The Heretics' Hour: Resolving "The Slav Question?"

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Oct. 6, 2014

Carolyn Yeager responds to Wolf Wall Street's request that she "resolve this question (the Slav Question) herself" by addressing the issue head-on. In the second hour, a call from Markus added much of interest to the program, and toward the end of the 2nd hour Wolf Wall Street (Bob) also called and we had a 3-way discussion. 2hr19min. Subjects included:

  • Slavic is a language group covering a large area of Eastern Europe;
  • Paul Goble reports on the inventions about history currently being propagated in Russia apparently with govt. approval;
  • Connection between Serbia and Russia, and their important role in instigating WWI;
  • How do Whites deal with the differences between themselves in order to remain something of a cohesive group with trust between them;
  • How to order a White society.

Image: A Polish peasant woman with three little blonde-haired girls. Date unknown.


Here's something I found from the BBC blaming Serbia for "starting WWI" but it doesn't go into any detail, such as Russia's encouragement, funding and support of Serbia.

Sir Richard J Evans - Regius professor of history, University of Cambridge


Serbia bore the greatest responsibility for the outbreak of WW1. Serbian nationalism and expansionism were profoundly disruptive forces and Serbian backing for the Black Hand terrorists was extraordinarily irresponsible. Austria-Hungary bore only slightly less responsibility for its panic over-reaction to the assassination of the heir to the Habsburg throne.

France encouraged Russia's aggressiveness towards Austria-Hungary and Germany encouraged Austrian intransigence. Britain failed to mediate as it had done in the previous Balkan crisis out of fear of Germany's European and global ambitions - a fear that was not entirely rational since Britain had clearly won the naval arms race by 1910.

The issue with using Slavic troops was clearly, How far can we trust them?

National-Socialist Germany was happy to ally with Slavic countries.
Hitler tried to have an alliance with Poland, and did have an alliance
with Yugoslavia, which was broken by the overthrow of that government.

Slavs under a Slavic government that was allied with Germany were
considered trustworthy: Croatia, Slovakia, Bulgaria.

Slavs from an area under German occupation and administration were
considered much less trustworthy. They had their own interests that
had nothing to do with Germany, and might switch loyalties.

In his second Posen speech in 1943 Himmler said that it was wonderful
to have one Russian in a tank crew, but as soon as there were two
Russians they would start conspiring with each other.

Polish troops were only mobilized by Germany near the end of the war
when a significant part of Poland had come under the Red Army and they
could be sent behind Soviet lines and thus there was no issue of
having to trust them not to mutiny or desert.

Stepan Bandera's Ukrainian liberation army was also only mobilized
late in the war when the Ukraine had been substantially occupied by
the Red Army. ... Hadding

Hi Carolyn,
this may be of interest to  you.
Babylon before Hitler - Proof that Hitler was not evil.

Re: WWI cause, Gavrilo Princip, etc. .... Russia and Germany were moving closer together from the 19th into the 20th century until kikejew dominated Brits financed Japan, who then defeated Russia (1905); and a little the Brit Triple Entente sucker play eventually embroiled Russia in a war to back British ally Serbia.The "East" has nothing to give? .... Resources and Land.Not much civilization was created in the Balkans?Note the wars against the Muslims for centuries.They were the buffer!Hungary is about 20% Turkic. There are two regions which were given to them centuries ago. This is probably one reason why Jobbik is pro-Turk.

British ally Serbia? You've got your own theories, Bob. I can't really follow it. Why don't you write in real sentences?

For some reason, all formatting is stripped when add comments here from my text editor (same as last time... note how my previous email formats were retained).
If this is a separate line, that's the problem.
P.S. Please check out the Triple Entente operation.

There's nothing about a British-Serbia alliance. Indirectly through Russia perhaps, but really just a Russia-Serbia understanding. You make too much of Serbia; it's always been a trouble-maker.

Wikipedia says: The economy is dominated by services which accounts for 60.3% of GDP, followed by industry (automotive and food-processing plants, and mining) with 31.8% of GDP, and agriculture at 7.9% of GDP.

It doesn't say what their "services" are. Hairdresser, waiters, etc. like that?

I think your friend Alex is "Serb" from Daily Stormer (no longer appears there, probably changed his name) who married a German woman with some children or a child already, lives there with her. Right?

Yes, to get a space between lines, you must put in two spaces. I hope everyone reads this.

