The Heretics' Hour: The Race to Derail Race

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-08-12 01:11

August 11, 2014

Carolyn Yeager examines the growing number of anti-racists in our ranks who promote an internationalist agenda while believing themselves, or pretending to be, innocent of such an intent.

  • Internationalism is in force whenever gaining the approval of the "other", the "outsider'" is uppermost in consideration;
  • Martin Gilbert and Wilhelm Marr are discussed;
  • Fritz Berg says Germans are united by a common culture, not racially, and "Racism is disgusting";
  • If the IHR lawsuit had never taken place, no matter who got the money, we would be better off today;
  • John de Nugent is a WN who "reaches out" to African-Americans and "all people of all races who suffer under Zionism';
  • When Veronica Clark tries to write history she proves she is not a historian;
  • A large part of those counted as foreign troops in the Waffen-SS divisions were Volksdeutsche (ethnic Germans) from east, west and south;
  • Clark's 2009 article titled "Hitler's Army: A Triumph for Diversity?" is a hodge-podge of fanciful speculation and mis-representation;
  • Carolyn sums up: We are losing on Race because of misunderstandings that grow in a mixed-race culture.


concerning auxiliary troops in the SS. Besides germans, dutch, british, scandinavian, wallonian and ethnic germans living for example in the baltic states were welcomed in the SS. When towards the end of the war, other groups showed up, one has to pay attention to the names of this units: Regular SS-Divisions were called SS-Division XYZ, when there were combat groups with other ethnicities ist was called for example "36. Panzerdivivsion DER SS", "36th Division Of the SS". This should be a clear distinction between germans, danish, ... soldiers and ukrainians, due to the regular SS were not very happy with this situation. SS & 3rd Reich was racist and were especially proud thereof. Furtheron, we have to differentiate between russians who were forced to clear mine-field-areas and a regular Wehrmacht-soldier. This is far from being a spiritual issue, it is based on biology. Polands and czechs were not accepted in any formations, Hitler didn't want to win the war with this kind of people

There was a Polish unit of the Wehrmacht mobilized in 1944, the White Eagle Legion, but it didn't amount to much. I think the problem with mobilizing the Poles was more a question of political reliability than race.
I think the reason why it then seemed okay to mobilize Poles was that Poland was already partially occupied by the Red Army, so that the prospect that these Poles would then turn against Germany to fight for Polish independence had become less of a concern.
I think that the reason why Poles were only mobilized late in the war is the same reason why the Czechs were never mobilized. The Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia where Czechs lived was farther west, and the war was practically over by the time the Red Army reached them.

It's pretty slippery to use the fact that Adolf Hitler was willing to meet Lawrence Dennis as some kind of evidence that Hitler did not have any strong racial views, especially given that Dennis was passing for White and had spent his life trying (with some success) to keep the fact that he had any Negro ancestry a secret.
Of course, in a highly race-conscious society like National-Socialist Germany the fact that Dennis had a tinge of some kind of exotic ancestry would most likely be noted, but assuming that Hitler grasped that Dennis might be 1/16 Negro, how was that supposed to represent a compromise of his positiion on what would be the best racial policy for Germany?
I am sure that in the section read by Carolyn Yeager, Kuzniar-Clark was alluding to the same 1933 Reichsparteitag speech to which A. James Gregor also refers in that one short essay that VKC cites all the time, the speech wherein Hitler says that we judge a man's race by his deeds. Gregor takes this to represent a retreat by Hitler away from biological racism (already in 1933!) and VKC copies Gregor.
That conclusion is based on an oversimplification of the National-Socialist view, and Hitler's personal view, of race. When Hitler speaks in a way that does not conform to the caricature of what his views are supposed to have been, this is taken as proof that his views changed.
No. The National-Socialists and Adolf Hitler realized that in the mixture of Nordic, Phalian, Alpine, Dinaric, and Mediterranean, there could be people who had a Nordic soul combined with small stature or a dark complexion. At the same time, somebody with a Nordic appearance might, due to some admixture, not have a Nordic soul. Hitler specifically says this somewhere or other. The fact that the Nordic element in Germany was mixed with other elements made it infeasible simply to judge character by appearance. That's what this judging people by their deeds really meant.
The same can happen with a mulatto like Lawrence Dennis, who had first-rate mind despite a barely noticeable tinge of Negro ancestry.

Es ist möglich, daß der Deutsche noch einmal von der Weltbühne verschwindet, denn er hat alle Eigenschaften, sich den Himmel zu erwerben, aber keine einzige, sich auf Erden zu behaupten, und alle Nationen hassen ihn wie die Bösen den Guten. Wenn es ihnen aber wirklich einmal gelingt, ihn zu verdrängen, wird ein Zustand entstehen, in dem sie ihn wieder mit den Nägeln aus dem Grabe kratzen möchten.– Friedrich Hebbel, Tagebücher, 4. Januar 1860[1]
It is possible that the German would vanish from the world stage, for he has all abilities to conquer heaven but none to head earth. And all nations hate him like evil hates good. If they really succeed in crowding him out, there will be conditions as a consequence, that they would wish to dig him up from the graves with their bare hands.

Another great show by Carolyn.  Her ability to consume and interpret immense swaths of information continues to blow me away and her abiltiy to fearlessly think outside of the box means new revelations and at times shocking insights. 
Watch the video "RACE Exhibit Displays Misinformation" on YouTube; this is the type of widespread indoctrination we are up against.  

