Leftie Social-Democrat ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is fast friends with Vladimir Putin

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Schröder with President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Moscow on 9 May 2005, sealing their new oil/gas partnership. 

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder today called for an end to Germany's sanctions against Russia. Of the various reasons he might have, one must be that he is a top stockholder representative of Nord Stream AG, the Russian-German natural gas pipeline company that's 51% owned by Russia's state-monopoly Gazprom.

“Germany doesn’t need a new Russia policy based on confrontation, as is being demanded by some hawks,” Schroeder said Wednesday. He said he was proud to understand Russia’s position and urged a return to “detente,” the policy of easing tension in Europe during the Cold War. [During the "cold war" the Soviet Union had tyrannical control over all Eastern European countries--is that what he wants to return to? See here.]


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The liberal Schröder and supposed traditionalist Vladimir Putin are personal friends who share family events together. This year Schröder and his wife traveled to St. Petersburg to celebrate his 70th birthday with President Putin. The Schröderrs have also adopted two children from Russia. (What is going on here? Is there something wrong with German children?) Schröder has been married four times.

Schröder was age 60 in 2004 when he and 4th wife Doris Köpf (right) adopted a Russian child from St. Petersburg, Putin's hometown; in 2006 they adopted a second one. [Could Schroeder be cooperating in a program to “Russianize” Germany and Europe? - cy]


Gerhard Schröder was chancellor of Germany from 1998 to 2005, during which time he led a coalition government of the left-wing socialistic SPD and the extreme left Green Party. Before becoming a full-time politician, he was a lawyer. Always a friend of the Greens, in 1982 he wrote an article on the idea of a Red/Green coalition which got the attention of socialist Chancellor Willy Brandt.

In its first term, Schröder's government decided to phase out nuclear power, fund renewable energies, institute civil unions which enabled same-sex partners to enter into a civil union, and liberalize naturalization law.

After the 2002 election, the SPD steadily lost support in opinion polls. Germany's high unemployment rate remained a serious problem for the government. On 1 August 2004, the 60th anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, Schröder apologised to Poland for "the immeasurable suffering" of its people during the conflict. He was the first German chancellor to be invited to an anniversary of the uprising.

Only a few days after his chancellorship ended in 2005, Schröder joined the board of directors of the joint Germany-Russia gas venture Nord Stream, giving rise to speculations about his objectivity while in office.

Foreign Policy

Schröder sent forces to Kosovo and to Afghanistan as part of NATO operations. When he left office, Germany had 2,000 troops in Afghanistan. In 2003, he was against the invasion of Iraq and refused military assistance in that war.

In addition to a friendly relationship with French leader Jacques Chirac, Schröder cultivated close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During a heated dispute between Russia and Estonia in May 2007 over the removal of a Soviet-era war memorial from the centre of the Estonian capital Tallinn to a military cemetery, Schröder defended the Kremlin's reaction. He remarked that Estonia had contradicted "every form of civilised behaviour". Consequently, the Estonian government cancelled a planned visit by Schröder in his function as chairman of Nord Stream AG, which promotes the petroleum pipeline from Russia to Germany.

The Odd Couple?

The connection between Schröder and Putin is so strong it may understandably raise some eyebrows. But it seems to me that the ground on which they meet could very well be the desire for a Socialist Europe cooperating, perhaps even merging, with a Socialist Russia, with the Nuremberg WWII narrative soundly in place and plenty of money to be made by the privileged, in league with the Jews. Does this sound a lot like the old Bolsheviki-Soviet world view? It does to me.

Above: Schröder and Putin in 2004 (before Vlad's facelift) revealing how incredibly close they are. There are many pictures like this where the German can't seem to keep his hands to himself. It's love.



The BRD's Basic Laws prohibits BRD troops outside of Germany. The Jew Joschka Fischer (Green Party, Vice-Chancellor BRD) advocated bombing Serbia, while being 100% anti-war for decades before. They apply the Basic Law at will, depending on the Allies that have the last say in its enforcement. Listen to Milosovic's tribunal speech, while waiting to be sentenced. He pretty much speaks the truth in many ways regarding the UN etc. And Schröder bombed Serbia, Russia's little brother. 
Putin and Schröder are best buddies. That is common knowledge in Germany. 

what the Schroeder's SAID about why they adoped two Russian children from St. Petersberg? Seems odd, to say the least.