Hitler negotiated the border regions with France and Italy and the Volksdeutsche Question quite defensively. In order to create peace, he offered France Alsace-Lorraine for good if France treats Volksdeutsche right, South-Tyrol to Italy (including removal of Germans from there). He offered Britain to keep German colonies. With the USSR, he offered to remove Volksdeutsche from the Baltics. And Hitler offered Poland and CSSR good deals also. Referendums in Danzig and the Corridor or other fair solutions and protecting Bohemia as part of the German Realm as Bohemia was since 800 one way or another. Hitler would not risk a great war with any of the great powers. Poland was about the same size as Germany and without her alliance with UK and France, she wouldn't have acted the way she did, dissing Germany and slaughtering Volksdeutsche.
Hitler and Stalin did not have an alliance but a non-aggression pact on the basis of drawing a line of spheres of influence. Hitler didn't really want that, but he preferred Poland as ally and possibly UK and France. People forget that the USSR was a complete terror state, I think. Petty nationalism and capitalism in Europe was in the way to form a front against the Soviets. If laughable states that have big mouths because they are backed by the two Western empires go crazy, the best thing is to expand your sphere of influence toward the non-laughable states, the real threatening mega power in the East. 
Same with Italy. Nostra Mare would mean that Italy secures European interests in the Mediterranean. If 50 million Italians station troops in Albania or Greece to draw a line towards the Turks and Arabs, is that occupation really that bad or just an ego problem of 5 million Greeks that have no chance eye to eye against Turkey? Same in the Balkans. I know Yugoslaws wish to control their area and argue about who owns a certain city or river, while the Turks go in and annex those areas altogether. Is it not wise to place German or Austrian troops on the borders to the Ottomans for the sake of Europe? 
And would it not be wise to secure Europe's natural Ural border for the European peoples as a whole instead of letting this Pan-Slavic/Eurasia experiment creep in unto the gates of Berlin and Vienna as it happened with the Warsaw Pact?
Hungarians are indeed part Turk but mostly European. You want them feel a part of your team and identify more with Finns and Europe than Pan-Turks. Same with Bulgarians. They are racially even more Turkish but speak a Slavic language. You want Bulgaria in your sphere of influence, either as ally or if needed possession. That's better than handing it to the Ottomans or become cozy with Pan-Turkism. 
Friendly Slavic states (Croatia, Bulgaria) or Hungary or Rumania understood that you don't mess in this situation with the USSR in front of you. Again, what is so bad about building fortresses along the ural to keep the Asiatic Hordes out of Europe? USSR/Russia's meta-continent with all its many races will always be a threat to Europe. Plus, Russia/USSR sits on so much land, it is honestly pure insanity that 200 million Russians of which half or so are Asiatics possess half of Europe and half of Asia, while there is little and overcrowded space in the other half of Europe.
It's basically the same as what's happening in the US with Mexicans and Western Europe with Turks, Arabs and Africans, except Eastern Europeans are White. But they come and go to Britain and spend the better pay of Britain in their home countries and claim benefits if they wish to. They also speak their own language and thereby destroy British languages. If it's not worth benefitting from British prosperity anymore, they go home and their loyalty is with their home countries.
This is the true face of "White Nationalism". What happens in Britain now has been reality in Germany and Austria for a long time. Staunch Eastern nationalists that want a piece of Germanic ingenuity but would never want any say of Germanics in their countries. This is dubbed "Slav-Hate" with many stories surrounding it. 

Yep, you are so right that this is the true face of "White Nationalism." It will be the weak leeching off the strong until the strong are weak too. It doesn't matter that we're all white. This is what I see as the big problem that "political correctness" is covering up.

Remember that Hitler knew that we shouldn't go against the natural order.

Often this debate over white nationalism  looks like  the debaters are in the prepatory stages of a grand white unification, where the struggle over organized Jewry is mostly over, and we are arguing over whether or not to unite several white European natiopns in a politcal union, or not.  The white nationalism debate is really looking far ahead of the actual situation on the ground, it seems.
There is nothing wrong with whites in various countries forging links and cooperating, but lets not talk about political unions or confederacy's , as this is silly, it disregards the individual nations own distinct culture. The exceptions might be countries that speak the same languages, such as Austria and Germany, etc.
Each white nation ought to struggle to be free, we  can offer some moral or material support to the other whites if one wants, but dont interpret  this as a prelude to a future great integration.  The far right parties in Europe have liasons with each other,  whites from all over can cooperate without this dream of unification.
Russian achievements are vast, they almost beat us to the Moon, etc,  If we cant trust them, I also dont trust Americans any more either.
The horozontal  debate ( white nationalism) can also lead to the vertical issue- what about debating the best vs. the least within a nation, the smart people vs. the dumbos , who are all the same white ethnic people? This is related to eugenics. If we ever applied this to the slav lands, then would the best there be extra welcomed by Germanics etc? 
Thought experiment:  if something happened, and all the worlds whites suddenly died, except  a few Russians, then shouldnt we then strive to save those Russians  tooth and nail ?
I think Britain /Jews also had a hand in the triggering of WW1.....

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your comments.

Russian achievements are vast, they almost beat us to the Moon, etc,  If we cant trust them, I also dont trust Americans any more either.

The Russian's space program was built by the Germans, as was the American's. The Russians had good space and armament programs, but they couldn't make their economy work. Today, they seem to be totally dependent on their natural resources (which is what are vast) that are another gift. Their own consumer production has always been inferior to the West. As far as I see it, these are just facts, not an attempt to bash the Russians.

This is related to eugenics. If we ever applied this to the slav lands, then would the best there be extra welcomed by Germanics etc?

Who is "we?" Peoples can only apply eugenics to themselves. I'm all for it.

Thought experiment:  if something happened, and all the worlds whites suddenly died, except a few Russians, then shouldnt we then strive to save those Russians tooth and nail ?

This is not a very good thought experiment. No one is talking about getting rid of Russians. Of course every white person has value for being white, but we are talking about an "Order" or a ruling elite, if you will. However, I go along with you that "each white nation ought to struggle to be free" ... pretty much on their own, with cooperation and moral support from the others. 

I think Britain /Jews also had a hand in the triggering of WW1.....

Of course they did. But the role of Russia and Serbia is not brought up enough. I am going to try to get something together on this for next Monday night's Heretics' Hour. I decided that this morning. Smile