Putin to the left, Putin to the right

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2015-02-18 21:45

Some interesting comments by Igor Kubansky on rufabula.com were discovered and posted by Paul Goble yesterday:

“The victory of the left radicals in Greece shows that the priorities of the Kremlin in its search for ‘agents of influence’ has not changed a great deal since the times of the USSR.”

For many in Ukraine, the West and even in Russia, “it has long been a commonplace to say that 'in the West,' the ultra-right supports Putin,'" and point to the French National Front, the Hungarian Jobbik movement, the Bulgarian Ataka party and 'various Serbian organizations'.”

And these same commentators point to the rightwing Golden Dawn group in Greece which declares that it “does not want to see Europe slavishly subordinate to American policy” but rather a Europe to which Russia would belong” and says that Berlin and Washington organized the Maidan in Ukraine and the persecution of Orthodox Christians there.

But Putin has other friends in Greece and in Europe, and they are to be found on the left. Among them is the SIRIZA group in Greece which, as Kubansky points out, “is well-known for its pro-Russian attitudes and links with [Russian] imperialists” of the Dugin variety even though it supports Gay rights, backs same-sex marriages and opposes clericalism.

A clue to the reasons for Moscow’s backing of SIRIZA as well as the Golden Dawn can be found in a statement by Eurasianist leader Aleksandr Dugin who once said if he had to choose between being “with the gays against the US or with the US against the gays, [he] would choose being on the side of the gays” (arctogaia.com/public/tatu.html).

That speaks volumes about Moscow’s priorities which Kubansky says reflect the fact that “Russia prefers to see in power in European countries a mix of Maoists, Trotskyites, Stalinists, and all the rest of the left” more than it wants those who are on the far right, however cozy Putin may be with them out of tactical considerations.

“The most reliable allies of Russia in the foreign policy arena remain the left of various masks: North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, and other such regimes,” which were closely associated with the Soviet Union. Moreover, “Russia continues to support ‘the struggle of the Palestinian people against Israeli aggression.’”

Kubansky says that he does not know whether the European far right “sincerely considers [believes] that Russia has completely changed and become a ‘traditional,’ ‘rightist’ state or whether instead prefers to close its eyes to the obvious.” And the obvious is very, very clear, the Russian analyst suggests.

It is this: “present-day Russia however much it tries to convince everyone of the opposite has no relation to historical Russia.  All its roots are from the USSR and only from the USSR. It is not ‘a reborn Russian Empire.’ It is simply something Soviet,” part of the regime that began to collapse in the 1970s.

 And Kubansky adds as a confirming postscript the following note: “As is well known, an ultra-left party, strongly opposed to the US and sympathetic to Moscow leads in all the polls in Spain. Judging from everything,” he concludes, “the Russian Federation is preparing to take revenge for [its loss in] the Spanish civil war of 1936-1939.”  [For those who might need their memory jogged, the losers were the Reds, supported by Stalin's Soviet Union; the winners were Franco's Catholics and Monarchists, supported by the Third Reich and Italy's Fascists. -cy]

Image: Putin and China's Xi Jinping drink a toast after signing a landmark gas deal. Click to enlarge.


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It's always the same. I know some German Marxists from the former DDR. Very intelligent people who seem to say a lot of good things, but in the end, they are always traitors and disregard proper Socialism that is National. 

There's a typo on the article, it's a ultra-left-wing party in Spain, Podemos, pure marxism, 100% communist with good marketing, tv time and non-political name and words, "podemos" = "we can".
There are many videos of him even drunk with a communist flag, singing, others explaining his strategy, lying to get the masses.
More marxism in both senses, classical and cultural.
In the case of Spain, the British had a hand too, Franco and many aristocrats envy Britain and Franco protected Gibraltar...
The national revolution was good, it's leadership wasn't (the best were murdered or died, and many "neutral" or apolitical wise figures exiled themselves because of the brutality of the civil war)
As always the internal front is the problem, similar to the ukranian revolution, the forces went to fight the war, instead of securing a really nationalist leader and a internal cleaning of corruption.
In Spain the thousands of small mini nationalists movements are paid in rubles, all of them.
It had to be a new independent nationalist social movement, that retook an empty unused building (of a chinese billionaire) to help those being kicked out of home, the ones to organize finally just a moderate not anti-ukranian debate on the subject.
The leaders are absolutely corrupted, all of them.
It's 1920 all over again, (the masons? is it really needed today? just money would do..) the traitors in Europe betray Eastern Europe.
Moscow was Hitler first priority, liberating Russia.
Any push of a united Europe against Russia will move the debate to the logical question...wel... maybe Hitler was right... maybe the bad ones were those in the Kremlin.. a war, hot or cold, will move the priorities, from money to military, that's good and needed in this era, and the war itself would change politically all Europe itself.
The traitors want Moscow to take Germany again, it's their only plan, slavey, pure and simple, everywhere, and slavey = comunism.
Hitler stopped them, they were forced to bring the americans to europe, that wasn't the plan, they wanted to keep the americans away, in their home, and use only soviet troops (with american money and engineers).
With the un-ended result of WW2, where the reds failed to conquer all of europe and America was forced to be activated as super-power, and "nationalist" in some sense, now they lost 70 years, they have been busy cutting military spending in europe, it's ridiculous, europe is militarily undefended and internally full of moscovites fifth-column.
If you think american sionist ocupation was bad, wait until you see europe as a satelite to the crazy psycopaths of jewish russia, no atempt to even portray justice.
The economic inequalities in Russia are the biggest in the world.
The apathy of the poor being living there, their looks, abandoned, their streets dirty, they don't have the energy to clean them, like cuba.

