Election fraud in Austria? Establishment candidate squeaks by to become President

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-05-23 12:26

This is not what I wanted to post here today, but take a good look even if it makes you sick. Austrians and Europe have six years of this refugee-welcoming, super-liberal traitor Van der Bellen in office. I'm afraid his questionable win undermines the patriot movement Europe-wide because hopes were so high. It should not be so readily accepted, and maybe it won't be.

This outcome is incredible to me, and not fully believable, but the FPOe, Freedom Party of Austria, is not contesting the narrow victory of Alexander van der Bellen by 30,000 mail-in votes.

According to the website of the Interior Ministry, the final vote is 2,223,458 votes for Hofer, 2,254,484 for Van der Bellen. This means that VdB got a huge margin of the mail-in (also called absentee and postal) vote. The German government English-language website Deutsche Welle posted a brief report that explained it thusly:

Voting on Sunday ended with Hofer, 45, narrowly ahead of independent candidate Bellen, 72.

But 700,000 absentee ballots, representing about 10 percent of the electorate, were decisive in determining the winner.

Hofer was ahead by 3.8 percent after the on-site ballots were counted Sunday night, but a large majority of the absentee ballots came from better educated voters, who overwhelmingly backed Van der Bellen

It had to have been a very large majority, considering VdB was 144,000 votes behind Hofer from the direct vote on Sunday. It is said Van der Bellen got 60% of the mail-in vote, allowing him to move 6/10th of a percent ahead of Hofer. We have to take their word for it. I would think there should be an examination of the mail-in votes by a bi-partisan group because ...

We are left with the strong suspicion - in your face - of election fraud by the established parties who have been in control since 1945 and will do whatever it takes to stay in power. More people have to change their allegiance in order to make an overwhelming majority that cannot be tampered with. The FPOe, H.C. Strache and Hofer are consoling themselves with the fact that they succeeded for the first time to reach 50% against the ruling powers. I hope they're right that it bodes well for the future. But I'm depressed because I think this was the best shot they had ... and it was blocked.

The same thing is going to happen to Germany's AfD. And watch what happens with the Brexit vote. The European people, or at least Europe, is going to sink into the mud. Only the rotten media enriches itself from this endless electioneering ... and is why they love to push "Democracy."


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DW closed their article with this:

While 86 percent of working class voters pulled the lever for Hofer, 81 percent with university degrees backed Van der Bellen.

Austria took in nearly 100,000 refugees last year.

The working class is now represented by the right; they've cut away from the intelligensia of the left who have betrayed them, naturally. There is a new left-right paradigm, as we see with Donald Trump also.

We've known for a long time the Universities are nothing but brainwashing clinics for the establishment. Don't waste your money sending your sons and daughters (especially your daughters!) to college. Give them training for something that earns a good living, and direct them in the way of the White patriotic revolution.

Too late for this, but we're always too late. I knew Van der Bellen was a Russian, but I am not an Austrian, nor do I speak German, so I figured someone was making that point to the voting public. Obviously there are a lot of people who are called "Austrians" who don't care.


Van der Bellen was born in Austria to immigrant parents, a Russian father and Estonian mother. To those who think all "White" people are equal and can be interchanged with one another, the reality tells quite a different story than the theories they entertain.

Because of this Austrian-in-name-only there will be many more Austrians-in-name-only who 'don't care' living in that country. This is the purpose of migration, as I've said many times and we all know. But still, STILL, people are deathly afraid of being labeled a racist or xenophobe. Why wouldn't any intelligent White person be a xenophobe?!! We have to realize, and be able to say it, "everyone wants our genes and what we have created." But it's a waste for them because they are not able to keep it.

Each culture can only "keep" what it itself created. Of course, Van der Bellen, the Russian-Estonian, does not value what the Austrian Germans created.


"Those who cast the votes decide nothing.Those who count the votes decide everything."

I and others are beginning to fear that elections are routinely rigged, whether they're in Turkey or Falkirk or Oldham. I fear for the coming UK referendum, and I fear for democracy, and for the world. Without democracy, it always ends in tears.   

Names with "van der" are typically Dutch. His family migrated in 1700 from the Netherlands to Russia. You can find that in the Wikipedia article on him.

Based on appearance I don't think that Van der Bellen is White. I think he's a Jew. Look at his slightly Negroid nose.

The picture on his Wikipedia page sure has a negroid look.

Yes according to his appearance he could be Jewish with some negro-admixture. We don't know what blood entered his family from his mother's side. I couldn't find the name "van der Bellen" on a list of Dutch Jewish names. The name is rare in Holland anyway. Anyway, he is "rootless" enough not to care about the ethnic interests of real Austrians. An ideal puppet for the NWO (= JWO).

Franklin: Wiki says he was born in Vienna, to an aristocratic Russian-born father of mixed Baltic German, Dutch, and Estonian descent. It appears that his grandfathers and father lived and thrived in Russia without ever acquiring any Russian blood. But it's hard to tell from the way this is written.

He is known privately by the nickname Sascha (a Russian diminutive of Alexander). His Dutch ancestor arrived in Russia in 1768, not 1700, and the family became "aristocrats". Easy to do in Russia.  The Russians, being Slavic people that you love so much, Franklin, have always had foreign rulers who welcomed Western Europeans into their land to run things since the Russian folk were unable to overcome their favoritism for corrupt practices.

He was born in 1944 in Vienna to these Estonian refugees, who then fled to Tyrol where he grew up. This makes the new Praesident definitely a mixed-ethnicty person with a rootless background, and that is consistent with being an EU booster. He has no respect for the particular Austrian racial and historical identity of the people of that nation -- it's all the same to him.

So what's a man like him doing representing the people of Austria as their President? Only because the far left has become the status quo in Europe since 1945 -- and their One Europe propaganda has been consistently applied through the media. If the votes were able to be tabulated according to ethnicity, it would be found he was pushed over the top by the non-Austrian citizens of Austria.

And he will try, during his six years, to create many, many more of them.

Up until 1918 Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were part of the Russian Empire, but each of those countries had large German populations.  They were called Baltic Germans.  In fact, the capital of Latvia, Riga, was founded by Germans (the Teutonic Knights) about 800 years ago.  Although these territories were a part of Russia, the Germans were the land owners and ruled over these lands until the end of WW I.  The area also produced some German Generals (Rennenkampf) that played an important role in the Russian army.  Yes, they were loyal to Russia until the communists took power.
Estonians and Latvians fought on Germany's side in WWII and they still have a negative view of Russia.  The communists under Jew power committed terrible atrocities against these countries when Russia took them overin 1940 and when Germany attacked in 1941 the Balts took revenge without any encouragement from Germany.
I don't know what his etnic background is, but it appears he is what he is despite it.   

But you're right Carolyn.  He doesn't have roots in Austria so that could play a part in his unpatriotic attitude.  Just as it could play a role in the partially Polish Merkel.  I was just trying to fill in some blanks about his "Russian" background.