Interesting talk as usual Carolyn.
This whole troublesome issue about the words "racist" and "racism" comes about because our racial enemies "own" the meaning of those terms and use them as weapons in their propaganda war against us.
As you indicated, "racist, anti-semite, Holocaust denier, and Nazi", etc., are the big nasty words that are used against us. They can and are all translated into the everyday propaganda language to mean, "Evil".
So, when you are asked, "Are you a … racist, anti-semite, Holocaust denier, or a Nazi?", it can be translated as, "Are you that Evil?".
The standard and almost traditional answer is to say, "No, but …". What usually follows is a series of embarrassing, squirming verbal and logical gymnastics where the answerer tries to explain himself using the enemies definitions, that by definition find him already guilty, hung, drawn and quartered.
Isn't it time for us "racists, anti-semites, Holocaust denying Nazis" to proudly say with full conviction: "Yes, because …"?
For example:
Yes, I'm a "racist" because I love my own people!
Yes, I'm an "anti-semite" because "organised jewry" is anti-human!
Yes, I'm a "Holocaust denier" because it is a historic hoax!
Yes, I'm a "Nazi" because NS is pro-human!
You can then go to explain how as a "racist" it doesn't mean you hate other races, as a "anti-semite" you don't hate every jew, except those who are anti-human, as a "Holocaust denier" you only hate the lie, and finally as a "Nazi" you love the spirt of NS and its desire to liberate and elevate people, free from the anti-humans.
People are tying themselves in verbal knots to avoid speaking the plain truths in front of our faces.

Carolyn, at about 59:00 or so you (mis)quote Alfred Rosenberg as saying "One will need to speak here of the Russian character of the Germanised peoples of Finland, Estonia and Lithuania." This of course makes little sense. By simultaneously implying that we Finns et cetera have a Russian character and being Germanised at the same time. In reality Rosenberg is saying "One will need to speak here of the Russian character which stands in contrast to the Germanised peoples of Finland, Estonia and Lithuania." I am sure you made an honest mistake here, so you are forgiven. Still it does not sit well with me being in any way equated with the Russians.
Also, I disagree that the Führer was supposedly of mostly non-Nordic features. His Nordic facial features is dominant and obvious, especially if you study photos of him as a soldier in the Great War and from the early 1920's.
Great show otherwise and I agree with you on most points, as I usually do.

The quote I have written in the notes I was going by is:

"The entire east is diversified throughout; one will need to speak here of the Russian character, of the Germanised peoples of Finland, Estonia and Lithuania, whereat also Poland has developed its clearly outlined individuality." ("The Myth of the Twentieth Century") - Page 643 - 1930

The "Russian character" is of the Russians, separated with a comma from the "Germanized peoples of Finland, Est. and Lith." etc. No doubt it sounded as you said and it would be better to put those extra words in between to clearly separate it.  I'm glad you brought this up in case others thought the same thing. I probably wasn't all that aware of the import of what I was reading or I would have clarified it, as you have done.

As to the Führer's Nordicism, I'm probably catering too much to all those critics who say that he wasn't and, not being an expert, try not to make claims I can't discuss intelligently. So thanks for this also because, you know what, you're right! I also think he seems to be about 5'10', not 5'9" or even 5'8" some want to say. Southern Germans tend to shrink more as they age (my observation only) and he certainly appeared taller, too, in those early pictures. Look at the one on this page with his dog Fuchl.

I'm glad to hear from you, Reino.

I don't consider myself an expert in the field of human anthropology either, but I am a bit versed on the matter. The primary reason the Führer is regarded as being un-Nordic is that he supposedly had black hair and dark eyes, which of course is false. Even so the pigmentation of the hair and eyes is rather inconsequential on determing who is Nordid and who is not. Granted, the Führer does not fall into the more stereotypical Skandonordid or Halstatt type category one typically associate the term Nordic with, but his facial proportions are still unmistakenly Nordid. In my non-expert conclusion Adolf Hitler was phenotypically either Keltic Nordic or an intermediate or mixture between Nordid and Dinarid. Which is only reasonable as southern Germany and Austria is where the Nordic and Dinaric sub-races meet ( along with Alpine ).
I must say I'm rather ignorant of Hitler's height. But I know Leon Degrelle wrote of him as "short", and he did indeed appear short compared to Mannerheim, but he was in any case taller than Franco. You are right that he does appear taller on earlier photographs. Perhaps a factor for him appearing to shrink was that his posture became a bit "hunched" at older age. 

I know Leon Degrelle is wildly popular, but he comes across as somewhat of a show-off to me. Some of what I read in his book (forget which one) seemed overly critical of Hitler, but in kind of a sly way. He praises Hitler but then cuts him at the same time. In pictures I looked at, Degrelle is only slightly taller than Hitler, Mannerheim might be 2 to 3 inches taller, Mussolini is shorter and Franco much shorter than Hitler. Remember Mannerheim was taller than everyone around him.

In pictures, Hitler just doesn't look like a short man, and he's usually similar in height to the other men around him. I just read on Axis History Forum someone saying Hitler was 5'8". That's false because Putin is said to be 5'7" and he is really short. So I still believe Hitler was between 5'9" and 10". I'd like to hear it from Heinz Linge, he would know. Wonder if it's in his book? Linge was very tall.