It's not my typo, but I changed it and it makes more sense this way. But I will check it out, also.  

Yes, this is Pablo Iglesias, founder of the left-wing Podemos Party, founded in 2014. Last year! He is 37 yrs old.  Podemos (We Can)  seeks to address the problems of inequality, unemployment and economic malaise that followed from the European debt crisis. It is anti-austerity.

I miss the obvious naming of the pink elephant. That is, that the US have been defending marxistr vassals traitors in Berlin the last 20 years. One can think of Putin differently, but, it is the City of London and NY/Washington who basically push Russia towards a war, in the same manner, they forced war onto Germany. The Krim scenario is actually pretty comparable with Sudetenland or the artificial state Austria rejoining the German nation. So, yes, RT for exaple overtakes western leftist media on the left, but the Kremlin does not have full control over RT, you got to watch russian domestic media to understand the bast gap in reporting. No russian watches RT. As a German, I only care to get rid of US occupation finally, nothing else. The US will be our tombstone in Europe.It is not russian troops at Berlin, but US troops at the Kremlin doorstep. What I am saying, leave us alone, both US and Russia, we are sick of you.

"...however cozy Putin may be with them out of tactical considerations."  I agree with that caveat, Carolyn. He is very aware of the conniving and insiduous ways of the Jew and probably observes some of the mistakes that were made in WWII and tries to get around them. 

"That speaks volumes about Moscow’s priorities which Kubansky says reflect the fact that “Russia prefers to see in power in European countries a mix of Maoists, Trotskyites, Stalinists, and all the rest of the left” more than it wants those who are on the far right, however cozy Putin may be with them [i.e. the "far right"] out of tactical considerations."
Meaning Russia (and Putin) prefers to see "a mix of Maoists, Trotskyites, Stalinists, and all the rest of the left" "in power in European countries".

Make no mistake that, if a national socialist state was to rise from the ashes to day, it world be brutality crushed by the same scum who claims to be 'eternal enemy'.

So to those peoples that believe Putin has some secret pro white agenda, i say that, to believe in such insanity is like believing on the kosher conspiracy of Alex Jones.

Hitler ordered the discontinuation of anti-Communist propaganda after he signed the non-agression pact with the USSR as part of the deal. But Hitler complained that the Soviets kept inciting hostile language on their part toward Germany.
It would be interesting to have details on this subject. 

I don't believe for one moment that Putin has a hidden pro-White agenda. But in trying to read the man a little I think he is very well aware of the Jew provocations and snares that built the excuse needed for England and France to declare war and heeds the teachings of WWII events.
Although I don't trust Putin I think he is the opposite of a Jew lover but he cozies up to them and kind of kowtows if you will, to deprive them of any excuse the Chosen might find useful to their cause. And we all know that, especially nowadays, a charge of anti-Semitism carries clout with the Western lackey leaders for them to trip all over themselves to obey whatever action the Perpetual Victims suggest.

I don't believe for one moment that you are a real person. You sound like a wind-up-toy with one recording that plays over and over. And you know how boring wind-up-toys get.

Short fuse, short on manners and name calling is your debating style and response to anyone that has a different take or view, Carolyn. Why do you moderate the comment section when you cannot even moderate your emotions?

You say nothing of substance. I haven't noticed anyone else wanting to reply to you. They are free to do so. You persevere in commenting here in spite of it, so I have the impression that you just want to put in points for Putin like some kind of paid troll.

And I'm just really weary of the lack of stimulating thought. My emotions have nothing to do with it. It's boredom.

The following link extensively documents Jewish power and influence in modern day Russia.  Most of the links concern Putin's Jewish connections.