the ruins we are creating today throughout the world, with the ruins we created fighting the Germans in WWII. This is what jews do.

Not only Jews. Seems to me, so many "White" men today want to blame Jews for it ALL so you don't have to blame yourself or your ancestors for piling on the Germans as you/they did, hoping for some spoils. Life meant nothing unless it was their own life. Have you ever heard the saying that when you point your finger outward at somebody, three fingers are pointing back at yourself?

If you're saying that we Whites are behaving like Jews, I agree with you! I have a whole new theory on that. Our societies are based on the principle of power through controlling wealth; controlling your own people. The Jews are the masters, so White elites joined with the Jews to learn all their tricks of the trade. Now White elites and Jews work together in harmony. White elites and wannabe elites have no racial loyalty whatsoever.

It is certainly possible that more than half a million people were killed by the American and British bombers in Dresden, ie more than the combined total for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We will never know for sure, of course, because the victors weren't interested in finding out and the victims were Germans so nobody cares about them. The beautiful city had been filled to double its normal population by refugees fleeing the bloodthirsty Red Army so it was probably over 1.2 million crammed into the area at the time of the attack. Dresden held no military significance whatsoever to the war effort and total German military collapse was only a couple of months away at most, something of which Churchill and Roosevelt were fully aware. Knowing that the city was filled with non combatants the only possible reason for the bombing was to kill as many Germans as possible in one go. These American and British demons knew full well what they were doing when they created the firestorm. They had already studied beforehand how best to get these firestorms going and they perfected their 'art' on Valentine's Day 1945. What we are dealing with here is the greatest single day massacre in history. The fact that the promoters of this atrocity are today portrayed as some of history's most admirable men and that the official death toll is touted to be only 25 to 35 thousand demonstrates what a degraded and vile system rules us. I can only ever feel contempt and disgust when I see the British celebrate at the Cenotaph on November 11th and American veterans crowing about how they 'liberated' Europe from the 'Natsies'. Even when they are shoved off the streets of their own cities by Third World savages it never seems to dawn on them that they were duped into destroying their own civilisation. In a sane and rational system books such as Thomas Goodrich's, 'Hellstorm' and 'Summer 1945',  would be required reading in every school in the western world. The chance of that happening though is slim indeed. So, this dreadful anniversary will pass largely unnoticed by the vast majority of white people.

15Thou shalt also take one ram; and Aaron and his sons shall put their hands upon the head of the ram. 16And thou shalt slay the ram, and thou shalt take his blood, and sprinkle it round about upon the altar. 17And thou shalt cut the ram in pieces, and wash the inwards of him, and his legs, and put them unto his pieces, and unto his head. 18And thou shalt burn the whole ram upon the altar: it is a burnt offering unto the LORD: it is a sweet savour, an offering made by fire unto the LORD. Read that again: " it is a burnt offering unto the LORD: it is a sweet savour, an offering made by fire unto the LORD." The smell of burning flesh is a sweet savour to their War God.

