The Heretics' Hour: In Praise of My Ancestors

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-09-16 00:19

Sept. 15, 1914

Map the Kraichgau (outlined area) in Baden-Wüttemberg. Below the Kraichgau is the Black Forest. Enlarge

Carolyn Yeager discusses what she's learned about her own ancestry, and ties in matters of race, geography and marriage partners. 2hr4min.

  • The right of exclusion by race or ethnicity is denied us by today's post WWII NWO, which is a multi-national class rule;
  • Differences are more often a cause of conflict than they are a cause of enrichment or improvement;
  • Geographical location stamps itself into your being, especially when your ancestors have lived there for a long time;
  • Carolyn gives an overview of the relatively small area that her entire family line hails from;
  • The history of the Jews in the Kraichgau;
  • The Choice of a Mate by Anthony M. Ludovici and Carolyn's 2007 article based on it;
  • The NSDAP racial policy is the best that has been created and should be held up as an example to follow.

Sorry for the poor sound quality of this program - it was because of being forced to use "Direct Connect" instead of Skype. 


I'm very happy for you, Carolyn, for having found your roots, your homeland. One of the most beautiful areas in Germany.
Here is a little history about Kraichgau and Sanktanna. It's in German but Google translate will do to get an idea. This is a culture club that also organizes meetings to celebrate traditions.
"Deutschland über Alles" is rather in reference to German unity than superiority to the outside world. As you know, Germany was split in all these little states, some not even within the loose confederation. Germany above all suggests putting Germany as a whole above all before your respective state, which oftentimes were subject to foreign rule (in the case of Hanover for instance, where the British king was also the nominal head of state) and inner-German conflicts, often manipulated by these foreign interests, hindered unity.
Heino's version of our anthem is very impressive. Did you know that the melody was also used in Austria's national anthem? (notice that the Austrian Kaiser Franz is the protector of German lands - Deutsche Lande- in this anthem).
Baden-Württemberg's current motto: (Baden and the Palatine dialects and people are very similar to the Swabians (combined sometimes called Allemannen). Ignore Einstein in this text and "schaffe" means create, not work, although it is perceived as the same. 

I had in my notes but passed it by, what Einstein said in 1931:

Whenever I hear the expression "German citizen of Jewish faith," I have to laugh. These citizens in the first place want to have nothing to do with my poor Jewish brothers from the east; in the second place, not to be sons of my [Jewish] people, but only members of the Jewish cultural community? Is that honest? Can a non-Jew respect persons that dissimulate so? I am no German citizen. I am a Jew and happy to belong to the Jewish people.

I'm glad he said that. He was a pretty smart guy, after all.

Yup, Einstein was a stereotypical Jew. A dual-citizen, Jew first, whatever second. Today, many people only see this problem with Israeli dual-citizenship, but this nation of Jewish people are one unit with or without a country of their own. 
Karl Benz was from the Paletine-Bergstrasse, he lived in Ladenburg (a town in the adjacent of Heidelberg, just like Weinheim), and the first car was patented in Mannheim (the first quadratic city from which American city planers copied the easily managable layout). The first long distance trip by car was from Mannheim to Pforzheim, probably through the Kraichgau, idk for sure.  

And that first long distance car trip was made by his wife, Bertha, without his permission. She had her two sons with her, but she was a pretty good mechanic -- had to stop several times and repair things on the "automobile."That's what Wikipedia says on the Bertha Benz Memorial Highway page. In her picture, she looks young and pretty.

This is hilerious! Can you imagine the long faces of the people that saw this marvelous woman and her boys rushing through towns on this first horseless carriage? I read that Bertha made the trip without Karl's knowledge. Permission was not needed. She herself was working on developing the car and was also joint-owner of the Benz company. Several patents are in her name. Only after marriage, the law required that patents had to be proclaimed by the head of household. Bertha Benz is definitely another great German woman that advanced mankind as a whole with her intellect and bravery.
The Bertha Benz Memorial Route indeed goes right through the Kraichgau, Bretten for example.  

You are right, Markus. My "homeland" is definitely a part of the Karl and Bertha Benz story. Likewise with Gottlieb Daimler and Ferdinand Porsche in Stuttgart, and Wilhelm Maybach born in Heilbronn. What a bunch of mechanical geniuses who made Southwest Germany the automobile capital of the world.

Maybe I will write an article on Bertha Benz for my Heroic Women series. You have inspired me.

Don't thnk this area was spared by the destructive allies.

Heilbronn's city center was completely destroyed and the surrounding boroughs heavily damaged in a final massive air rain on Dec. 4, 1944.

Within one half hour 6,500 residents perished, most incinerated beyond recognition. Of those, 5,000 were later buried in mass graves in the Ehrenfriedhof (cemetery of honor). Every year a memorial is held in their honor.

Pforzheim got it even worse on Feb. 23, 1945, when the war was already won! The Royal Air Force killed about a quarter of the town's population, over 17,000 people, and destroyed 83% of the town's buildings.

The reason they gave for putting Pfozheim on the target list for carpet bombing in Nov. 1944 (and mindlessly carrying it out in Feb. '45) was that they thought precision instruments were being produced there.

The numbers of dead are probably low-balled. For me, there is no reconciliation possible under the current narrative. There is nothing Germany did that can excuse this kind of civilian mass murder.