The Heretics' Hour: Germar Rudolf – Have babies or disappear

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-12-04 11:12

This is what a declining population looks like - failure to reproduce is more destructive to a people than war.

Dec. 4, 2015

One of the world's most famous Revisionists turns his attention to the migration crisis in his native country Germany and the very low birthrate that underlies it. Germany has the lowest birthrate in Europe, below replacement level at 8.18 per 1000 people. Compare to the West African country of Niger which is first with 50 per 1000 people. The outcome is obvious. Some highlights:

  • In the US, the Amish are the model of reproductive success;
  • Secular Jews are in the same boat but fundamentalist Jews make up for it with very large families;
  • Affluence seems to brings on self-extinction, as does giving females the choice;
  • A childless couple can have 4 times the discretionary income of a couple with 3 children and a stay-at-home mom;
  • Scientific advancement plays a role, such as the birth control (anti-baby) pill in the 1960's;
  • Financial incentives don't work as well today because the two-income “family” beats it all. 1h16m


Yes, I know this is from Harvard, but it has some interesting, possibly helpful content:

"According to the experts, parts of the world are facing a new “demographic time bomb,” one that threatens skyrocketing health care and pension costs as populations age.

“It was really a shocking realization that this was happening,”

[It's kind of like the shock of deflation when you're only used to worrying about inflation.]


There was a time when children were a necessity, considered as wealth to the parents because of their ability to work and contribute to the well-being of the family. Before state welfare, children worked in some capacity from the time they were young, even if just helping Mother around the house and farmstead, and with caring for the younger ones in the family. When they got a little older, they could earn a paycheck that went toward the family expenses. Your children were also who you left your accumulated wealth to and who took care of you in your old age. Children were a 'blessing" and contributed more than they cost to the family welfare.

When I was growing up, times were prosperous and nothing was asked of me except to wash and dry the supper dishes every night in tandem with my sister. Going to school was my "job." The money from any part-time and summer job was mine alone. Bringing up children then was not expensive unless you wanted it to be. College tuition was cheap compared with today, and most kids did not go to college.

But now, it costs your life savings to sent one kid to college for 4 years. Why? And our society is not as well-functioning as it used to be. We have crime and excessive government spending that leaves us all in debt. We should go back to when people were on their own, before the "social welfare" state, when women could not live alone because people HAD to have children as a shield against falling on hard times. Then, personal character counted. I guess that might be like the Amish way. Now in regular society, since children aren't necessary, they are considered a luxury. Most of us think we can do without luxuries.

It doesn't seem to be working out.

Yet another "family-friendly" measure was championed by the conservative CSU party in Bavaria [...] involves paying women to stay at home with their toddlers. Critics have called it a reinforcement of the traditionalist view of women's roles – often referred to as "Kinder, Küche, Kirche" (children, kitchen, church) – that does not fit into modern Germany.


Margot Kässmann, former head of Germany's protestant church and the mother of four daughters, said the birthrate problem had much to do with people's unwillingness to leap into the unknown.* "Apart from all the factors that mean people are having children much later, many people are put off by the bind it involves. This is a society which is obsessed with having options – they want to test everything first and having children is obviously something you can't test in advance."

*I think this is a big part of it, especially when having a child is a total choice nowadays and you can decide "no" so easily. It's called selfishness.

WE all need to look in the mirror on this one. Theres no way to be an example for whites or pretend to be against white genocide if we're not fulfilling our responsibilities.
A National Socialist family has four children.

Thanks for this. Its good to hear what Germans themselves think the solutions and problems are in their own country. You should really try and do more of these as they are very educational. True about the 'right wing' who themselves dont have kids. That was funny but something we dont talk about. 
I do however disagree with him on what he calls speculation that importing all these IQ70 and IQ80 immigrants can be changed and that they can be productive without German oversight. That will never work in my view. Genetically they will never get there and add on thier destrucive religious views and dis-similiar cultures it will simply end in a bigger mess. He says however in the end that all they are doing is turning Germany into a low-end consumer nation with all these immigrants who buy things. There he is correct but it flys in the face of immigrants being able to replace Germans as being speculative. (Maybe NS Germany was much brighter at it where they encouraged Germans to have kids like the Lebensborn program).  
Rudolf appears to be a very practical German but one who has given up. I can appreciate what he has gone through as it must have been a total hell. I came to the conclusion much like he did that you will have to preseve the nation by your own little efforts to have more kids becuase in the end when it all hits the fan at least the nation will not dissapear as loads are going to die. It is clear to most of us that this economic system will crash and it will end badly. 
I disagree with him that the US will be a safe place when it hits the fan as I think both the US and the EU are doomed. Its now a question of trying to find a third option. Maybe like the large German communities in Brazil or something. I do have faith that an option will arise in the end. It is however going to need to arrive with a solution to clearing the German peoples minds from all the post-WWII propagada that is destroying the nation from the inside like rot.
This was a really great interview!!!

