Swamp Creature Liz Cheney personifies Congress' failure to represent We the People

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2021-02-07 16:49

By Carolyn Yeager

LIZ CHENEY IS BEHAVING as a “domestic terrorist” against the Republican voters in her state as she insists to the people she is supposed to represent that it is 'her way or the highway' on the subject of Donald Trump's Senate political impeachment 'trial'. She claims her first responsibility is to vote her own conscience. This brings up the question “what is the job of a congressional representative – to represent the views of the voters who sent him/her to Washington to represent them, or to represent herself and her fellow 'Never Trumpers'?

A recent poll conducted by Trump pollster John McLaughlin found that 73 percent of Republicans in red Wyoming view her unfavorably—while 62 percent of all voters in the state similarly view her unfavorably. Only 10 percent of GOP voters, and 13 percent of all voters, say they would vote to reelect her, and she trails by more than 30 points—54 percent to 21 percent—against state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, who has announced a campaign against her since her impeachment vote.

In spite of this, swamp creature Cheney said today on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace:

"Look I think people all across Wyoming understand and recognize that our most important duty is to the Constitution. And as I've explained and will continue to explain to supporters all across the state, voters all across the state, the oath that I took to the Constitution compelled me to vote for impeachment, and it doesn't bend to partisanship, it doesn't bend to political pressure, it's the most important oath that we take." 

She might have said “[my oath to the Constitution] doesn't bend to the will of the people I'm here to represent.” Are the people simply to be thought of as “political partisans” functioning on a lower level than her own exalted self – who, let's remember, is only there in Washington because of them? She's there to be their voice.

Is it true that the oath to the Constitution she took - in the halls of Congress after she was duly elected to represent the people back home - is the sole guide to her speech and to how she votes?

And Chip Roy too 

This is a very important question that came to my attention last month when my congressional rep, Republican Chip Roy (right, meeting voters at Buzzie's Barbeque in Kerrville, Texas), held a “telephone town hall.” These telephone town halls are pretty much a PR gimmick in that they are totally controlled by the politicians hosting them. It seems that every identified Republican voter in the designated area is called and invited to join an ongoing question/answer session which lasts about an hour or an hour and a half. You're told to click 'star' and a number if you want to ask a question (which I did, along with hundreds of others). Eventually a staffer clicks in and asks for your question, then says you are “in the queue” and you will be connected to ask your question when your turn comes up. In the meantime, you are only on 'listen.'

Naturally, since my question was one Chip Roy didn't want to address, the “town hall” ended without me having an opportunity to engage with him. [Engage is the wrong word. The constituent is heard asking their question, but that is the last we hear from them. The congressman is then free to speak as long as he wants without any further response from the questioner.] But even so, I was pleased that all the questions I heard were in line with my own concerns in some way; they were complaints aimed at Roy's statements condemning President Trump's actions on and around the January 6protest at the Capitol and wanting to know what he was going to do about it. In defending himself, Roy relied on the same words that fellow conservative House member Liz Cheney is using. “My job is to defend the Constitution. That is my job,” he repeated several times. I immediately thought, No, your job is to represent us, your constituents, after finding out what we think – and that has never been more clear to me than it was then. He spoke to us like a church preacher affirming the words of the Bible which we daren't dispute. Yes, it felt just like that. He was an expert on the Constitution (we weren't), and he is just that egotistical! The questions from the voters were short; Roy's answers were quite lengthy. A couple times he even apologized for the length of his answers since it limited the number of constituents that could participate.

Roy had said after the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol that Trump "deserves universal condemnation for what was clearly impeachable conduct." How do you walk back from that? Well, he hasn't tried; instead he has tried to defend that remark in the face of angry voters.

Chip Roy is one of the most Christian Zionist and Israel-supporting of the 'Christian Constitutional Conservatives' in the House. He and our Senator Ted Cruz are good friends. Cruz' endorsement helped Roy win the Republican Primary in 2018 from a large field, and Roy is now beginning his second two-year term. I voted for him both times, though with little enthusiasm. This “telephone town hall” experience brought me to the determination he should be 'primaried' in 2022 for a better candidate. Because of his strong Christian-identity, he favors Pence over Trump and kept commending VP Pence's behavior as “following the constitution” and condemned the so-called Jan. 6 “rioters” for shouting “Hang the VP!” His outrage at that was very noticeable. Being a preacher at heart, as are so many politicians, he insisted on his right to "disagree” when his constituents expressed their anger at him for his original vote against Trump. He wasn't willing to acknowledge their point of view at all.

