David Irving on the purpose of his tours

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Asked "What is the purpose of your tours?" he answers:

"People confused by the conflicting versions of history, who want to ask questions: why the Jews were victims, and what is the truth? More and more people contact me out of the blue and don’t know what to believe. I take them to the sites of Operation Reinhardt, the worst killing operations, and let them see for themselves."

See what? A pile of rocks? Irving has rocks in his head.

Belzec today

Treblinka today

Sobibor today (photo credit: Alan Collins, from Scrapbook Pages.com)

All designed to give a gruesome effect to what are very unremarkable places. Be sure to take lots of pictures, folks.


No, not directly. But many others have drawn attention to it and I've certainly seen it.

The usual dirty warfare by a Jew who is a leftist politician in Germany. Well, maybe all these Syrians coming in now, that the left welcomes, will turn out to be antisemites.

Well, the persecutions, the bankruptcy, the imprisonment, the vilification and mental lynching this man suffered...seem to have transformed him !
He now truly believes that something like conflicting versions of Truth...is possible! And that a pilgrim's journey to these sites will convince someone about this!
Like the famous Auschwitz trip...where piles of shoes and clothes are shown to the visitors...which are shocked of the "evidence" presented to them and they say "Oh, God! That's horrible! The Germans truly drove those poor people to the gass chambers!!! I have no doubt for i have seen!"
Anyway, the man he used to be till recently and his contribution to Truth, is significant...

suffers from Albert-Speer-Syndrome. A brilliant mind with good intentions but having a weak spot for treason and self-deceptiveness. 
He could at least have the courage saying that his revisionist work is part of his past, resign from it, and leave the stage in honor. 
But no, he must flip now and lie through his teeth. Very much like Speer. 

That is an interesting and ironic comparison of Irving to Speer because Irving is a critic of Speer for the reasons you mention. 
On Irving's website you can find a paper he wrote which was very critical of Speer's disdain for real history when it got in the way of being his own and best publicist.

Do you know what the story is on David Irving's Himmler? I paid for it almost four years ago and he is still working on it. He told me that it was coming out in one year in 2008. How long does it take to write a history book?

Irving took your money and hasn't refunded it? What a guy!

His failure to bring out the Himmler book says it all about his showmanship. He promised something that he can't deliver ... just like the Jew Ken Waltzer and his book about "The Boys of Buchenwald" which included Elie Wiesel. He's run aground with that book too. We no longer hear a word from Prof. Waltzer and the Jewish community seems to have ostracized him for his failures. I take credit for outing him ... really I do, because no one else badgered him about it. Everyone else would have quietly forgot about it.

I should write a new update on Waltzer and his failed book project. What are the odds that Irving will never bring out the Himmler book?

Alexander Baron was at The Tehran Holocaust Conference in 2006. Neither Mark Weber or David irving made appearances. Baron predicted Irving would make concessions which he has, indeed, done. I haven't re-read this in awhile so I have no comment on it. 
UNMASKING DAVID IRVING https://archive.org/details/UnmaskingIrving

Same here Daniel. I prepaid too with the same results. I pretty much have written it off, but I won't forget and I will remind him of it just to see what he comes back with.