The Heretics' Hour: Hitler and the Slavs

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Oct. 13, 2014

Hitler meets with Polish Foreign Minister Josef Beck in 1937. Beck was a chain smoker and Hitler, who mostly refused to allow smoking in his presence, made an exception for Beck but doesn't seem too happy about it.

Carolyn continues from last week, answering accusations that Hitler hated Slavs and his anti-Slav policies caused Germany to lose the war. 2hr12m.

  • Polish car-stealing gangs operate in Frankfurt am der Oder in Brandenburg State by just crossing the river because of EU Schengen laws;
  • Using quotes from Mein Kampf as representing Hitler's policies in 1939 is absurd, yet most Hitler detractors do it;
  • Persecution of ethnic Germans trapped in Poland and Czechoslovakia is recorded in online reading at Wintersonnenwende archive;
  • Hitler speaks of his invasions of both Poland and Soviet Union as due to forces beyond his control;
  • Serbia's role in WWI revisited - assassinated Austrian Archduke and wife under orders from Russia, helped along and encouraged by France;
  • Austrian Emperor was not unreasonable for wanting some punishment for and restraint in Serbia;
  • Serbia's long history of failure and frustration of nationalist goals, and warring behavior with it's neighbors;
  • EU member states should be classified into an order something like A, B and C groups, and any new European Order should too;
  • Did Hitler have a hatred of Serbia because of 1914?


“Let there be no mistake; the 30th January was not the beginning of the agitation against Germany; in 1923 over half a million Germans had to leave their historical homelands, Posnia-West Prussia, and this number increased – according to Polish statements – to a million by 1931.” – Heinz Roth, publisher

“If the principle of self-determination had been applied in Germany’s favor, as it was applied against her, it would have meant the return of the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, parts of Poland, the Polish Corridor and Danzig to the Reich.” Lord Lothian, in his last speech to Chatham House

“On the contrary, he (Hitler) wanted to remove Danzig as an obstacle, so that he could strengthen their friendship (between Germany and Poland).” - Lipski, Polish Ambassador to Berlin


