Young Dutch don't believe in Holocaust myth

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2023-01-27 14:48

By Carolyn Yeager

TODAY, JANUARY 27, 2023, IS THE EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL DAY OF COMMEMORATION FOR VICTIMS OF THE HOLOHOAX -- otherwise known as International Holocaust Memorial Day -- the one created by the United Nations (introduced by Israel) and heavily supported by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial & Museum in Poland and the World Jewish Congress, headquartered in New York.

To help you from becoming confused, know that there is another Holocaust Memorial Day in the Spring (the date varies) specifically for Israel, by Israel, and celebrated in Israel and in the United States of America. It's known as Yom Ha-shoah Day, but called Holocaust Memorial Day. It is a different event, largely sponsored by the Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem.

A timely story has come out ahead of this year's event, to wit that 25% of "young Dutch" (born after 1980) don't believe in the Holocaust and consider it a myth. This is shocking and unacceptable to the global Holocaust Industry. Europe has had numerous laws enforcing holohoax belief and "sensitivity" for many years, with the government of The Netherlands not being anywhere near the last ones adopting these laws. 

Yet, apparently, all the law enforcement, threats and school indoctrination is not getting through to the younger generations. The newspaper The World reported that "Two thousand Dutch people were polled after similar surveys in Britain, the United States, France, Austria and Canada. Over 50% of the Dutch, and up to 60% of the younger generation, did not know" the basic facts about the Holocaust ... and 23% said the so-called crimes of the Nazis were untrue or exaggerated.

Thirty-seven percent of millennials and Gen Z believe that two million or less Jews were killed during the 'Holocaust.' Read the attached newspaper story for yourself.

Good news!

We have word from Britain that Ursula Haverbeck – the 94-year-old German scholar and publisher who was facing 12 months in prison - again - for the ‘crime’ of raising questions about the ‘Holocaust’ – will not now be jailed, following a decision just announced in Berlin.

We shall have fuller details of the Berlin decision soon. What is already clear is that international protests played a part in convincing the German authorities that jailing Ursula Haverbeck was a propaganda disaster for them, and that their reputation would suffer even further if the sentence were enforced.

So don't say revisionism efforts are not having an impact. They are and we must keep our foot on the gas and not let up on our efforts. Support Castle Hills Publishing at; CODOH; and all 'Holocaust' Truth sites.


"It is true that there were no extermination camps on German soil....A gas chamber was in the process of being build at Dachau, but it was never completed."
Simon Wiesenthal, Stars and Stripes, 1993
Found in the book: BARBARIANS INSIDE THE GATES by Donn de Grand Pré

Are you under the impression you're saying something?

Carolyn, this is indeed good news!
Thanks for publishing this copy of the newspaper article. It's enlightening to read first hand how the research produced such a "shocking and disturbing" response from the jews. The survey is not shocking to me however. I am encouraged by the numbers and believe as you do, our educational efforts are succeeding.
I support CODOH and Castle Hill Publishing; I'm a big fan of their books. As I am a big fan of Ursula Haverbeck. To be imprisoned in the past as she has been, Germany has been shamed. And now they decide not to jail her at 94! What a disgraceful country and court system.
I know our impact is significant when Taylor's response is "We must put a greater focus on Holocaust education in our schools globally." Hopefully our educational efforts will continue because we are doing a better job than our enemies.
I want to thank you as well, Carolyn. Much of my introduction to the Holohoax  started when I first discovered your website.

Thanks again, Carol.   The real deniers and enemies to humankind are those who make celebrating a lie a virtue.  You are one of the real liberators of the mind.   While I don't share in the optimism of overcoming the destruction that the lie of the holohoax has brought on the world, I find little choice but to continue the struggle against these corrupt and self-deceived people.  
My young friend in Germany told me he no longer wanted to talk to me if I continued to talk about the holohoax.   I've lost a lot of family and friends.  But the ones who have really suffered for their beliefs are those like Ursala.   God, or whatever power of truth there be, is on their (and your) side.   And as the saying goes and I believe it, the truth shall make you free.  

