Hofer sees no trace of politics in election result -- asks fans to respect it

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2016-05-24 17:41

Norbert Hofer and H-C Strache enter the press conference room on Tuesday, May 24. Hofer made clear he would not run for Chancellor himself but would support Strache's bid "with all his personality."

In a news conference today, presidential candidate Norbert Hofer and FPÖ party leader Heinz-Christian Strache made statements and took questions. They offered that there would be no protest of the close election result, but Strache said they had received a lot of letters [of complaints] and would follow up on them. “Only then can you tell if there is some truth” about irregularities so many are reporting.

Strache also called for a new electoral system with a restriction on the absentee ballot.

But Hofer said he could see no trace of “politics” interfering anywhere in the country and requested that Austrians respect the election results. Despite the outcome, he didn't regret his candidacy in any way and called the election campaign an "incredibly positive experience."

Hofer asked the Austrians not to argue because of the close election result. He was against violent actions by citizens, "but we should all stick together," he said. He hoped "that calm returns".

He naturally congratulated his rival and wished him well because, as he pointed out, while it is difficult to lose, it is also difficult to win with only a few votes ... referring to Van der Bellen receiving only 50.3% of the vote, the closest in Austrian history.

In response to the international press, Hofer stated once again that the FPÖ is not a far right party – if it were, they would have achieved “maybe two percent – only the fool share in Austria.” We are a center-right party with great responsibility," therefore it was possible to reach almost 50 percent of the vote. He also made clear that he will not seek to become Chancellor but will run "with my whole personality" at the next general election on the list behind Strache, with the aim of "the FPÖ reaching more than a third of the vote." The Freedom Party wants to finally take responsibility for Austria, he said.

Hofer's personality is incredibly engaging, more so than any politician in Europe I would say. He wrote on his Facebook page, under a picture of him with his sleeping gray cat,” these encouraging words to his followers:

Cheer up dear friends. Austria needs your help! I will stay true to you! (Ich bleibe Euch treu!)

That cheered me up very much.

Heinz-Christian Strache said the election marks the "beginning of a new democratic political era" and has made the FPÖ "stronger than ever." He said the Party had on Sunday experienced “a day of joy, with deep gratitude for the incredible confidence and the incredible support for Norbert Hofer." The voter's choice had been "moving, inspiring and touching.” Hofer had "reached people's hearts,” he was "honest and credible from the outset." He had "missed the goal only by millimeters,” even though the prevailing mood had been set against him.

The response of half of the Austrians was a binding contract, he said. A vote for the FPÖ was "not a lost voice". One can now say you "had not yet reached the end of the ceiling" (referring to the idea that there is a "ceiling" of support for parties on the right at around 20%). The election was a "clear rejection of the government's policy" – it began a "new political era" in that it has "made history". The FPÖ is now "stronger than ever” – the path chosen eleven years ago will continue, said Strache.


The Clinton left, in the 1990's, used to claim that the "appearance" of impropriety is sufficient to demand resignations and other censures.
Clearly, for "postal" votes to go contrary to the overall thrust of an election, and to overthrow it, with a bias of 60-40, is the appearance of a rigged election.
They should demand separation between Hoferland and Green-Halal-stan. The Green party is a Trojan Horse. They don't care about animals, if they let Muslims in; just as the feminists don't care about women when they align women's issues with open borders, and let  Muslims in.
The electoral map clearly shows two countries that want to go in separate directions. But the gangrene side wants to take down the side of health.
At the very least, Hofer should say that anyone who dishonors the Austrian people, like Professor Cuck, should not be president, and that he should be ashamed to take the presidency under such circumstances. 
It is very typical of nationalist parties to just be happy to get across the finish line, and poo-poo rigging, instead of demand huge inquiries and throw a fit and shame the elites into conceding. 

But look here, Lorenz ...

This nut came out with a statement threatening the FPO already! This is my google-aided translation of it:

Van der Bellen warns FPO

Austria's new federal president Van der Bellen has forcefully warned against the policy of the FPO - especially for their course [of making the] EU [the] enemy " The FPO is playing with fire," he said in the tageshtemen.

Re-nationalising, as is sought by the right-wing populists, is not in the political and economic interests of Austria.

The election campaign has politicized the country," says Van der Bellen. Of politics there was no trace - and it was "only positive."

He is referring to what Norbert Hofer said today at the press conference about "no trace of politics." He resents even the suggestion that there might be, so is warning the FPO to watch its words! He's not even in office yet!

The new SPO Chancellor Kern also made similar noises today, calling Hungary a "Führerstate",  threatening Hungarian President Viktor Orban, and also the FPO.

Looks like they're going to take a very hard line to make the changes they want. They could try to outlaw the FPO as Germany tries to do to its opposition parties, although the public will cry out. They may think they can just push it through fast. Anyway, seems crazy, but they're on the offensive.

The righist parties in Europe, including the FPÖ are not "far right" parties.  The establishment parties in Europe are not only "far left" parties, they are genocidalist parties, deliberately destroying the cultures and ethnicities in Europe thru mass immigration.  And that is racist.  This should be emphasized by all the right wing parties on a continuous basis.  Most people on the right have nothing against Muslims, they just don't want to be destroyed by them or anyone else.  I have respect for Islam and I hold the USA under Jew leadership responsible for this so called "humanitarian disaster".  The USA, under Jewish Zionist control has murdered millions of people (yes, millions), destroyed and bankrupted one country after another in the middle east causing this crisis.  It serves two purposes for Jews.  It empowers Israel and it destroys the Europeans thru immigration.    
The "right wing" parties of today would have been considered left wing parties in the 1960's.  The establishment parties would have been considered the traitors they actually are.
Thank you for these reports.

with the comment "Many questions unanswered".

Brief Outline

21,060 from 3,518 electors "selected"
1,.542 difference

13,262 from 9,026 electors "selected"
4,236 difference (first ballot 7,090 votes - 6,172 difference)

Absentee ballots published on Monday, "nearly 740,000" increased to 766,076 on final tally.  26,076 difference.

165,212 invalid votes. -- far more than usual

"It was a free, fair and democratic election in Austria" ... Sebastian Kurz   

Van der Bellen won by only 31,000 votes