At least ten Jewish traitors among the signers of letter opposing Trump

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2016-08-09 19:18

Get these people outta my party!! Left: Michael Chertoff, former head of Homeland Security; center: Dov Zakheim, former Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller); Right: Robert Zoellick, former US Trade Representative and World Bank President, all signed the letter.

By Carolyn Yeager

AMONG THE THOUSANDS OF NATIONAL SECURITY and foreign policy positions (including Deputy and Special Assistant-level) in Republican administrations since Richard Nixon, fifty of them agreed to sign an open letter saying they won't vote for Donald Trump.

This was naturally carried as big news by the national media – presented as damning to the current Republican presidential nominee that these 50 mostly obscure names who held positions in a Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr. or Bush Jr. administration (not necessarily even registered Republicans themselves) have come out publicly against him.

Well, as Trump himself has said, these are men who were instrumental is some of America's worst decisions – decisions that have wasted trillions of taxpayer dollars, caused our national debt to skyrocket to impossible-to-repay levels, and most treacherously, brought about the deaths of thousands of our finest fighting-age men (and some women) plus permanent injury (loss of limbs and emotional/mental wounds) to many thousands more.

These signers should, in many instances, be brought to trial for leading our nation into unnecessary peril for their own private, personal advantage. Some of them are Jews who worked to get us into war for the sake of Israel's interests. Some of these Jews are dual American-Israeli citizens. I identified 10 Jews out of the 50, some of whose names you should recognize. It's amazing that the likes of Michael (Satan) Chertoff and Dov S. Zakheim (the missing trillions from the Defense Dept.) are still showing their faces, let alone trying to influence voters.

Here they are in alphabetical order. See how many you can remember from the past.

Michael Chertoff

Eliot A. Cohen

Eric Edelman

Aaron Friedberg

Ted Kassinger

Peter Lichtenbaum

Matthew Waxman

Dov Zakheim

Roger Zakheim (Dov's son)

Philip Zelikow

The last name on the full list is Robert Zoellick, who is allegedly of German heritage and has been one of the major actors in the establishment of New World/One World Order.

From 1993-97 Zoellick served as Executive Vice-President for Fannie Mae, the government-sponsored corporation which helped create the housing boom and bust.

In January 1998, he was a signatory to another letter, from Project for a New American Century (PNAC) to President Bill Clinton, advocating war against Iraq.

In 1999 he served on a panel briefing Enron executives on economic and political issues. [I was one of the thousands, if not millions, who lost money to Enron when its dishonestly inflated stock price sank rapidly -cy]

In George W. Bush's first term Zoellick was named U.S. Trade Representative. He completed negotiations to bring China and Taiwan into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In 2005 he became Deputy Sec. of State in the Bush Administration, and in 2007 was nominated by Bush to replace neo-con Paul Wolfowitz as President of the World Bank. In Oct. 2007, as president, he delivered a major speech in which he formulated “the six strategic themes in support of an inclusive and sustainable globalization” to guide the work of the World Bank. Zoellick's successor at the World Bank was nominated by Barack Obama – Jim Yong Kim of South Korea.

Zoellick backed Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election and led part of Romney's transition team. Reportedly, he hoped to be selected as Sec. of State in a Romney administration.

Zoellick can be seen as representative of the 50 national security “experts” who signed the letter condeming Trump, albeit more accomplished than most. They are all committed to the globalization process. Naturally, they don't see Donald Trump carrying out their interests.

These are the people we are glad to be getting rid of with a Trump win. Study each one of them to see why. If Trump wins in November, the Republican party will be a new party, a party of the people in a way that it has never been. These old-timers will be out of it for good … and good riddance if it happens.