Good to hear from you, Al. Losing family or friends bc of speaking the truth is not easy at all, or even easier than what someone else suffers. We all act out of our own convictions and have to accept or work with the consequences. No one is better or more virtuous than another bc of how it appears. Ursula does not and has not suffered more than you; she makes her choices and accepts the consequences. As you know, she remains quite tranquil through it all. She's grateful she can speak and be heard, and make her influence felt.

it sounds like you've gone through a lot since the last time I heard from you. I sure have. Many blessings upon you, dear friend.

Great work, Carolyn, with all your research and courage to create this site!  I have been going through all your radio archives and listening.  I'm learning so much and wanted to show my appreciation.  Thank you!  Although some of your radio podcasts register as "not found" when I click on them.  Particularly I wanted to finish your multi-part series on Hitler and the Slavs.  I really loved part one.  Any solution to that "not found" error?

I find that the last three - #4,5,6 - say "Page not found." I'm informing my administrator about this problem as it's something beyond my ability to fix.

These technical glitches happen from time to time, and the only way I can learn about them is for readers/listeners to report it. I'll report back when I have any further information, or it's fixed.  Thanks again.

Let me know that they work for you.

The file names got messed up. Can't say why that happens, but as I said, if it's not brought to my attention, I won't know about it. My administrators tells me that if I go back and edit the podcast (the copy, I take it), that can happen.

It's not true that when you post something on the Internet, it's there forever. A lot can happen to it. Requires vigilance.

Carolyn, thanks for the speedy reply and action taken!  Yes, I did get 4,5, and 6 and look forward to listening.  But the very first one entitled "The Heretic's Hour: Hitler and the Slavs" and "Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-10-14 00:48".  It is page 4 if you are searching for it.  This one still says "Page not found".
Oh good to know about me needing to let you know.  I certainly will if I find other podcasts resulting in that error message.  Yes "forever" does not seem to be accurate about things posted online.  Maybe you should archive your talks on hard copies at some point.  Just a thought so that your work won't ever get lost down the memory hole!  I suspect that the internet was even partially created for that eventual purpose in mind. 

Honestly I don't care about the Holocaust. Period. Over 60 Million Europeans died as a result of WW2 and I've never seen or heard one Jewish person or agency even acknowledge that fact.
Even if I accept the 6 million victims of the Holocaust it's less that 6% of the total deaths. I can't accept that Jews suffered more than anyone else. It devalues everyone else that did suffer.
A pile of shoes or glasses isn't indictive of death. Going to Auschwitz isn't going to convince me either. I've been to Walt Disney world and that didn't convince me Mickey Mouse was real.
I am not convinced defeating Germany improved the state of the world. It's actually gotten worse. Hitler didn't convince me he was right. Jewish behavior and actions did. They've literally created a hell on earth. They campaign for immigration that destroys European culture and demographics and are fully behind the demonization of White Europeans around the world. They aren't hiding it they are simply attacking people that read and quote their sources.

Carolyn : I'm seeing an incredible upsurge in posts about Hitler, Holyhoax and White positivism. Great news for us.
Lots of revisionism, esp memes..

This is a very good sign. But will it be enough to spur a strong enough movement against the rapid overpopulation of non-natives in Western Europe, though?

Of course not. It's just in one country. It's still an uphill battle, and we all should be talking about it more than we do. I don't understand all the white European people, around the world, who are still unwilling to question it. So many just don't want to THINK.  Many others are convinced that even if the "Holocaust" didn't happen as stated, the "Nazis" were such terrible people and "brought on" WWII that it's better not to allow any rehabilitation over the "Holoco$t." The truth about that war and it's causes should be addressed along with the impossible gas chamber tales, etc.

Take care to learn and stick with the facts--they're in our favor.

I would bet a large percentage of these "deniers" are Muslim invaders of Holland.

Yes, a good bet.

When you watch or listen to many "survivor" stories, it is very interesting how many of the details fit in with what the revisionists say.  Typhus and other disease were the main killers in the camps.  Zyklon B was an insecticide.  The Germans were trying to keep the lice under control, although they failed in this.  Infirmaries, infant wards, and musical bands in "extermination" camps.  Jews getting themselves ransomed out of "extermination" camps.  When you listen to survivor tales, keep your mind open to the possibility that the observer had an incorrect interpretation of what they saw.  Others have been proven to be outright liars.

it is probably more than 1 in 4 since many people are still intimidated by msm