As usual, must disagree with the IQ-70 theory of Richard since it fails to take into account that most of these people are coming out of their own pre-literate stone age, which occurred/is occurring at a different time than our own. My (possibly pseudoscientific) theory is that different populations begin the journey to a state of modern society at different times. These immigrants, largely, have been living in the stone age, and will likely gain in terms of intellectual powers more quickly than we did simply by having our example - and the established societal norms of Europe that manage to survive - thrown in their laps. It would not surprise me to see geniuses with Arab names coming from Middle Europe in coming centuries.
Speaking of geniuses: Could it be that nature's way of organizing things has it that those who have reached the peak of human achievement in a given age then die off? What we know of the 10-or-so German musical geniuses (not Mendelssohn) all born in the confines of present-day Austria and Germany within about 200 years, would bear this out. Without being exact for lack of energy, none of them had any children except J. S. Bach b. 1685, who had about 20, and R. Strauss d. 1949, who had, I believe, one. Could it be that nature's way with races that reach peak achievement is the same? (Never mind WWII which was forced on us.)
But I don't think we're done with our mission on earth as Germans, although it's clear there's something acting very forcefully which is opposed to our continued existence, and that it is doing its damnedest to speed us on our way. I don't believe this entity is God - God doesn't destroy his own property. (The Semitic races tend to cloud their thinking with over-emotionalism and hate in a way that would lead to the current conspiring to genocide.) I do believe there is a very important place for us in the future scheme of things, absent at least to some degree the highhanded destructivness of the, said, opposing actors. Overwhelming our land with Semitic Savages and the brainwashing-to-cause-self-hatred of our constituents is the current criminal M.O. being used to destroy us. (The latter is so preposterous and maddening but you can't say a word to the trendy self-haters, that's for sure.) And these actions, if you ask me, have already been proven stupid and counterproductive, since Germany, with Germans at the helm, has several times proven itself to be the most successful and fertile society that ever was. (This would not include the machinations and resulting destruction of crypto-jew Bethmann-Hollweg.) So it looks like Europe is headed for the Dark Ages for a while.
What I think needs to be done to try and counteract it (and I don't even have any children whose names I know, if that) was just being gotten around to in the interview when it got shunted aside. Rudolf says he comes from a Catholic background and had an early grounding and fervent belief in the duty/desirableness of procreation as laid down by the church. He said that while foregoing some of the more archaic beliefs of Christianity as he grew up, he held onto this one. That's the one that's necessary for survival. How can it be added to the other things we count among our own? - anything - the Rhein, South German Rococo Churches, the ancient towns more perfect for modern life that current attempts with their inimitable variety of highly refined form, the culture, the music, the history - these are things that - though they try - the Jews have not as yet been able to totally usurp. THEY ARE OURS. And we must find a way to convey this fact - and the ability to preserve its viability, and ourselves - to future generations. A program of instilling this stuff from an early age needs to be enacted.

"As usual, must disagree with the IQ-70 theory of Richard since it fails to take into account that most of these people are coming out of their own pre-literate stone age."
Sorry but they are in a pre-literate state because that is where they belong. No different to blacks in Africa where there are no native words for next week, precision or space. At your thinking we might just as well start giving nukes to pygmies and call it " gain in terms of intellectual powers"...right. Its called unearned intellect or simply 'copy like the Chinese'. I like your spin "and the established societal norms of Europe". Do you think these lot care about "European Norms"? Maybe Europe should be overun and let civil wars destroy what once was. If this is European thinking then, by all means, let it burn.

No, of course they don't care about "European Norms" They've made that clear. But if they - with the help of the Jews in the background trying to genocide us, which is why Europe is being overrun - do manage to take over there, they will benefit (illicitly) from said established norms, whether intentionally or not.
If you mean by "that is where they belong" that God has made this world so they are that way at this time for some reason, I would have to agree with you.

I would say that extreme real estate prices would be a disincentive for family formation and large numbers of children.  

.....and the Jews have taken over in the big cities, recently especially Berlin, where there Real Estate ATM Machine is so prevalent that regular Germans can no longer afford to live there. (They aren't yet accustomed to the brain-washed acceptace of squaler and rats eating the children we've already reached here in NY) There oughtta be a Law. But don't think one is likely soon. The good thing is most German real estate is still owned by Germans, including multi-family & commercial - but that is changing, and the Jews are in their dark corner gloating - because they've done this take-over thing SO MANY TIMES now, and are sure of success.

But Bruce ...

You are an unmarried, childless man who accomplishes what in your life? It's great to understand about the Jews, but just complaining doesn't accomplish much. You certainly have a good brain, although are you the one who has spent time in institutions and homeless shelters? Let me know if I've mixed you up with someone else. If you first accomplish something and then speak out about the difficulties we face, it goes much better.

Read your message concerning your having stopped broadcasting.
Yes, it is disapponting but I understand 100%. I couldn't even imagine the effort, work and time you put into your broadcasting. But it was a great run and I still have hours and hours in archive I will be listening to.
I have all your broadcasts archived on disc and also all your VoR stuff archived at
Thanks so much Carolyn, not only were your broadcasts entertaining, I've learned so much from them as well.
Best to you always...

The survival of the Caucasian race means to bring an end to non-caucasian immigration into Cacasian countries, and stop the rule and domination of the people who are actively promoting it. These people want to see the destruction of the Caucasian race through misegenation ( race-mixing ) as they believe the Caucasian race is the greatest threat to their own existence. Since the Casucasian people are the hardest working people in the world, they are robbed of the value of their labour, which is then used to support  and provide for the non-working race, and we all know who they are.