Meltdown for Tanstaafl

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-04-15 21:25

Written on 4-15-14 by Carolyn Yeager

UNBELIEVABLE. I never expected something like this, which came straight out of left field for me. Tan made sure I would suspect nothing. He closed me out of The White Network admin pages minutes before his taped program began. I always thought Tan was an honest straight shooter, but he is not shooting straight presently. Something happened. And it happened since April 12, just 3 days ago!! But what is not altogether new to me is Tan's paranoia, or extremely suspicious mind. I've experienced quite a bit of it from him, which I can go into if necessary.

One thing Tan said to me at least a year ago, if not longer ago, in all sincerity at the time, was that if he decided to leave tWn for some reason, or if something happened to him so that he could not continue, I could continue to do my shows because it was a self-perpetuating system. It would continue to operate automatically, basically. He designed it that way. I felt pretty good about that and certainly believed he would never have any evil intentions toward me.

Well, somebody has changed in this relationship based on mutual trust and it is not me. I am saying the same things I have always said, as pertains to the White race, White Nationalism, White anything. If anyone goes through my Heretics' Hour programs going 4 years back, available at under “Radio Archives,” that will be obvious. Tan was listening to my programs all the time that I was at Voice of Reason and he loved and learned from all my mainly German-oriented topics. He said so to me and to the listeners on his own shows. Now he says Carolyn Yeager doesn't like Whites, she only likes Germans.

Here are some FACTS:

I wrote the “About” page for The White Network that he went on and on about in his “final show.” Totally. Tan said it was perfect and had no editing to suggest.


“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

Our mission is to build group consciousness, solidarity and pride among White Americans. One way we do this is by educating our listeners in real history — the history of the amazing achievements of Whites as a race, but also our mistakes and the crimes committed against us. We encourage Whites to be more aware of and assertive about our interests as a group, to speak out and answer slurs and attacks directed against us and our White heroes.

We recognize that different races and ethnic groups cannot live together in peace on the same soil, that Whites cannot and should not tolerate being governed by non-Whites. As White Americans, we affirm our European heritage and common cause with our European cousins everywhere.

Jews are not White. They are obsessed with their own group’s best interests, not ours. Our network is and will always remain by, for, and about the best interests of Whites, and only Whites. We are uncompromising on this point. We do not hesitate to identify and criticize Jews and will not allow them to hide amongst us.

I suggested he add the 14 Words to our About page. Yes, true! Tan developed the website and put things where they are. I didn't change anything, left it to him. But the Fourteen Words were not on the About page until I told him they should be. I even suggested they be on the front page, but he ignored that and put them on the About page. Sure, he agreed with it, but had forgotten to do so.

I came up with the name The White Network. Tan liked it and wanted to use it, but it was my idea completely. The domain name belongs to me.

I suggested he put “Whites talking to Whites about White Interests” on the banner under the name, which he did. But I believe he first came up with the phrase.

I put up the money for whatever was needed. He thought that was a fair exchange (no donations yet) for his time and skill spent in making it work. But another reason was because he doesn't want his real name associated with anything to do with TWN – not even a post office box.

I skyped Tan at least two months ago, telling him I wanted to read Hitler's Table Talk after we finished The International Jew and asked if he had any objection. I thought he might. But he answered back, “Not at all. I think it's a great idea.” This month he himself selected the music of Richard Wagner for the special show he does – with not a word from me!! When he asked what music I was going to use for the Table Talk, he suggested: How about Wagner? So I did select a piece from Wagner that I like very much. In fact, up until that Saturday, April 12 show he's so upset over, there was no trouble at all between us and I have the skype record to prove it. It came up suddenly, like a tornado destroying everything in its path.

Since we started Table Talk, NOT ONCE did Tan complain to me about anything to do with it. Not once! He was very friendly to Ray Goodwin, whom he knew nothing of, on our group show April 8, just one week prior to tonight.

What Tan says about me

Tan says I don't like White people. But Tan has only talked ABOUT white issues. I have talked TO White people, White Nationalists of every kind. I deal with people and ideas … he only deals with ideas. Why? Because it's Tan that doesn't like dealing with people – White People! - he's said so enough times. And everyone who's hosted a show at TWN knows it and has felt it! Tan has never had a guest or taken a phone call.