Why? I don't know. But I read that the adoption judge in Klara's case was quite sceptical when Doris appeared in court to get custody over the 13 year old girl. The judge asked Doris what would be more important, Nato or the girl? The judge also asked the girl if she wanted to be with the Schröders, whereupon she answered that she hadn't been asked yet but she would say yes. Doris went alone to Russia to pick up Klara, for Gerhard was at a Nato meeting. 
Interestingly Russia put their adoptions to foreigners on ice during that era because foreigners had abused Russian adoption children, especially Americans. 
I believe the Schröders have three Russian adoption children. 

They have three children in all, but only two from Russia.

Schroeder seems to have a fierce desire to bring Germany and Russia together. Bringing Russian-born children to Germany to become citizens may be seen as one way to accomplish this, however it also can breed spies for the Russian Federation. I've given the case of several half-Russian Germans (born in Russia and brought to Germany at a young age) who did indeed become traitors to Germany. I think it stinks, but people are afraid to say anything against it because of political correctness where "White" children are involved. 'All Whites are the same' is the accepted mantra.

I see Gerhard Schroeder as a complete traitor. Here is another article: http://english.pravda.ru/russia/politics/17-08-2004/6589-schroeder-0/

Another one:  http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/27/ukraine-russia-schroeder-idUSL...

An excerpt:

An ARD TV investigation, called "The dubious activities of the ex-chancellor on Putin's behalf", said Schroeder took part in a secret meeting at the Russian embassy in Berlin on March 4, three days after Putin announced his right to invade Ukraine.

Schroeder's office declined to comment on the report and said he was not available for an interview.

This is confusing. Is Klara not adopted or even Doris' biological child but she did not have custody over her?
Putin's children go to German school, Schröder's children are Russian...it wouldn't be that bad if I'd trust those people. Schröder sold the SPD worker class out completely. Unemployment reforms, more immigration, more outsourcing, mass deals with Capitalists, betraying the unions, the first German war after 1945 even though he was anti-war and the Basic Law prohibits troops outside the Bund etc. Yes Schröder opposed the Iraq war but sent support otherwise such as police training etc.  
Interviews of his before becoming Chancellor aren't even that bad but you can say the same about Obama. 

I was going to say that Obama was practically the only one in Congress who voted against the Iraq War and look how he turned out! The most important issue is not war but immigration.

I think that there are Jews on both sides of the Russia-Ukraine situation.
That often happens. The Confederate States of America had a Jew as treasurer, and you might point to Judah Benjamin and suppose that the CSA was therefore the side that the Jews favored more, but you'd be wrong.
Jews usually try to control both sides of any situation to some degree. They are even trying to infiltrate White Nationalism, with at least a bit of success.
What impresses me the most about the situation with Putin and the Ukraine is that all of this shtf only a few months after Putin's statesmanship prevented what was clearly going to be a Zionist war against Syria.
Even if Putin is not the ideal leader, even if he kisses Jew butt some of the time, he did stop the attack on Syria, and that is a distinction.

Thanks for pointing out so well that we can't tell whose side "the Jews" are really on by seeing a few Jewish faces and following rumors that someone had a Jewish grandfather. I have read about Putin's alleged Jewishness too.

Putin gets a lot of credit for Syria, and I have to admit that that was one that I didn't pay much attention to. But I think that really has nothing to do with his ownership attitude for Ukraine (and the Baltic states) -- so strong that he will go to war over it. Fact is, these countries have plenty of experience with Russian rule, and they don't want it anymore.

It bothers me that he lies so much; uses it as a strategy. He feels that everything is fair to him since he plays the underdog, the odd man out against the West.

If he is really a "traditionalist" and Russian patriot, why is he best friends with a leftist, same-sex-unions-promoting one-worlder who doesn't give a darn about Germany -- namely Schroeder. Schroeder is mostly interested in money and so is Putin. Money is power. You can't get it without playing ball with the Jews. This is what I wanted to get across in this post.

I may be a bit late on this post, but I thought some of Christopher Jon Bjerknes's initial posts on the Ukrainian situation were interesting. Ill see if I can find the links to some of his more interesting ones, but I'll have to dig back through his blog archives. He also recently posted this one on Schroeder accusing him of being a sellout and a traitor who has forced Germany to become dependant on Gazprom.
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I've also been trying to following Niqnaq's blog a lot recently,  (he is not the easiest guy to read, but he is right on top of events in Ukraine and elsewhere). I think you're on the right track about Putin. He is a complicated character, but his true colours are showing through now.

I think I've told you before that I don't post links to Bjerknes - he is a deceptive Jew. I have not liked Niqnaq either in the past (but I will check it out). I have been finding Paul Goble helpful. http://windowoneurasia2.blogspot.com/

I don't know anything about Goble's whole political position except he appears to be in good standing with the globalists, but he translates a lot of stuff and has an extensive archive of interesting material.

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