Announcement: "Hitler's Table Talk" will broadcast on Wednesday this week

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-09-02 09:32

This week only, Hitler's Table Talk will broadcast live on Wednesday, Sept. 3rd at 7pm Central time, instead of Thursday, Sept. 4th.

See you then -Carolyn


Is there any update to the translation of the Platterhof speech?

I have been trying to get it. The rules at the IfZ are that they don't send it to you. They are "short of staff" they say. Someone has to go there in person and request the speech, then themself make a copy of it there, and pay for the copy. But finding someone to go there is proving difficult.

There is a woman who lives in Munich who does it for pay but she is busy until the end of September. Too busy to go there and do that simple thing? Apparently. I haven't found anyone else, so I have to wait on her.

Anyone have a friend in Munich who could go and get this speech for me?