So the question can be asked: Is the first duty of a member of the House of Representatives to defend the U.S. Constitution or to represent the views of their constituents? For me, this is a no brainer – it is the latter. I believe it's the the job of the Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court, to defend (and interpret) the Constitution. It is also the job of the U.S. President, but not his primary job. It is least of all the job of the legislative branch, who are “the people's representatives” in the federal government. When a lowly representative like Chip Roy abandons the wishes of the majority of his constituency in order to follow his 'personal principles' because he places them higher than his duty to represent his voters back home; who thinks he “knows better” than they do, he does need to be replaced at the soonest possible date. The same goes for Liz Cheney, and I will be working toward that end.


Well said Carolyn!!
Biggest scam ever: Alien Crazianity from the desert imposed on Europeans by the degenerated Roman Empire.
The christian brainwashing goes so deep it has become  a genetic trait among many,  passed from one generation to the next. 
That Pence christian guy is beyond salvation! Actually a traitor!

I really don't know what anyone gets out of being an anti-Trump 'principled conservative' - they certainly won't get votes. Nikki Haley came out against Trump just today, and it's been revealed that Lindsey Graham (that two-faced homosexual who is now back to pretending to be Trump's friend) has been shopping her around to conservative donors. But this will be to no avail, as Haley has by her condemnation of Trump destroyed her career.
If Trump is to return to political life (and there's every indication he will), the Republican Party will need to be purged of the Haleys, Grahams, Romneys, McConnells, Cheneys... I think this process is inevitable, as the Republicans can't turn the clock back to 2004, try as they might. On that note, I found an excellent article, 'Why most ‘conservative’ sites dropped voter fraud coverage and turned on Trump so giddily', which lists the few sites (including the Gateway Pundit) which haven't yet shut up about the stolen election of 2020.
The achilles heel of the Trump administration was that leading positions weren't stacked with 'Trump's people'. The Democrats are not making that mistake, and neither did the NSDAP when it assumed power. Goering was made Minister of the Interior of the state of Prussia and put in charge of Prussia's massive police force. If Trump does come back, the FBI, Justice Department, State Department, intelligence agencies etc. need to be purged from top to bottom. And to determine a person's loyalty, each person needs to be asked, 'Do you believe that there was significant electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election, and if so, did it change the results of the election in favour of the Democrats?'. Their answer will determine their fate...
The events of 2020-21 really do prove the truth of the Führerprinzip: the Republican Party, the conservative movement, the nationalist / populist movement, are going nowhere without Trump. 

I agree with you on every point, David - 100%.

Nikki Haley was always a Never-Trumper, but she sure played up to him to take advantage of his power when he had it. She is a total disgrace (and someone I NEVER liked). She's a female Mitt Romney.  Glad she's out of the Trump picture now.

Graham wants so badly to play "Statesman" - how many times has he tried to run for president now? All those you named are soon to be completely out of the picture. All that's required is for real Trump supporters to hang tight, to not cave in even a millimeter. To mean it that "we're not going anywhere." If we do that, Trumpism will prevail.

And needs to for the good of the country and humanity. Thanks for your comment and links. How many have seen Mike Lindell's game-changing documentary on how the election was stolen?  "Absolute Proof". I think you can watch it here; I did.

Dear Carolyn, we overseas have read of a winter freeze in Texas and electricity shutdown, and on top of that a massive fire in San Antonio. I and your other readers hope you are well and you still have your electricity, regards, 

I had no idea you were "overseas," David. That's interesting.

I am doing very well, better than most probably because my needs are small. The extreme cold and snow has lasted longer than originally anticipated, which is good I didn't know in the beginning  (Feb. 9) for how long I'd be pretty much confined to home. I've made good use of it, however, in the way of some very beneficial reading and study. Thank God for the Internet.

I have never lost my power or heat, and just since two days ago have been without water for short periods of time. Right now it's very low pressure, but it does come out of the faucets. So no big deal. The sun is out today with temps going up to the mid 40s, so the new snow should pretty much melt. I'm hoping - had enough now of the "pretty" snow (and slippery conditions). I hear the supermarkets are empty though - our nice Walmart was even closed for at least 2 days!! Unheard of.

Just read this from Pennsylvania about their Senator Pat Toomey who voted to impeach Donald Trump:

The Westmoreland County GOP censured Toomey, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, while the Washington County Republican Party did the same, according to KDKA

"We did not send him there to vote his conscience. We did not send him there to do the right thing or whatever he said he's doing," Washington County GOP Chair Dave Ball told KDKA. "We sent him there to represent us."

Wow. Love it. That's exactly what I said about my congressman Chip Roy. I still hope to primary him. Those like him never really fight because they're only concerned with their principles. It's sort of a form of self-love or self-worship.