Anti-German German Foreign Minister openly sides with US rioters against police

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2020-06-02 18:54

Heiko Maas, Germany's Social Democrat Foreign Minister, supports lawbreaking as long as it's done by Leftists. When it comes to what he calls the Far Right, he's for cracking down hard.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE LEFT-WING SOCIAL DEMOCRAT FOREIGN MINISTER in Germany, Heiko Maas, joins with left-wingers everywhere in criticising the behavior of law enforcement in the United States. Although the FRG (Federal Republic) is the least democratic state in Europe, with its notorious “Paragraph 130” that excludes anything related in any way to the National Socialist regime of 1933-45 from the general freedoms of speech and association guaranteed by German Basic law, Maas expressed concern for American democracy on Tuesday.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Tuesday said peaceful protests against police brutality in the United States were "more than legitimate" and called for press freedom for those covering the demonstrations.  (Deutsche

Since there is no press freedom in Germany, due to the above mentioned Paragraph 130, of which Maas fully approves, he is simply making a show of support for the mass protests and his hopes that a Biden administration will succeed the Trump administration, ushering in a more “progressive” American leadershop that will put us back into the Paris Climate Accord, the Iran Nuclear deal and the WHO, which Donald Trump removed the US from.

At a news conference, Maas called the violent US demonstrations of burning and looting over the past 5-6 nights, “peaceful protests” and said that he “can only express the hope that the peaceful protests don't turn violent, and even more the hope that they will have an impact." By impact, he means to bring about better race relations, except that what he calls “better” is better not asked. He tweeted the same message on Tuesday.

Deutsche Welle reporter involved in dispute with Minneapolis police

“Democratic states under the rule of law have to meet the highest standards when it comes to protecting freedom of press," Maas added. "Any violence that occurs in this context not only has to be criticized — above all it has to be properly followed up and investigated so that journalists are protected when they are doing their work." (DW)

The trouble with that is, todays so-called journalists are actually propagandists with a very distinct left-wing bias to their reporting, and news outlets like Deutsche Welle or CNN are most definitely putting out propaganda, not neutral straight reporting. Everything is tinged with the liberal bias, and much is painted boldly with favoring one party, politician, or interpretation of events outright.

Maas told DW, "We remain firmly committed: Journalists must be able to carry out their task, which is independent coverage of events, without endangering their safety." I question their independent coverage, which is my right to do, and would remind the foreign minister to look to his own 'democracy' before trying to force others to adolpt his own sold-out, 'one world' views.

Meddler Maas said his office will contact US officials about the incident involving the DW reporter Stefan Simons, but nothing will come of it because the police were not in the wrong in ordering Simons to move out of the location he was in. It is their city, especially when they're engaged in anti-riot enforcement.


The German government, main stream media and thus large parts of the population are, to put it simply, anti-Trump.   In contrast, there are alternative media that write rather positively about Trump's struggle with the "Deep State".
There are Germans, like me, who even point to a solution of the "German problem" through Trump's foreign policy. After all, Germany is still occupied by the Allies, represented by the United States.
We hope that the exuberant "protests" of the blacks and their white sympathizers will be stopped and the puppet masters of ANTIFA will be held responsible.
How can a single black "victim" cause so much protest?  Meanwhile "people of color" are already sounding in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate.
Prayers and all the best for you Americans
Glück auf
Klaus Borgolte

Thank you, Klaus. So good to hear from you. I questioned whether I should bother to post this; now I'm so glad I did!

How can a single black "victim" cause so much protest? 

My exact same thought. This man George Floyd was a petty criminal and alcohol abuser. He was very drunk when they arrested him, could not even stand up, and he had been driving the car! That's why they tried to secure him, but of course it was inexcusable that he was held down so long. So now he will be lionized into another Martin Luther King. And the American politicians will go along 100%. Will there be a gigantic statue on the Washington Mall to placate the blacks?

This is the problem we have; ignoring the reality of race and sticking with the "We must all come together" refrain when it is an impossibility. That leaves us just going down, down, down toward a third world country. It's inevitable unless we can get honest about race reality.

Yes, I sure do notice DW is fully anti-Trump and runs propaganda articles and opinion pieces against him all the time. This would make German patriots like you be on the side of Donald Trump. I'm happy to hear that you are. In the US, it is "fashionable" for White Nationalists to hate and smear D.T. in the worst ways, all because of his support for Israel and because he won't denounce Jews. They don't seem to care that people like Joe Biden are 10 times worse.

Yes, "people of color" are acting out all over Europe now "in support", so you know its organized. I just hope the Trump administration is able to really do something in outlawing Antifa. The Democrats and Media are crying out against it!!!

It's becoming as bad as what was done to Adolf Hitler. Unbelievable, but true.