[Text of the German proposal of August 29, 1939:] 
Proposal for a settlement of the Danzig-Corridor problem and the German-Polish minority question: 
The situation between the German Reich and Poland is now such that any further incident could lead to action by the military forces that have taken position on both sides of the frontier. Any peaceful solution must be such that the basic causes of this situation are eliminated so that they are not simply repeated, which would mean that not only eastern Europe but other areas as well would be subject to the same tension. The causes of this situation are rooted in, first, the intolerable border that was specified by the dictated peace of Versailles [of 1919], and, second, the intolerable treatment of the minority populations in the lost territories. 
In making these proposals, the German Reich government is motivated by the desire to achieve a permanent solution that will put an end to the intolerable situation arising from the present border demarcation, secure to both parties vitally important connecting routes, and which will solve the minority problem, insofar as that is possible, and if not, will at least insure a tolerable life for the minority populations with secure guarantees of their rights. 
The German Reich government is convinced that it is absolutely necessary to investigate the economic and physical damage inflicted since 1918, with full reparations to be made for that. Of course, it regards this obligation as binding on both sides. 
On the basis of these considerations, we make the following concrete proposals: 
1. The Free City of Danzig returns immediately to the German Reich on the basis of its purely German character and the unanimous desire of its population. 
2. The territory of the so-called [Polish] Corridor will decide for itself whether it wishes to belong to Germany or to Poland. This territory consists of the area between the Baltic Sea [in the north] to a line marked [in the south] by the towns of Marienwerder, Graudenz, Kuhn and Bromberg -- including these towns -- and then westwards to Schoenlanke. 
3. For this purpose a plebiscite will be conducted in this territory. All Germans who lived in this territory on January 1, 1918, or were born there on or before that date will be entitled to vote in the plebiscite. Similarly, all Poles, Kashubians, and so forth, who lived in this territory on or before that date, or were born there before that date, will also be entitled to vote. Germans who were expelled from this territory will return to vote in the plebiscite. 
To insure an impartial plebiscite and to make sure that all necessary preliminary preparation work is properly carried out, this territory will come under the authority of an international commission, similar to the one organized in the Saar territory [for the 1935 plebiscite there]. This commission is to be organized immediately by the four great powers of Italy, the Soviet Union, France and Britain. This commission will have all sovereign authority in the territory. Accordingly, Polish military forces, Polish police and Polish authorities are to clear out of this territory as soon as possible, by a date to be agreed upon. 
4. Not included in this territory is the Polish port of Gdynia, which is regarded as fundamentally sovereign Polish territory, to the extent of [ethnic] Polish settlement, but as a matter of principle is recognized as Polish territory. The specific border of this Polish port city will be negotiated by Germany and Poland and, if necessary, established by an international court of arbitration.
5. In order to insure ample time for the preparations necessary in order to conduct an impartial plebiscite, the plebiscite will not take place until after at least twelve months have elapsed. 
6. In order to ensure unhindered traffic between Germany and East Prussia, and between Poland and the [Baltic] Sea, during this period [before the plebiscite], certain roads and rail lines may be designated to enable free transit. In that regard, only such fees may be imposed that are necessary for the maintenance of the transit routes or for transport itself. 
7. A simple majority of the votes cast will decide whether the territory will go to Germany or to Poland. 
8. After the plebiscite has been conducted, and regardless of the result, free transit will be guaranteed between Germany and its province of Danzig-East Prussia, as well as between Poland and the [Baltic] Sea. If the plebiscite determines that the territory belongs to Poland, Germany will obtain an extraterritorial transit zone, consisting of a motor super-highway [Reichsautobahn] and a four-track rail line, approximately along the line of Buetow-Danzig and Dirschau. The highway and the rail line will be built in such a way that the Polish transit lines are not disturbed, which means that they will pass either above or underneath. This zone will be one kilometer wide and will be sovereign German territory. In case the plebiscite is in Germany's favor, Poland will have free and unrestricted transit to its port of Gdynia with the same right to an extraterritorial road and rail line that Germany would have had. 
9. If the Corridor returns to Germany, the German Reich declares that it is ready to carry out an exchange of population with Poland to the extent that this would be suitable for the [people of the] Corridor. 
10. The special rights that may be claimed by Poland in the port of Danzig will be negotiated on the basis of parity for rights to Germany in the port of Gdynia.  
11. In order to eliminate all fear of threat from either side, Danzig and Gdynia will be purely commercial centers, that is, with no military installations or military fortifications. 
12. The peninsula of Hela, which will go to either Poland or Germany on the basis of the plebiscite, will also be demilitarized in any case. 
13. The German Reich government has protested in the strongest terms against the Polish treatment of its minority populations. For its part, the Polish government also believes itself called upon to make protests against Germany. Accordingly, both sides agree to submit these complaints to an international investigation commission, which will be responsible for investigating all complaints of economic and physical damage as well as other acts of terror. 
Germany and Poland pledge to compensate for all economic and other damages inflicted on minority populations on both sides since 1918, and/or to revoke all expropriations and provide for complete reparation for the victims of these and other economic measures. 
14. In order to eliminate feelings of deprivation of international rights in the part of the Germans who will remain in Poland, as well as of the Poles who will remain in Germany, and above all, to insure that they are not forced to act contrary to their ethnic-national feelings, Germany and Poland agree to guarantee the rights of the minority populations on both sides through comprehensive and binding agreements. These will insure the right of these minority groups to maintain, freely develop and carry on their national-cultural life. In particular, they will be allowed to maintain organizations for these purposes. Both sides agree that members of their minority populations will not be drafted for military service. 
15. If agreement is reached on the basis of these proposals, Germany and Poland declare that they will immediately order and carry out the demobilization of their armed forces. 
16. Germany and Poland will agree to whatever additional measures may be necessary to implement the above points as quickly as possible. 
[End of the text of the German proposal] 
Map of ethnic populations in the German-Polish border region.

The Corridor was majority Polish, except West-Prussia in the North. The Center and South Corridor would have gone to Poland largely and many of the German towns and villages towards Warsaw and Eastern  Poland would have been cleared of Volksdeutsche to be resettled somewhere West within the Reich. 
Poland's refusal to even consider further talks goes in line with the Polish attitude of today regarding the auto theft issue. No response. Arrogance. Projection of blame (it's the Germans' fault that they park their cars in the streets of Frankfurt a.d.Oder, LOL). Poland now has the Corridor and Danzig, plus the rest of Germany East of the Oder River. What else do they want? All Germans were violently expelled overnight 1945-48. Poland for the Poles! Why are they crossing the Oder now to the "evil" Germans? What else do these people want? White Nationalism? The remaining Germany full of White Poles? 
The expulsion of Germans had nothing to do with Hitler invading the "innocent" Poles, but only with the Pan-Slavic Conference of 1848 that already lined out ethnic cleansing of Germans East of the Oder River. 100 years later, it was completed. 

