three-year report

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2014-09-27 22:52

We're 3 years old!

393,400 visits

have ben made to this website in the three years since it's inception on September 27, 2011, making a total of 186,400 visits in this past year alone. 

This represents an increase of 70% over the previous year. or 54,000 more visits than in 2013. This compares to an increase of 57% in the 2nd year over the first. Thus, I have grown at a faster rate each year, which is good news!

During this past year I completed what I call the Wenger Family Archive (and here), of which I am very proud and which has a special place in my heart. I am ever so grateful to Willy Wenger for all of his assistance, and for the material itself, which is totally unique. Willy made the internet acquaintance of Willi Kriessmann in 2011 (I think); Willi Kriessmann kept telling me about Willy Wenger but I was distracted at the time with my Elie Wiesel project and my radio shows. Thankfully,  after Willi Kriessmann died in December 2012, Willy Wenger wrote to me and we became friends. What a wonderful friend he has turned out to be!

Willy loves to remind me that he actually saw Willi Kriessmann in summer 1944 when he landed a Messerschmidt 262 jet plane at the Oschatz airfield where Willy was assigned as a cadet. The cadets had never seen a jet before and were wondering what kind of strange plane it was, without propellers ... nor could they see a motor.  He says he admired the pilot and realized only after he met Willi that it was him. Willi K. delivered several jet planes to various airfields in '44 and '45. I can't resist telling this here because I have not got around to writing about it and adding it to the Archive as I've wanted to do.

This past year I have also added to the Ein Anderer Hitler section -"the Battle of the Architects" that Willi Kriessmann and I worked on together. This completes everything he translated from Hermann Giesler's book.

Lastly, I got down to business on my ancestry project and made real progress, which I have yet to put together in a more complete form. But I have a good start and the information is compiled. These three completed projects give me great personal satisfaction, making it a positive year for me.

Thanks to all of you, my dear readers and listeners, for your support and appreciation of the content offered here. I have my doubts I can continue the kind of growth I have experienced so far, but with your continued interest, and perhaps spreading the word, anything is possible!


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