A truly sad and tragic event, and I first heard about it from the book/movie Slaughter-House Five, written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., who a POW there and lived through the bombing. It was a profound event for him, and he was perturbed that NO ONE wanted to talk about in the west. The movie was, I thought, pretty good. 
I think Dresden received much recognition later, and I note that some years ago, a statue of 'Bomber' Harris was to be in the open. The German government complained, and it was put somewhere less conspicuous.  But lately criticism has swung the other way. Paul Johnson, a historian I admire, said Dresden was a military communications center, and the New Yorker, while celebrating the rebuilding of the Frauenkirche, said Dresden was 'a center of anti-semitism.' Just can't leave it alone, can they?
I remember the Felfe scandal, where a major German agent of Gehlen's Nachrichdienst was actually a Russian agent and did German and U.S. intelligence much harm, and it was said one big reason he was a double agent was Dresden. he hated the bombing, and blamed the Americans for it.
Another movie, A Map of the World, had an eskimo(!) in the RAF at the bombing, and he was purplexed that a British friend and teacher helped pick Dresden as a target because of a pathological hatred of a German girlfriend and Germans in particular.
I think recent two recent movies have shown an understanding overcoming the standard Nazi theme. One was The Aftermath, with Keira Knightley as a British officer's wife in Hamburg after the war, and it showed the devastation and misery of Germans, with a British officer trying to help, although Keira has an affari with the German that has his house confiscated by the British. The director, James Kent, actually lived in Hamburg after the war, his father was an officer there, and he was determined to show how horrible it he said, Germans call Hamburg 'the Hiroshima of Germany.' The film wasn't well received. Said to be too soap opera and unchallenging, but I wonder if it was because the film didn't talk about the precious Jews for once. 
A recent film, Von Donnersmarck's Never look Away, also touches on Dresden and is a challenging film about the layers of  wartime guilt and ambiguities. I thought the theme of Nazi extermination, this time, was on the mentally ill, as a schitzo aunt of the protagonist is sent to a gas chamber, yet the SS doctor also saves a Russian officer's wife.  Again, no talk on the poor Jews.  It's done very well, and the horror of Dresden is shown.
I was very happy to see the Frauenkirche rebuilt, yet angry at demonstrators against nationalists calling attention to the bombing. One  commie woman even hadc a sign reading 'thank you Bomber Harris.' What kind of sick thing is that to say? In English, too. You realize the complete evil the left is in the West.
I'm also glad to see the Schloss in Berlin being rebuilt. It was a sad destruction, and the reds did it on purpose, replacing it with a lousy center of their so-called democracy...'der grosse kniepe'  yeah, right. It used to be called Honecker's lamp shop. The schloss fills a much-needed part of the city, although of course there will be a museum for African art, and Germans just can't restore has to be modernized.
But I think Germans are trying, wanting, to speak out about this horrible bombing, and I note how Americans/British blame the Russians for wanting the bombing, but the West was as much to blame if not more. I want to go there someday.

I spent 3 days in Dresden in 2008, and I was disappointed. All the famous architectural sites were rebuilt, but it didn't feel to me like the pre-war pictures I'd seen. There was something too busy and just touristy about it. Instead of the rebuilt Frauenkirche, all fresh and new, I would rather see the bombed out shell of the old one. Of course, the whole city couldn't look like that, but still ... I just don't believe it's the same city. It's lost the graciousness it seemed to emanate in old photos.

The church I enjoyed most was in Nuremberg, one that was still in process of rebuilding the interior, with lots of large photos of the damage done during the war, with truly sensitive commentary about it that did not blame the Germans but the enemy. I think they were raising money this way. They had not had enough money to complete the restoration, of which I was glad. It was so very interesting and moving to see the large photos of the bombed out interior, and then see it as it was now.

What was done to Germany cannot be repaired--or has not been repaired--and the reason is, in my opinion, that it became a different Germany where nothing that mattered could be said any longer. It's extremely sad. I hate your interest in these damn films! I don't like films or filmmakers--they want to supplant our reality with their film versions. No thank you. The only film I like is footage of actual events, without someone directing it. Like the old Pathe films. Film is the most powerful propaganda medium there is so one should be careful what one watches.

Take your film reviews somewhere else.

Thank you for the true words and historic photo. We Germans have to keep showing documents of the Aliied atrocities and war crimes. Watch Hellstorm
—an excellent documentary banned by JewTube! It caused me and my son who watched it to break down with tears.
Tears for the millions of innocent lives lost because of the intrepid Zionists puppets who ran the world then and still run it. Sort of. But Germany is waking up. The Thüringian results prove it. Also don't forget the important work and sacrifices by heros like Möllemann, Haider, and may others. Please keep up the good work.

I will keep it up as long as I am able. Sometimes I feel that I am just getting started.