Something wrong with the recorded version of the show? It´s only 1:39:46 (as displayed in the player above) and breaks off abruptly. Do you have the complete version?

I don't know why, but I had trouble getting the full program downloaded. Finally succeeded. I just realized late this afternoon it was not all there. Thanks for your heads up about it.

I might take the occasion for a remark... I much appreciate your recent shows about the Slav subject, and "White Nationalism", versus distinct ethnicities, etc. You said many things that are hard to state, you even added that, like "wow... it´s hard to say that"... ok what I´m getting at is this (I might say first that I´m a German): you said something of the kind that "Germans are the best". Now, yes, I agree that that´s hard to voice but... I, also with inhibition...: I think the same thing. Just when I look at all things... history... it´s simply what I have to come to.
Yup. Strange, but that´s what it is. Where Germans are, there is top organisation. No corruption. Honesty. Altruism. Everything works out fine. No criminality. Etc. etc. Holds true compared to other Whites, too, not just compared to Coloreds. Takes time to get to such a position. Seems arrogant, "supremacist". Yet I admit that that´s what I come to. So I guess we have to deal with the WN question in light of such an attitude. No idea to what result. But... that´s what it is.
So thanks Carolyn for having the honesty (also such a central german quality), and the courage, to voice that. I guess that that´s hard to voice, so my respects, and thanks, for that. We´ll have to see how to move on in light of such thinking (what it means for the White Cause).

Thank you so much for expressing this. I'm going to put together a post that pertains to this ... from some comments I just read by Joschka Fischer.

Since we covered Hitler's alleged Slav hatred (for no reason of course), let's look into Slavic hatred of Germans. Let's start with Poland's national anthem. (Very interesting)'.htm
And Yugoslavia's relation to it.
Different languages call Germans: Allemans, Saxons or Germans. All respectful names that vary due to initial contacts with only one respective German tribe. Germans call themselves Deutsch from Teutonic. What do Slavs call Germans (and eventually all Germanic people, IDK)?:  "Mute" or "A people without a language":
 Could it be that the "Land of the Thinkers and Poets" (Germany incl Austria) doesn't quite fit their perception and they constantly consciously or unconsciously try to make their perception reality to shut Germans up and be a people without a language (or without a say)?  
I am sure there is literature of Slavic hatred for Germans galore, centuries old and current. We've read the anti-German quotes of Poles during the 1920's-40's. This is not because of Hitler, it's because of the "mute people" in general. 

I am sure there is literature of Slavic hatred for Germans galore, centuries old and current.

Yes there is. And there is one webpage which I used to know how to get to written by a German woman, very long and referenced, of many hateful lies and distortions told by Poland (and Polish priests against German Lutherans - that they are of the devil, etc.), including in their schoolbooks, and giving their own version of history. Plus how they claim works of literature and scholarship to be Polish when they were by Germans.

I have lost track of it but I think it was linked from some website. It had a kind of longish title. I wish I had some key words to offer but I can't come up with any.

Franklin Ryckaert, supporting Daniel S at Majority Rights, writes:

 Hitler didn’t see the Slavs as equals, he saw them as inferiors (“Untermenschen”) and wanted to colonize their lands. That appears clearly from his Table Talk.

Anyone who can show me that Poles are the equals of Germans would be doing what no one has ever done. That's why I say: WN's abhor "political correctness" when it's applied to non-Whites but most embrace it within the White commuinity. That's what they call a winning proposition for Whites. However, no one really believes it.

The page I've been wanting to find again was just posted in a comment at The Daily Stormer. I could hug that guy. His name is Tawain and I've agreed with a lot of his comments.  It's

The title of the page is Poland and falsifications of Polish history by Else Löser. I'm just so glad to find it again. Please take a look.

