Deutsche Welle guilty of holocaust revisionism in article about radio operator Helma M.

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2016-09-10 20:06

The entrance to the Auschwitz museum grounds in Oswiecim, Poland as it looks today.


So I ask, why is there never any fact-checking for news stories that reference the so-called Holocaust? Case in point: an article posted yesterday at about German prosecutors “shelving” their case against a 92-year-old woman who served as a radio-operator at the Auschwitz main camp. The article ends with the obligatory mention of “six million,” which itself is a figment of the imagination.

However, in this instance, it is written that

During the Holocaust, the Nazis killed more than 6 million people, most of them Jews, in a deliberate plan of extermination that reached a terrible peak between 1941 and 1945.

Hmm. There are several ways in which this contradicts the official 'holocaust' narrative. For one, it is always said that 6 million JEWS were killed in the 'Holocaust' and this killing took place between 1942 and 1944. The Wannsee Conference of January 1942 is held by most holocaust historians (who are mainly Jewish, by the way) to have been the “kickoff” of the extermination campaign.

But here, Germany's official news service Deutsche Welle is saying the 6 million number includes all people who were killed in the "holocaust", not just Jews. Even though they added “most of them Jews” to the magic 6 million number – most is a very imprecise concept that gives us no clear picture of the ratio of Jews to Christians. 5 million to 1 million … 4 mil to 2 mil? Less? You see the haziness of it all.

DW is also going way off-narrative by saying that the extermination of the 6 million only reached its peak between 1941 and 1945 – clearly indicating the 6 million has to include deaths prior to 1941. There is a lot of revisionism in that! How far can the 'Holocaust' be expanded? To 1939? To 1933? It becomes more and more imprecise.

Furthermore, that sentence is followed by the final one:

At least 1.1 million prisoners, 90 percent of them Jewish, died in the concentration camp of Auschwitz, a network of complexes situated in areas of Poland that were occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II.

Ninety percent of those who died in Auschwitz were Jewish? This is not borne out by the Red Cross records, which show that the majority were Polish and Catholic, although the number was nowhere near 1.1 million. And they make sure to say this was in the entire "network of complexes" which suggess more than just Auschwitz I, II (Birkenau) and III (Monowitz).

I'd like to add here that Germar Rudolf has written: “The Jewish population in America, Israel, and other countries outside Europe increased by almost six million in this period of time due to the exodus of Jews leaving Europe.” I would interpret “this period” as from Jan. 1933 to Jan. 1947, during which time 6 million Jews left Europe, many going deep into Russia and related lands to the East also, as well as to the West and South.

There is no author listed for this article at DW. It is sourced as coming from AP and Reuters. I looked up the Reuters article; it was short and ended with:

The trials are likely to be Germany's last linked to the Holocaust, when the Nazis killed more than 6 million people, mostly Jews, in a deliberate plan of extermination.

The story was reported by Joseph Nasr and edited by Erik Kirschbaum and Alison Williams (who may have added the “6 million people, mostly Jews”). The AP version is even shorter and did not include the last line about the 6 million people, nor did it give any reporter's names.

I suggest there is no "fact-checking" for news stories about "Holocaust" because the "facts" are in such dispute, and in many cases have never even been determined.


The article includes the 6 million figure but doesn't say that it was 6 million Jews. This is just vagueness and laziness rather than revisionism, I think.
I have noticed that it is the rule that people do not know any real details about the Holocaust. They will assert that it happened without knowing exactly what they are asserting. Obviously whoever wrote the report for Reuters, like most people who spout off about the Holocaust, remembered "6 million" and "Auschwitz" but was in a fog about what these terms represent and couldn't even be bothered to look at an online reference to find out what the official narrative is.
The report does not contradict the official narrative. It's just vague, because being vague is easier than being precise.

Of course I called it 'Holocaust revisionism" tongue in cheek, trying to have a little fun with it.

If German law is so definite about what is legal and what is not, then that standard should be applied to everyone. Most articles on anything to do with "Holocaust" end with some form of "The Nazis killed 6 million Jews during the Holocaust." But this time it said "people."

When you say 6 million people rather than 6 million Jews, you do contradict the Jewish narrative, which is the official one. Just ask Deborah Lipstadt. And Elie Wiesel, if he were alive, would attack it -- for he always vigorously spoke up agains "diluting" the "Jewish" suffering, which was the ultimate human suffering.

But it says "more than 6 million people." That leaves open the possibility of 6 million Chosenites and some number of others. 

I noticed that, but then you really have to ask the question - Why would they put it that way? It's never put that way. Why the strange departure from the accepted wording? 

This wording leaves one with no clarity at all. "More than six million ... ??. Are we supposed to take that as 11 million -- 6 mil of which were Jews? That is hardly "most".  So it could be said someone at Reuters just screwed up and DW then went along with Reuters. Lazy. Not really interested in the story. But it still comes out NOT the official narrative of specifying 6 million Jews.

I have to agree to be totally kosher on this you have stick to the Kabbalistic 6,000,000 djooz---which is what everyone signed off on at Nuremburg. So yes, the writers and editors are all guilty of revisionism, "insulting the dead", and "inciting hate" and should be brought to trial.

Thank you. They may be up to something with the 6 million, trying to keep it and not be tied to it at the same time. We'll have to watch.

I would say their claim over all these years of 6 million Jews is their weakest link. More and more holocausters are saying "between 5 and 6 million" or other variations. The 6 million schtik is wearing down, what with all the proofs of how they have used that number since the 1890's -- books like "The First Holocaust" blow it out of the water.

Maybe they are becoming demoralized ... just a bit.

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