Podcast: 'Auschwitz: The Undergroud Guided Tour' with The Renegade Ape

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2020-09-21 16:45

DANNY WHITAKER, HOST OF THE RENEGADE APE, wanted to ask me some questions about "The Underground Guided Tour: What the Tour Guides don't tell you about Auschwitz-Birkenau." I think it turned out to be a pretty good program, almost two hours. I'll be interested to see if he gets many comments on it from his audience. You can listen to it and comment on it HERE.


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Glad that you did the interview, Carolyn.  Need to keep pushing.
No cyanide residue except very high levels in the delousing chamber.  End of story.
No steel buildings have ever collapsed due to fire except on 9/11.

Well done for keeping it together. After everything that's happened in the USA in its financial governance, getting dragged into WW1 and 2, Hollywood, the diversity project, the financing of US campaigns by Jews, the wars in the middle east, the fact that so many Americans presidents have been surrounded by Jews and people devoted to Jews (including Trump) and this guy seriously- seriously! tries to make out that INDIANS are more successful in the United States than Jews. This is very hard to deal with people that silly. If Indians had been successful as Jews per capita in terms of controlling US policy history would be very different .

And another thing I'll add, a huge chunk of protestant christianity in the USA affords Jews and Israel a kind of magical mystical sacred status as receivers of blessings that they can only sit on the side lines to. Half the USA Christian  population is not sitting back smiling like idiots at Indians, they dont care about Indians, they care about Jews and Israel. This Renegade Ape fellow needs to get out of bed and join the real world now.

Drives me nuts - he starts off complaining that his own show is being censored or likely to be, and it is not the Indians doing that it is the Jews. Then it seems as if he has no idea what Carolyn is talking about when she explains to him that the Jews actually control the airwaves on this - why on earth would he think Googling this stuff is going to get him balanced answers?
That's not renegade ape like thinking. It is headmasters sweetie pie thinking. Anyway at least he tackled the subject. I agree it is good overall.