I read the text and much if it rings true, but I can't say for sure, especially the ancient history. But Hitler also speaks of genetic German Poles that are the greatest threat to the Reich. A capable people that betray their origins. 
Copernicus, German or Polish haha. That I know. Usually, they say now he is both but nevertheless the glory goes only to Poland. After all, Germany has another 1,000 greatest men of world history, right? :-) I saw a state parliament discussion on TV in Mecklemburg-Vorpommern, where the NPD complained that new archeological findings in Pomerania (now Poland) are not labeled correctly, since the artifacts are 100% German in character. Poland claims they are Polish and the Antifa- political class of Meck-Vorp simply ignored the issue, turned off the NPD speaker's mic and called him names. He was just making factual points, no Pole-bashing or insults against the speaker of the house etc (legit reasons to turn off the mic). 
Poland won 2:0 against Germany (the world champion) in Warsaw last week. The first time since 1933. The Polish fans totally freaked out. That is to be expected. But the Polish state also redesigned one of their border signs to 2:0 with 2 in Polish colors and 0 in German. This is clearly a diplomatic insult. If Germany would do that, we'd see "liberation" again in Germany. 

Hitler stated Croatians are Slavs by coincidence but their nature is German in an earlier episode. Is the Serbo-Croation feud similar to the Polish-German, only that both basically speak the same language? 

The Eastern Germanic languages are completely extinct. They were spoken roughly what is now Poland and down to Ukraine and Crimea. Hitler said that too!
This gives more credibility to this Falsification text you posted. Btw, Frisian is more like Danish as mentioned in this link. I thought Norwegian. Do you remember how Hitler said, German dialects need to be preserved in a previous Table Talk? He was not out to standardize all German languages to a standard German. Frisian would have probably experienced a revival in the common Gau. It's almost extinct in Germany. Point is, Danish, Dutch, Swedish etc would not have been phased out in a Greater Germanic Reich. Not at all! 

Fantastic Quotes. Many also from Poles that wanted war and/or ethnic cleansing of Germans. (Scroll down 1/3 to "Poland")
Also, Serbia/Albania is in the news for this soccor match lately over "Greater Albania". Mussolini and Hitler supported and installed Greater Albania, fyi. Also, there is about 1 million Serbs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland alone today and another million in the rest of Western Europe. Serbs are #1 on the Self-Esteem Index.
I have no dog in the fight other than wanting to repatriate both Serbs and Albanians (and the rest of the Eastern European masses) from Greater Germany. Poland and Serbia especially wanted to be Uber-Nationalists without German/Austrian influence. Well, stick to it proud Slavs! Joschka Fischer's NATO war resulted in a mass-exodus to Germany from there. Nothing else.  

These quotes are fantastic, and accurately reflect the attitude that took hold of Poland for so long. The Germans were long-suffering in dealing with it. When everything came to a head in 1939, Hitler and the Germans en masse were fed up with these smart alecks and had no sympathy left for them. It was the same with the Serbians in 1941 - cut their heads off ! (figuratively)

I'm going to repeat the first link here, to encourage readers to go there.

We used to be able to select the type size for a comment, but that option has disappeared. 

The huge number of Serbs living in Germany-Austria and all over Western Europe is disgusting to me, based on their rhetoric. Why don't they migrate to Russia?? They sided with the Russians and the communists in both big wars. Joschka Fischer is on that side too, and he didn't live in Germany until 1946 after his family was expelled from Hungary (He's another of the Danube Swabians). He grew up quite poor and was attracted to Communism - "Mr. Green Party." Every non-German person anywhere is more important and valuable to him than a German. He feels good about himself that way.

Today, Serbia has honored V. Putin, celebrating the defeat of Germany and the victory of the Reds. How hypocritical can they be? Serbs are not heroic in any way but, like the Poles and Jews, seek only their own advantage. "What's good for us?"

Anyone who can show me that Poles are the equals of Germans would be doing what no one has ever done. That's why I say: WN's abhor "political correctness" when it's applied to non-Whites but most embrace it within the White commuinity. That's what they call a winning proposition for Whites. However, no one really believes it.

Thank you 1 million times for that. Firstly the Poles to me behave like the Jews. I could swear they are one and the same based on their behaviour. Secondly you have now written about what I have been shouting at for more than 7 years - WN is the same as multi-culturalism. You can see how it gets pushed on WN places such as Stormfront. That forum does more damage than what one would see off hand. I miss Skandi which was based more on European heritage than the colour of your skin.

See my comments at Majority Rights -

They tie in with this program and the one I will do on Monday.

