Rodney Martin keeps changing partners but dances on

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2014-09-28 22:37

I have to admit Rodney Martin does sometimes surprise me.

In the comments to an article at Alternative-Right by Colin Liddell about Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, Rodney Martin (on Sept 26-27?) lists some weaknesses and hypocrisies of Anglin, followed by the failings of RamZPaul and AmRen (American Rennaisance). In this case, I agree with Martin's criticisms.

In a follow-up comment he continued his attack on Anglin and Daily Stormer:

Rodney Martin supporting Putin's takeover of Crimea based on "self-determination for all people" earlier this year during a demonstration in his neighborhood.

“Just what is the DS "ideology", for a while it referred to ISIS in glowing terms, i.e. bad asses, then of course it had a man crush on Putin. It seems DS ideology is much like conventional media, it swings with the wind. By the way, the idea that any publicity is good is patently false. Anyone who thinks screaming profanity, which ANN does not do, appeals to new people is wrong. Anyone who thinks using models of young girls to appeal to men and adult adolescents is wrong. DS creates a venue for people, the Choir, to continue to park their ass, bang on their key boards and do nothing.”

The commenter “curri” noted that Jobbik pulled out of the NPI conference, organized by Richard Spencer (previously of Alt-Right). Rodney Martin replies:

“Well, look at these speakers
Tom Sunic, just spoke at a Jewish Chabad Synagogue in Beverly Hills on Sept, 21
Jared Taylor, "Jews are White"
Richard Spencer "Race-Mixer" according to a recent podcast
Alexander Dugin Speaks and writes against Whites and in favor of Blacks, Browns & Yellows, Dugin talks like a Communist.
Tell me again why this Cabal represents our people???”

This caught my attention because Martin has not so long ago managed to get Tom Sunic to become associated with his organization, the American Nationalist Association. Rodney was thrilled to have Sunic appear as a guest on his ANN radio shows, along with people like Mark Weber. I had shown Sunic to be too homosexual-tolerant for my taste all the way back in 2010 and '11. That did not bother Martin. Sunic has been unwilling to talk about Jews, criticises what he calls “Jews, Jews, Jews WN mentality” in every speech and interview, but that did not bother Martin either. However, when Martin got complaints from his “supporters(?)” about Sunic getting on stage with rabbis and zionists the day before he was to speak at Martin's ANA conference in the same locale, Martin had to cut the cord.

It's really quite funny. Martin has been through innumerable partners and associates with his Association of which he is Chairman. Beginning with John Friend, who wrote the Introduction to the ANA Manifesto even though he was the father of a mixed Asian daughter, and Robert Lloyd, also father of a mixed Korean daughter, who created music and announcements for the network (ANN), until Martin had some kind of falling out with both of them. Since then it's been musical chairs at the ANA-ANN, with some of its highest-profile VIPs suddenly disappearing with nary an explanation.

One of the most amusing was Christopher John Borsella, the homosexual Imperium-promoter who quickly rose to Program Director, Executive Secretary and “Slanderer Extraordinaire First-class” at ANA-ANN, becoming the general favorite of Chairman Martin because of his servile, worshipful attitude--in spite of his pro-multicultural background. But it was not to last—suddenly he was gone too.

My point being that homosexuality, Jew-tolerance, race-mixing and any other sins Martin ascribes to others when he wants to distance himself from them, do not bother him when he can make use of such persons for his “projects.” He pretends as if he knows nothing of it and it is never mentioned.

Now that Tom Sunic is no longer viable, what about Mark Weber? With whom will Rodney Martin find new alliances? David Cole, maybe? It was Margaret Huffstickler who said on my radio show that Martin was a dancer--always waltzing away from any difficult questions. So I'll keep watching Martin to see who his next partners will be. It's fun.


Martin is taking the opportunity to stroke the flames of tension to weaken his competitors and make himself the voice of "white people".  Martin is about Martin; it's all about his power and control in the end.  He is making many serious accusations without providing links and evidence.

No wonder Rodney had heart-problems. He has Dunlap's disease. His belly dunlapped over his belt.

The closest thing I could find regarding Tom Sunic speaking at a "Synagogue".  It is a the Beverly Hills Community Sports Center which is owned by JEM (Jewish Educational Movement).  Sunic is really putting himself in a compromising position and may come off as rather naive at first glance.  
Are Jews really interested in setting up a dialogue with the "alternative right" or are they more interested in understanding and disarming their potential enemies and threats?  Is their congeniality in this situation genuine?
 It may be they are looking at Sunic as some sort of amusing curiousity and bizarre entertainment.  What may be an even more interesting question is how exactly are contemporary white-advocates affecting Jews?  Are a few Jews coming to the conclusion that keeping Western Civilization standing and predominately European ultimately in their best interests?  This is an odd case, and it is certainly not the norm.

Tom Sunic really acts like a blithering idiot at times.
For example, his promotion of Tubby Tubbington, long after I had filled him in on Tubby's history as a smearmonger and charlatan. I think he believed that since Greggy had praised Tubby before him, and since Greggy has a Ph.D., it must be right.

Tom Sunic has not grasped the severity of it all and is lowering himself to an animal status by meeting with animals who are planning our death... or he is so naive to think he HAS THE POWER to make things better between them and us as if you can change boars into lambs; or most likely, he is a politician trying to further himself. Forget Tom Sunic! Let him have his lukewarm intellectual crazy-making exercises until doomsday! Farewell milkytoast... or is it bootlicker?

Tom Sunic, my last thought last night and first thought this morning! Since Tom Sunic is Croatian, is he not regularly reminded what the Jews caused when they find another mass grave?… Does he just want to forget that it’s the Jews who have caused or did the slaughter?… Communist Partisans (speak Jew-led partisans) and Fascist Croatians - supporting the Germans - fought against each other in WWII. At the war’s end the Communist Partisans (speak Jew-led and Jew-infested) under Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, JEW DWIGHT EISENHOWER, slaughtered the Croatians massively. According to Croatian Minister of the Interiors, Tomislav Karamarko, there are about 840 mass graves of Croatians in Croatia, 600 in neighbor state Slovenia, and about 90 in Bosnia-Herzegovina. More are still found.

Tom Sunic seems to think we can "all get along." He's another one who blames Whites/Europeans for "letting Jews take over."

I also wrote about the mass graves in Croatia and Slovenia.

I'd prefer if you used a name when you write comments, any name, rather than a website address. Your name will link to your website, like Hadding's does. Thank you for that.

I am watching the entire speech; in part 2 Sunic stands up for revisionists (I believe at after about 22 minutes) while at the same time distancing himself from them.  He also distances himself from the far right and Nationalists as a whole, describing himself as an agnostic and apolitical.  I realize that he is a wordsmith concerned with the proper dialogue and that he is being diplomatic but his body language is child-like and submissive; he may also come across as patronizing by being so ingratiating.  Basically he is stating Islam and Christians should not be considered ethnic groups like Judaism and that Multiculturalism and immigration is posing serious problems to the west.  He also notes that the same forces that drove Arabs out of Europe also persecuted Germanic pagan tribes in the name of religion, not ethnic defense.

One more note; at , the blog of Luke Ford who hosted the Sunic talk at JEM it should be noted that a passage in the upper right hand of the web page clearly lays out the agenda:
"Teaching Goyim to Think Like Torah Jews"
 Luke Ford speaks plainly about his fears of America being dumbed down by immigrants of blacks and Hispanics remarking that blacks have I.Q.'s around 85, Hispanics 90, Whites 100, Asians 105, and Jews 113.  Luke Ford seems to want whites to be ethnically conscious but not in a way that harms Jews.