The Heretics' Hour: German Suicide? It's the history, stupid!

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-10-05 14:30

Oct. 5, 2015

German Chancellor Angela Merkel as Mother Theresa - turning Germany into a place of hope for all the world's refugees from war, poverty and just plain bad luck. 1.5 million expected this year. Spiegel cover

Carolyn Yeager looks at what's being called the European “Migrant Crisis” (a self-made crisis) in terms of its origins: the false historical narrative perpetrated by the Allied victors in 1945. Lies always have their consequences. Topics include:

  • Germany's Chancellor Mutti Merkel seeks the moral high ground for her own image, but puts the German people and nation in jeopardy;
  • Irishman Peter Sutherland, called the Father of Globalization, preaches that European prosperity = multiculturalism;
  • European Central Bank VP Vitor Constancio: Low birth rate in Europe makes immigration essential … (but why then the high unemployment?);
  • The United Nations and the Nuremberg Tribunals used the false concept of “International Law” to support dictatorial one-world polices of the US/UK/USSR/Jewish elites;
  • Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt were warmongers who conspired to bring about world carnage tor spurious reasons;
  • A major integrated movement to salvage and broadcast our true history is the best way forward. 1hr7min


Here's a perfect example of a "news & opinion" website that is working hand in glove with the Global Order.  This "story" about Witold Pilecki is 100% false holohoax propaganda. It's not "news" but recycled lies.

"Over a thousand a day from the new transports were gassed. The corpses were burnt in the new crematoria," the article quotes from his report.

What Pilecki said in 1942 is discredited today, but the liar is still called a hero.

Here are some people taking a more critical approach:

From Wiki: "Pilecki's detailed report (Raport WitoldaWitold's Report) was sent to London, where the scale of Nazi atrocities at Auschwitz ("During the first 3 years, at Auschwitz there perished 2 million people; in the next 2 years—3 million") was thought to be grossly exaggerated.

It was! because now the Auschwitz Memorial historians say only 1 million altogether [not true either]. But this article in BI doesn't mention that. Even the comments are all one-sided.  This is a fake site run by unprincipled, greedy bastards. I will not take it seriously anymore and you shouldn't either.

This Business Insider site is definitely making money by selling space.  Look at the type of advertising it has. It boasts "editions" for the UK, Australia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

The Internet a tool for truth? Maybe not.

Absolutely fantastic podcast, Carolyn. You've not only laid out the disturbing details of what's currently happening in Europe, but also very deftly highlighted the various ways it's all linked back to WWI, Nuremburg, and the founding of the UN- the sources of all our present troubles. Definitely opened my eyes on a few aspects of this awful mess, and I've linked this podcast on to others- let's hope the scales can fall from their eyes too.
Your point about the Internet being as much a part of the arsenal of media weapons being used against us is a good one. Probably due to some malingering sickness of having once considered myself 'left-wing' long long ago, I still occasionally read left-wing media rags, like the UK's Guardian. What's been fascinating is that this paper, whose readership have in the past never strayed from the multiculti anti-racism no-borders brainwash scriptsheet, has had to effectively muzzle its reporting on the migrant/invasion issue. When they first started running stories on it (and on all the 'humane' Westerners holding 'migrants welcome' signs at German borders, yuck) their readers reacted with unexpected revulsion. 80% of all article comments were anti-migrant and anti-EU, many even saying "Orban/LePen/Farage were right all along!" I think this reflects the fact that even for many braindead liberals a sudden invasion of 800,000+ undocumented foreigners a year (and growing!) is a step too far. The Guardian responded by dropping their reporting, ignoring the issue, or by preventing readers from commenting on any of the few articles they did run. I've seen the same thing happen on other news websites- apparently it's endemic in the German internet media, as many Germans are horrified by what Merkel has inflicted on them.
When the people for once don't fall for the feel-good Jew bullshit their media & leaders expect them to, the only recourse the elites have left is to silence debate even further- probably hoping that with fewer dissenting opinions out in the open, people will feel that they're actually in the minority with their 'racist' views (and as a result should better keep quiet). Even though it's likely Europe is doomed, I'm still somewhat optimistic. More and more Europeans are slowly waking up, but as you said- until they accept that the cause of all this mess isn't to do with EU policies but actually lies with decisions and lies peddled in 1914 and 1945, then any gains we make will not be substantial. A total reorientation of worldview is needed for average whites. I am just very glad that the 'WN' movement in Europe is much more action-oriented than that elsewhere, where hot air and intellectualising seems to trump actual fighting for change.
Again, excellent show- one of your best. Take care.