DanielS, manager of the site, admits he uses sock-puppets to comment, in addition to his real name. He was forced to admit it when I uncovered his little game, then he claimed he was doing it transparently, not being dishonest. Not so! What a weasel.

The MR site is comment-friendly so readers here can let it be known what YOU think about Daniel's admission. Please be objective though, if you do.

Of course this is no great deduction: DanielS and Guessedworker are both weird.
For example: GW thinks no one can engage in abstract reasoning unless they cross HIS arbitrary threshold of an IQ> than 124. WTF?!? Where the hell did he get that? Well, I'll tell you: he pulled it straight out of his arse, that's where.
As far as DanielS goes, he is a strange bird indeed. Contradictions and slimy lies constantly emanate from that defective chamber between his ears. Yes, DanielS is a fool -- he just doesn't realize every sane person recognizes that fact.
Thus, given the fact both GW and DanielS are ideological twins, so to speak, is it any wonder GW turned his blog over to such a repellent charactor? Both are delusional.
Carolyn, I'm convinced MR has devolved into, as of late, what can be described as an arena where the massively stupid try to impress the terminally dull...and vice versa
Probably the best we can do is ignore them. Let em' stew in their delusions of grandeur. HEH!
Either that or simply mock and make fun of them ... that is until GW comes to his senses (if he ever had any) and rids MR of the lunatic, DanielS.
Keep up the good work, Carolyn. You cheered me up by the way you "manhandled" those condescending pseudo-intellectual a-holes.

for taking the time to write this, Thorn. I appreciate it.

I'm finding MR an entertaining place to go but I have doubts how long it will last with the present leadership. For the main writer, DanielS, to admit he posts comments under fake screen names is a first, as far as I know.

Danny is a very weird guy.
Who knows why he uses sock puppets.
He's been doing so for at least two months now. (It's  so obvious it should be embarrassing to Danny himself)
I have my suspicions as to why he does it. But the fact that he does do it reveals what a STRANGE "man" he is.

are you sure that is the correct link to Serbia's role in WW1? I'd be very interested in the sources for Russia's role in Serbia's black hand plot. 

I didn't find anything better. When searching the title of the book itself (Non, l'Allemagne n'était pas coupable), I get :

and some forums in French, which are all private. It's listed at the bottom of his publication on his French Wikipedia page.

I got it from a reliable secondary source, Bill Bonner, who must have read it. He wrote all about it and I relayed what he wrote. I got it in my email, but I just found it here: I'm going to change the above link to this.

To repeat:

From Simonnot:

In a memorandum dated September 2, 1912 – two years before the war began – addressed to [...] Poincaré, a certain colonel Vignal, from the second office of the military general staff, predicted that a war begun in the Balkans would put France and Russia in good position to beat Germany.Other documents, many from Russia, show that the assassin of the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, Gavrilo Princip, and his group of conspirators, the “Black Hand,” were paid by the Russian military attaché in Belgrade… and that the government of Serbia (allied with Russia) was aware of the plot.

As early as January, 1914, the French journal, Le Matin, had reported “an extraordinary concentration of [Tsarist] forces at the Prussian border.”

Poincaré went to Moscow on July 23, a month after the assassination. We don’t know what was discussed; the records have never been found. But we know the Germans were not the first to mobilize their troops after war had been declared.

The Russians set their war machine in motion a week after Poincaré’s visit. The Germans got news almost immediately that Russia had mobilized 13 corps for war. The Kaiser mobilized a day later. This fact, too, was later falsified in order to make it look as though Germany had struck first.

The title of the book is Non, l'Allemagne  n'était pas coupable, Europolis, 2014

the assassin of the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, Gavrilo Princip, and his group of conspirators, the “Black Hand,” were paid by the Russian military attaché in Belgrade… and that the government of Serbia (allied with Russia) was aware of the plot.
There is a video on Youtube made by History Channel (distortion channel) that says something else. It says the Black Hand was a front for the UK and French Intellegence Services. Could it be that the Russians only acted as paymaster in the case? In the end they all benefitted.

Why would you (or I or anyone) put any credibility whatsoever in an unnamed video on Youtube made by "the distortion channel"? They can say anything they want, who cares? And so can you ... 'Richard.'

Who seemed to benefit only goes so far ascertaining the truth. Logic 101.