Tan says I don't like Slavs. He is suddenly upset about Slavs. Just recently he said to me that he thought Northern Europeans were the only truly White people, or maybe he said the best of the White people. I don't want to misquote him.  He thinks Greeks are not White. He prefers the Nordics. He has never stood up for Slavic people that I've ever heard, and I've talked to him a lot. So he's only using this Slav thing to add to his attack on me. Many of the things he said were for this purpose. His recall of what I said about Eurasia was totally wrong. He said I “tie White Nationalism together with this Eurasian thing” and “she attributes [Eurasianism] to White Nationalism.” How so? He goes on, “Jobbik and Russian Nationalism are actually Eurasianism so that's another reason that WN is bad.” ??? “But she just wants to find fault with WN so she'll even throw in things that WN isn't.” Really, when did I say all this? Tan is hearing what he wants to hear in order to make his case.

Tan said “One of the White Nationalists she's thinking about is me.” I had not thought about him whatsoever during the April 12 show, or ever unless I am talking specifically about him. How does he know what I'm thinking? He doesn't, that's the answer. But now I realize something: Tan feels his credibility as a WN is fragile because of his wife and kids. He suddenly got the idea that I was going to destroy what credibility he has … and on purpose! That has to be it. He says he doesn't care what people think, nothing bothers him, but it's not true. And right there is his paranoia: that I am purposely trying to hurt him. I don't feel my credibility is fragile, that's why I can speak the way I do.

Tan said we've talked about this before, so I knew that I would be upsetting him. We talked about this on Saturday evening, April 12 after I finished posting my Saturday show – the one he's upset about. That's the only time. He took up at least an hour of my time accusing me of anti-White behavior and insisting he only wanted to understand why I was doing what I was doing - “trashing White people.” Previously, he had come on my comments section and attacked me there … then was offended that I didn't like it. I sent this skype message to him on Friday at 5:57 pm:

[4/11/2014 5:57:26 PM] Carolyn Yeager: What I had in mind for Monday the 14th has fallen through. Would you like to come on with Kevin MacDonald? If so, what would you want the overall topic to be. If you say yes and give a topic, I'll invite him [kmac]. answer ...

[4/11/2014 6:56:45 PM] Carolyn Yeager: You know, Tan, I am not too happy about being grilled by you on my own program comments. It really seems you could speak to me privately before you go on the attack in public. … no answer ...

[4/11/2014 7:02:37 PM] Carolyn Yeager: It always has connotations of being out of line as a woman. A woman can't criticize men. But you let Franklin R. participate all these years [on your blog, I meant] without doing anything about it, and the first time I had an interaction with him, I outed him. Then you accuse me of committing some great sin of including him as a WN , as though being a Jew he can't be that. We don't know for a fact he is a Jew anyway. Why don't you get some proof. … no answer ….

Next day ...

[4/12/2014 3:21:33 PM] Tan Staafl: i dont understand why you let trolls get to you, or why you take the role theyre playing at face value, or why you turn that into a criticism of Whites or White men

[4/12/2014 3:24:34 PM] Tan Staafl: i dont think FR is a jew, i think its more complicated than that. even though he didnt identify himself as a WN you immediately directed your anger at him into yet another excuse to trash WN - im trying to understand what you're criticizing, not attacking you

[4/12/2014 3:25:16 PM] Tan Staafl: i cant make monday

[4/12/2014 3:25:36 PM] Carolyn Yeager: Wrong, FR always presents himself as a WN and he did with me.

[4/12/2014 3:26:59 PM] Carolyn Yeager: He's all over the Internet as a White Nationalist!  Think about when you'd like to do something with KMac and the subject matter.

[4/12/2014 5:48:39 PM] Tan Staafl: got time to talk?

Tan was planning out his moves already. Supposedly giving me a chance to explain myself. I didn't satisfy him, that is clear.

Tan says in his short blog that he thanks Hadding Scott and Ray Goodwin for their contribution to TWN, in that way putting himself in a position of having something to do with them. They are both friends of mine who I had as guests on previous programs, whom I invited to co-host a "Study Hour" of my own creation, something that Tan refused to participate in.  He himself never brought a single person to TWN.  He doesn't like to be bothered with people, as I told you.

Finally, he puts the responsibility for the future availability of TWN archives solely onto ME, after he shut the whole place down!! ... saying "what happens is Carolyn Yeager's decision and responsibility."

After he took the irresponsible and criminally unfair decision to shut me out of my own network, he now wants to make it appear that I am the bad one if I don't continue to pay to keep it online as a memorial to his "work." That really says it all about the devious Tanstaafl.

I could respond to more but I've done enough. Very sad day. I called it on Monday with the 4-14-14 numbers representing change, but didn't know it would be so brutal. But there's also a meaning of freedom involved in there too, and I do feel rather liberated today. I lived up to my end of the partnership in every way, but Tan's behavior cannot be considered Aryan.


Have you seen:  this?

I recently found aor and then discovered you carolyn.  only comment is it's showing again that whites cannot be cohesive enough to make the changes that need to be made.  not blaming anyone specifically.  it's like herding cats.