I agree with your statement: "A total reorientation of worldview is needed for average whites."

Yes, and this reorientation is still needed for many White Nationalists and pro-Whites too. An example is Kevin MacDonald and some of his TOO writers. They are stuck in an Anglo-American orientation that still sees "the Nazis" as a negative force. That is the exact same position as the UN and EU. C'mon. 

UK Home Secretary Theresa May said the arrival in Europe of hundreds of thousands of migrants had "led some people* to say we need a new approach, a new European approach that would involve a common immigration and asylum policy. To those people, I have a very clear answer: Not in a thousand years," May said.

*some people=Angela Merkel

However, she has been criticized by globalists in her own Conservative Party.

Angela Merkel has had enough of chaos in the refugee situation. She is moving all coordination to the Federal Chancellery (herself), which is considered a slap in the face to Interior Minister Thomas de Maizieres, who has made cautionary statements about the impact of the refugees.

The Federal government says it will streamline and clearly settle the political leadership for all actions in the Chancellor's office. The goal is to end the "bickering" between departments. Translated, this means to end the democaratic process of discussion within Germany on the issue of migration and asylum; instead there will be dictates from Merkel's office.

There is no indication that there is a finite number of refugees who will be given permanent residence in Germany. The language is that this is a permanent, ongoing crisis which requires an ongoing response from policy makers. 

What the official federal response will be to the anti-refugee and anti-Merkel demonstators in the East will be known shortly, I don't doubt.

The chart below shows that wars brought about by Israel's presence in the middle east, by Israel's allies, the US especially, are creating "refugees" that Europe is made to be more and more responsible for, while Israel remains free of all responsibility. But why is Europe included with these Arab, Muslim countries at all?  enlarge

Asylum is supposed to be granted temporarily until the war is over. It's the same scam as with Turkish "guest workers", you know, guests that work as long as they are needed and more jobs are available than labor supply. 
Plus, how many Germans and Europeans have Arabs taken in WW2, during a real war, not some local shootings as in the ME? 
Germany was completely bombed out. It took Germans (East and West) 10 years to be the number 1 economies again in their respective post-WW2 systems. These 3rd world countries are undeveloped with or without war because 3rd worlders live there. 

Btw, Horst Maler is free again! 

Thanks Angie!

30 police cars were sent to put down the fighting. Costs have a tendency to escalate, don't they.

Fights have also broken out recently at overfilled migrant internment centers in Calden, Leipzig and elsewhere in Hamburg . One man is reported to have killed himself at a center on Monday.

Good, that's one less black Eritrean in Germany. Oh, but the media is so disappointed the fire wasn't set by right-wing extremists.

In this conversation with “l’Espresso,” [Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs] Paolo Gentiloni discusses the challenges Italy is up against and how the government to which he belongs intends to face them.
Everyone is aware of Italy’s daily efforts to confront the migration issue, but it is impossible to plug a crack in the dike with a finger. How to overcome the egotisms currently impeding the European Union from speaking in a unified voice on this issue? 
“Those countries have to be convinced that refusing to take in their share of the migrants is not the solution. The phenomenon is permanent and must therefore be managed and regulated. The African continent is going to reach a population of two and a half billion by 2050 and, like it or not, our future demographic equilibrium, as well as job market and pension contributions, are going to depend directly on migration flows. It is, first and foremost, necessary to eliminate the egotism of the countries that once made up the Communist bloc and deal with the United Kingdom, which has placed the migration question at the centre of its internal political debate on relations with the European Union.”

Two German women have complained about being evicted from their long-rented apartments, one for 16 years and the other for 26 years.  Both live in flats in buildings owned by the municipality, and these municiplaities are being pressured to find living spaces for refugees.

Gabrielle Keller has been given until the end of the year to leave her tidy flat, for which she has always paid rent. She is not getting a free ride. She has hired a lawyer and vows to fight the eviction. 

Ms Keller’s case follows that of Bettina Halbey, a nurse who is being evicted from her home of 16 years in the town of Nieheim, hundreds of miles to the north.

These are really incredible stories. Notice that they are reported in The Daily Telegraph in UK, not in the German news (which I look at and have seen nothinbg about it). There needs to be an association to protect Germans in their own homeland. I hope things like this will cause a big reaction, but I don't have much hope.

Thanks for notifying me. I had re-uploaded the mp3, and forgot to re-do the d/l link. I appreciate the help.