Good evening Carolyn,
I just found a current analysis (February 2020) by the seriously ill, imprisoned Horst Mahler:
"After Adolf Hitler, only Donald Trump again addressed the spiritual dimension of the world struggle at a place of world-movement, with the statement that "globalism (...) exerted a religious pull on former leaders. This causes the "massacre of America" which he, Trump, wants to 'end here and now'.
 "Trump's tactical concessions to the State of Israel (e.g., the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as well as his anti-racist lip service) cannot hide the fact that he has set out to liquidate once and for all the cultural hegemony of Judaism as a spiritual being ("religious undertow"). As leader of the most powerful nation on earth, he opposes the power of the Jews, globalism, with the principle of the nation as the idea (reality) of freedom.
 "Thus is Donald Trump the revolution of  White America against the rule of Judaism and he seems to be determined to raise the question of power. And he puts it right for the first time by no longer relying on the existing political structures, but on the American movement he led for the reconstruction of America, which today is more deeply destroyed than the German Reich at the time of the capitulation of the German Wehrmacht, which was only afterwards pushed into the abyss with the destruction of German culture and the self-confidence of the Germans. 
 "And Donald Trump relies on the military as the guarantor of national sovereignty and the security of the country both internally and externally. He has a vision of the future of America and the world as Adolf Hitler had for the German people, the European community of nations and the world; for which the German people fought and sacrificed devotedly.
 "Jewry has quickly realized that its influence and the direct access on the power and wealth of the United States of America is no longer tolerated by the majority of the inhabitants of this vast continent. This crypto-ethnicity understands that it is time for them to move away to find a New Hinterland for their ethnogenesis strategy."
From "Praise of Racism" by Horst Mahler
Translated with (free version)
Glück auf
 Klaus Borgolte

Like you, I believe that the American Left, the media and the Democrat governors are conspiring to destroy Trump: the coronavirus shutdowns (and the subsequent economic depression) are stage one, the riots are stage two... From the outside, the US now looks like a shattered country. 
Interesting news article here: 'German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’'. I think that it shows that the German people (the people, not the Bundesrepublik or the German media) still retain their reputation for probity and honesty. Like you (and Adolf!) I believe in them. 

The "Antifa" are the successors of the communist "Red Front" ("Rotfront") terror brigades of the Weimar Republic and traditionally stifle any resistance by means of physical violence; they are a central component of the oppressive system of the occupying powers; Trump's classification as a terrorist organization is one hundred percent justified.

„[…] with its notorious ‚Paragraph 130‘ that excludes anything related in any way […] from the general freedoms of speech and association guaranteed by German Basic law, […]“.The Basic Law[1] has never granted freedom of speech. Several people have proven in the past that the GG is perfectly compatible with dictatorships and how the deception works: In one article (it has no paragraphs and it is not a constitution) a right is granted in one paragraph, in another paragraph or article this right is then taken away again, furthermore there are numerous conceptual ambiguities and unclear references.
Illustrating this from the first part, "I. Basic Rights",[2] Article 5 [link to English version]: Paragraph (1) grants freedom of expression and freedom of the press and states that censorship would not take place. In paragraph (2), however, this right is then taken away again.[3] As someone once put it: "In each of the general laws and in all provisions for the protection of young people, prohibitions of expression of opinion may be incorporated." §130 StGB (StGB = Strafgesetzbuch = criminal code) is often also called a rubber paragraph, because it can be interpreted arbitrarily.
There is also no freedom of association in public, one reads Article 8 [4] De facto one has to ask for permission. As someone once put it: "The laws are now so that it is not like that, that it is permitted and can be prohibited, but that it is prohibited and must be permitted."
Every BRD student learns that the Basic Law would guarantee freedom, it is therefore regarded as something holy; in the last weeks and months protesters have demonstratively held up the GG again and again, but they have never read it, otherwise they would know that the GG in reality regulates their own enslavement, is their enemy. The Allies also stipulated the following in Article 120 [4]: "(1) The Federation shall finance the expenditures for occupation costs and other internal and external burdens [...]".

[1] German:,Englisch translation:

Article 5[Freedom of expression, arts and sciences]
[4] [5]

Hello Carolyn,
i have known your site for quite some time. But just recently i listened to a lot of your older podcasts. It is really amazing how clearly you have pinned down a lot of problems back in the day. 
From outrageous conspiracies about Hitler to woman hatred in the alt-right, you pretty much covered it all.
Your stuff is William Luther Pierce quality. The whole website and your style is so organized and clear cut - i love it. This is exactly what the ironic ever edgy online-right is lacking.
Greetings from Germany

Thank you!! I could hardly receive a better complement! Although he was a notorious sexist, lol. Although I think that was because, like A. H., he was so serious about "the work" that he didn't want any female drama to distract him. He preferred his female companion to stay quietly in the background.

I'm in process to make some of my forgotten material more visible. You've given me some encouragement.