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Yes, brilliant.  The question then is how to ensure that these criminals don't succeed?  Mr. Trump is up against  a whirl wind. Here is the turning of nations:  Towards global destruction or toward a new dawn of the light of a Democratic Republic, without race, without war.  The election is that important.  So what is the response of the herd?  Are we so blind?  Would you rather have a business man who is a nice guy do our business or someone who for thirty years has shown us the lie? 
If you get your history right then you get your world view right.  The lie of the holocaust has made a lie of history. These fear mongers who know nothing but to call a good man names have produced nothing in their lives but war and division envisioning a world of master and slaves.  The Jews are the masters and the goys are the slaves.    Mr. Trump is a builder and has created many jobs.  The masters are afraid and well they should be.  This is a revolution to rival 1776. 
The choice, the bottom line, is between a globalist (Marxist) in Clinton or a nationalist (America First) in Mr. Trump.   If Clinton wins I will be like Winston Smith (1984), if Trump wins I will be like George Baily (It’s A Wonderful Life).  The narrative is plain enough.  If you get your history right then you get your world view right.  

Right now there is a discussion going on on Lasha Darkmoon's blog whether Trump is genuine or his whole candidacy a mere ruse. I have said that Trump is genuine and I have given many reasons for that. The fact that these elite Jews are against Trump is one more sign that Trump is a genuine threat to the Jewish power structure. The Jews are panicking and that is a beautiful sight!

IMO, discussions at the Darkmoon site are what is a ruse.

What's wrong with the Darkmoon site? Is Darkmoon a Jew trying to trick and confuse people?

I don't frequent the site and it appears to have changed since a few years ago, but the regular commenters seem to be just as controlling as before. They're now basically discouraging people from voting because everything, down to the smallest detail, and everyone who has a voice, is controlled by hostile Jews and you can't change it. Very stupid, hopeless outlook!

It's always been, for me, that the site doesn't have a center or an authentic personality. Just my personal reaction.

Whoa, as an average voter I sure would change my mind about voting for Trump if I found out a former president of the World Bank signed a letter against him! (sarcasm)

They ALL hate him:
All the djoo scribblers, consultants, experts and talking heads who have been "formulating policy", "moulding public opinion" and policing the politically correct script will continue to be shown to be absolutely full of shit. This is antisemitism.
When he says 'America first' the blood of the Israel firsters runs cold. More antisemitism.
When he says "the allies are going to have to pull their own weight" they clutch at their pearls knowing they'll have to buy their own cluster bombs and ethno-selective germ weapons. Oy, what antisemitism.
He wrote the 'The Art of the Deal'---he can cut deals. And he says he's going to renegotiate the debt with the supersquids. He wants them to eat a big part of it. More antisemitism.
He wants to build a wall and he wants to monitor and restrict Muhammadan immigration. So he is an opponent of the djoosh plans of racial extinction for the White Race as outlined by Sontag, Wise and ignatiev. Trump is a filthy antisemite!
Trump is defending and energizing the hated goys of flyover country. These are the goys the djooz despise the most. Trump is defending their 2nd Amedment rights whilst the djooz work night and day to grab guns. Trump wants to deliver education back to the parents---but the djooz want all indoctrination in their hands. Trump is HITLER! Trump is a hitlerite antisemitic monster!

After reading the following : I am not so sure anymore about Trump. Maybe we are talking here about a fight between two factions of the Jews : a Clinton and a Trump faction, but Trump seems to be totally controlled by Jews.

Oh yeah, everybody is controlled by the Jews. Many one-issue antisemites project their own passivity unto others. Why not the other way round and then it's Trump who controlls the Jews? It's easy and irresponsible to blame all problems on the Jews-monocausalism- conveniently ignoring that it's the traitors among Whites who have been supporting nation-wrecking open borders.
In Utah the zombi like Mormons, in the primaries,  voted em masse, 85% of them,  for Ted Cruz. The hardcore evagelicucks hate the idea of building a wall as this woud hinder their goal of a universal church open to all human beings. Btw I never heard of American missionaries going to Nigeria or to Soweto in SA to proselytise to the Blacks; They would be eaten alive.

I made this meme:
It conveys our cause intuitively.  
I'm glad for the invention of ((())) to represent Jews. The alliteration helps stick the cause in our memory, the pictures illustrate the differences a child could understand, and the issue set-up National Socialism versus Nihilism verbalize the real supreme issue. It's not liberal versus conservative, etc.

The Great Hans Marseille! Very nice choice, Thank you!