British Government to 'celebrate' centenary of the Balfour Declaration

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2017-03-20 00:26

The brief letter Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour (picutred) wrote to Lord Rothschild in 1917 which came to be known as the Balfour Declaration. Enlarge

By Carolyn Yeager

FAKE HISTORY IN THE MAKING. The 100TH Anniversary of the UK's Balfour Declaration is coming up in November this year.

The Zionists have put up a web site which looks similar in layout to the World Jewish Congress web site. However, it's copyrighted to The Israel Forever Foundation. Conservative UK Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged her government will celebrate the occasion with “remarkable, tolerant” Israel and Jews worldwide.

Britain's Conservative Party has a group called the “Conservative Friends of Israel” (similar to the US Republican Party's Friends of Israel group). In a speech to the CFI in December, May called the fateful letter written by Conservative foreign secretary Arthur James Balfour to Lord Rothschild in 1917 “one of the most important letters in history” which “demonstrates Britain's vital role in creating a homeland for the Jewish people.”

The letter was important, alright, but nothing for the British to celebrate. May added, “It is an anniversary we will be marking with pride.”

Then she went after antisemitism. “It is unacceptable that there is anti-Semitism in this country. It is even worse that incidents are reportedly on the rise. And it is disgusting that these twisted views are being found in British politics.” This last was a pointed reference to her opponents in the Labour Party.

She continued with her praise for Israel.

“We have, in Israel, a thriving democracy, a beacon of tolerance, an engine of enterprise, and an example to the rest of the world about how to overcome adversity and defying disadvantages.”

May wants to get some good trade deals with Israel. She also praised the UK’s Jewish community: “We should be so proud of the contribution Britain’s Jewish community’s made to our country. From business to the arts, public services to education, that contribution is exemplary,” she said.

The above-mentioned website, however, doesn't find May's speech good enough. In a response posted just a week later on December 19, it was pointed out that May's phrase “creating a homeland for the Jewish people” uses the wrong language. The correct language is “recognizing the homeland of The Jewish People.” In this sense, then, the Zionists weren't given anything by Britain that didn't belong to them already. The Brits just can't win when it comes to the Jews.

The same post goes on to instruct us that:

“In concession to those Arabs who also lived on that land (let us for now put aside the fact that many of them gravitated to the area after the Jews started working it), over half of Palestine was given to the Arabs and called “Jordan”.

I'm not familiar with that story, but that's how it is when history is being changed as we go along. You never know what you'll find. In this case they are turning what was a disaster for Britain into a source of national pride.

In World War 1, Britain sought to buy Jewish assistance by giving away something that did not belong to them. At the end of the war, though, they found themselves in military control of Palestine and allowed Jews to flood into the country. But the Zionists had no intention of cooperating or fulfilling their part of the bargain. By 1948, they had driven the British out using terrorist tactics. The whole episode was a disaster for the British. Even worse for the Palestinians. There are those who say it has also worked out badly for the Jews, turning Israel into an unstable racist state in the midst of enemies. (The first draft declaration written by Chaim Weizmann called for “a National Home for the Jewish Race.”)

The true history has now been rewritten for the centenary. The Balfour Declaration will be celebrated as the foundation document of the State of Israel, a totally successful Zionist undertaking. Theresa May's governnent wants to join with Israel in the celebration.


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I would suppose that along with celebrating Israel, Theresa May is celebrating also what occurs on that stolen land, too -- white slave trafficking for sex and organ theft.  

Yes, Joey, there is very much that can be written in relation to this topic of the Balfour Centenary. And there is plenty of time to do it between now and November.

I actually intended to treat this more as a Fake History story, but when I came upon that web site I got so interested in it. The About page, which I failed to look at before, informs us that "The Balfour Centenary Committee was set up in November 2014 by the Israel, Britain & the Commonwealth Association." It's been well and carefully planned as a joint enterprise. Theresa May's speech to the CFI was part of the plan.

"The Balfour Declaration is recognized, commemorated and celebrated by all members of Israeli society as a seminal event that led to the establishment of the State of Israel."

They want to "ensure proper education and public recognition, within the English and Hebrew speaking public of Israel and the Diaspora, of the importance of the Balfour Declaration in the establishment of the State of Israel." IOW, propagandize. Push a false narrative.

It's being treated as a sort of semi-legal foundation of the state which you called "stolen land," also the Arab/Palestinian view. But the Balfour letter  certainly cannot be construed as anything legal, it seems to me. The best I can do is call what they're trying to do Fake History.

Carolyn, I like your Fake News angle on this topic very much, because it's true:  Where is it legal that a country (Britain) can give away land it never owned to a small group of avaricious non-Whites?  The legal basis is fake at the start!

Oh boy! Under Resources, there's a page headed Education that says this:

As others seek to destroy historical truth through narratives conjured without any regard to the facts, it is our responsibility to remind ourselves of the details of historical truth. We are proud to present a set of unique programs for use in any educational setting – formal or informal. Each program is designed to provide a dynamic, engaging learning experience for audiences of all ages.

Besides the obvious historical reason to commemorate the 100th year of existence of the Balfour Declaration, Israel has an interest in reaffirming its "legitimacy" because of the growing movement in the world to question it, not in the last place by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas who plans to sue Britain for issuing that declaration.
We all know that the Balfour Declaration was the "price" Britain payed to international Jewry for manipulating the US to join the British in WW I, by which the fate of Germany (and in   hindsight : of all of Europe) was sealed. We would live in a different Europe if that secret deal was never made. Without Israel the Middle East too would be quite different.
Perhaps we should call for a "Balfour Declaration Mourning Day". In this Europeans and Arabs would have a common interest !

Israel is nothing, but a British colony advancing genocidal British geopolitics.
It specifies a "home," not a sovereign state.

It was interesting that a Jewish man holding dual citizenship in the US and Israel (something that is totally irrational) was arrested in Israel for sending bomb scares to synagogues.  The question was asked why?  Of course it was left unanswered when the obvious answer was to continue to vitimize the Jews for public sympathy.  
It could be that a similar thing is happening in the Islamic community.  In Des Moines, Iowa it was reported that the Islamic Center of Des Moines found threatening messages calling Muslims 'filthy and vile' and saying that Trump is 'going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews'. The reporter, Molly Longman, went on to write: "Muhammed said he hoped to see elected officials speak out and condemn the hateful rhetoric towards Des Moines Muslims, as well as Muslims around the world, whether the denunciation came from U.S. Rep. Steve King or Presdient Trump himelf."  
I am really concerned that this type of bating is used to smear the good name of the President of the United States of America.  No one even bothered to check out who sent the message.   It could have very well been a Muslim American or even a terrorist wanting to furment division.   The least likely person to write such a message would be an intelligent supporter of the United States of America. Also, that the Islamic Center tries to gain support through this kind of slander is not helpful to the Muslims of Des Moines.  
The Des Moines Register needs to apologise to the President and Senator King.